How to clean outdoor furniture chair cushions


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How to clean outdoor furniture chair cushions

  1. 1. How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Chair CushionsHow to Clean Outdoor Furniture ChairCushionsHow to Clean Outdoor Furniture Chair Cushions - So today we are going to look atcleaning patio furniture cushions. There is nothing worse than unpacking your outdoorfurniture cushions after the long winter only to find they are covered in mould and mildewbecause you havent stored them away the right way. The smell is awful and they can also beharmful to your health, mildew: a growing problem. If they are really bad then it might beworth just getting rid of them and buying new outdoor furniture cushions, but you may beable to save them with these tips.There are commercial remover’s products on the market but they will work out to be moreexpensive.So lets get started with How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Chair CushionsFirstly let’s get organized cleaning outdoor furniture mildew you will need  A Bucket  1/2 cup borax  Rubber gloves  Clean Sponge  Clean cloths  Garden hose  Spray bottle  White vinegar (preventative care)  Laundry detergent  Oxygen bleachSo get your bucket and put on your rubber gloves then Combine 1/2 cup borax (take carewith the borax) and 2 cups of hot water. Stir the mixture well.Dip your clean sponge into the borax solution and rub the borax into the areas of yourcushion that have mould or mildew on them. Then allow the borax solution to soak into thecushions for a few hours until the mould and mildew stains disappear.
  2. 2. How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Chair CushionsOnce you have done this get your clean cloth and rinse it in some cold water and remove asmuch of excess water as you can from the cloth. Then scrub your cushion with the dampcloth making sure to keep rinsing the cloth because you dont want the mould, mildew andborax solution back into the cushions. Or you can use a garden hose to rinse the solution off.Leave to drip dry for a while and then spray your cushions with white vinegar (anEco friendly product) to prevent mould and mildew from returning. Allow the cushions to dryin natural sunlight if you can and there you have it, clean Outdoor Furniture Chair Cushions.Some of you will be lucky and your patio cushions will be machine washable (check the labelto make sure), so put the covers into the washing machine on the hottest wash recommendedby the manufacturer. Use your laundry detergent and some oxygen bleach ("OxiClean™")Oxygen bleaches are also colour-safe so dont worry about the colours fading and is safe formost fabrics this will also reduce recurring mildew spores and mould.When they have finished washing hang them outside to dry or by an open window.There you have it How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Chair Cushions