Speier Social Media Portfolio October
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  • 1. Susanna Speier builds multiplatform social media communities for cultural trailblazers & righteous entrepreneurs.
    You are about to view her four minute slideshow portfolio.
  • 2.
  • 3. Used Twitter to broadcast updates from international tiger conservation conference.
    Engaged international Twitter influencers.
  • 4. Ran a cross platform
    caption contest to
    move Twitter followers to
  • 5. Optimized titles and tags in Flickr gallery.
    EngagedFlickr wildlife photographers by creating a Big Cats Covered With Snow winter photo contest on the Facebook page.
  • 6. Interviewed leading actor and producer about how the film was made.
    Created blog post by adapting
    segments of the interview transcript.
    Pointed viewers of the narration to the online shop.
  • 7. 1st US
    Premiere of ROAR
    Branded ROAR the Movie’s 30th Anniversary social media voice as:
  • 8.
  • 9. Curated content and community for software start-up, Trustworks, Inc.
  • 10. Created social media release positioning Trustworks as a Facebook alternative for users who want their privacy guaranteed.
  • 11. Trustworks Social Media Campaign Components
    Provided the website with consistently updated, comprehensive info on privacy issues.
    Branded company by compiling information related to the issue of privacy in social networking.
    Enabled company to connect to other privacy hashtag (“#”) users.
    Provided author and publication attributions & links.
    Grounded contemporary conversation in historic context through quotations.
    Tracked link traffic using bitly stream.
    Initiated topical dialogues with relevant
    marketers, journalists and tech companies.
  • 12.
  • 13. Drove traffic by pointing and responding to relevant Facebook and Twitter influencers.
  • 14. Re branded, re designed and then officially re opened Facebook and Twitter accounts, punching up “like” and “follow” metrics by over 400% in less than a couple of weeks.
  • 15. Crowdsourced future broadcast topics on Twitter.Solicited content suggestions from Linkedin’s Humane Society, ASPCA and Science Journalists’ groups.Engaged New Yorkers during Hurricane Irene by posting pet evacuation updates and links to interactive maps of pet friendly shelters in the tri-state region.
  • 16. If you’d like to learn more about how Susanna Thinks, eats, dresses, watches TV, researches, recycles, optimizes keywords and feels about human space flight…
    The moving icons will click you directly
    to her Blog posts & feature articles.
    If you’re out of time & want to move forward…
  • 17. This is how you can connect.
    e. susanna@susannaspeier.com
    M. (323) 983-1359