Jan 2010 Twitter Effectiveness Preso


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A really concise and action oriented guide to using twitter more effectively targeted at novice users, particularly media folk by someone who has done A LOT of twitter training.

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Jan 2010 Twitter Effectiveness Preso

  1. 1. + TWITTER EFFECTIVENESS: A Susan Mernit Primer for newsies (and Presented to Center for Investigative Reporting & California Watch January 11, 2010 newbies)
  2. 2. + Why do you want to use Twitter?   Build your own brand within an almost real-time network   Connect with communities of interest   Drive traffic to web site or link   Stay current with your peers   Extend your social media ecosystem (Twitter, Facebook, flickr, video-sharing sites)
  3. 3. + What you need to get started  Log in/account; Profile with photo, keywords, URLS  List of people to follow (start with Find People and select the Find on Other Networks tab)  Know how Twitter search works & can use it  Know what a hashtag is; Know what @ symbol is  Know what RT or retweet is  Know how to use BIT.LY  Know how to search and measure results  Plan for how you want to use twitter
  4. 4. + Getting started: Top Tips   Profile: Make sure you have a URL in your profile, a PHOTO & use keyword for your description   Twitter search--Best way to follow a topic: type a phrase, @username, or #hashtag in the search box   Follow & unfollow: Follow someone whose tweets you like— and unfollow them as well! (no stigma)   Use RT. Retweet is what you put in front of a re-tweeting of someone else—like a quote!   Example: @rosey18, Would like feedback, suggestions for site and story ideas @californiawatch #futureofnews #california
  5. 5. + Learn about #Hashtags   #hashtag makes a topic searchable across ALL twitter accounts: try #futureofnews or #FAILEDPICKUPLINES and see what you get   EX: @gotcha21 #failedpickuplines Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?   Note: Find #hashtags on twitter randomly, and at http://www.hashtags.org/.   If you follow #hashtags, the site will automatically add any hashtags you create.
  6. 6. + USE BIT.LY   Ever think about how, if you used a “real URL” it might take up all 140 characters of your tweet?   That is why URL shorteners now exist. I recommend bit.ly   Bit.ly offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking added in, so you can see how many people clicked on a link you set up.   To use bit.ly, create an account so you can take advantage of its tracking features.   You can link multiple accounts together to track, such as @californiawatch, @cironline, @rosey18.
  7. 7. + Have conversations!   Twitter is about dialogue.   One terrific (and very active) media Twitterer is Joan Walsh of Salon (http://twitter.com/joanwalsh). Some sample tweets from her:   @MWJ1231 I don't dare RT that Michael Steele letter! @JoeNBC would be mad at me! It is simply not fair! But it is hilarious.   @MarkKohut Yes, that is the brilliant @harrislacewell, and I haven't checked her profile to see if she's weighed in on this... http://twitter.com/joanwalsh/status/7603815863   @blogdiva Yes and thanks for #FF reminders: @KatrinaNation @racialicious @jennpozner   Can anyone think of an example of Bush detailing intelligence failures and saying "the buck stops here.”   Discussion: Why is Walsh a good Twitterer?
  8. 8. + Use Twitter to share links   Drive traffic to a specific site or story, some examples from around the web:   AspenInstitute: The WaPo reviewed Paul Goldberger's "Why Arch. Matters today: Listen to Goldberger discuss fave DC bldgs in 2009 talk: http://bit.ly/2OPccO   digiphile The @NatGeoSociety relaunched http://NationalGeographic.com - Details: http://j.mp/8X0lX8 Uses #opensource platform (Django) [HT @RitaJKing]   MyrnaTheMinx : Reviewing my notes for "Future of News" on KNPB at 6pm. Might mention @OaklandLocal & @CaliforniaWatch as ex. of new journo models. #fb   Discussion question: What is a cultural curator and how does that relate to how you twitter?
  9. 9. + Get the most out of your efforts   Be consistent: Set a schedule for twittering (and posting to Facebook). Example:   15-30 minutes in am, reading and posting 1-3 tweets   15-20 minutes lunch break, reading and posting, 1-2 tweets   5 pm: quick 15 minutes, reading and posting   Evening: optional   Remember: you can never follow everything.   Manage interests via Search function, friends’ names (see what they twittered today).   Discussion: Did you know you can tweet from your phone?
  10. 10. + Invest in using some basic tools   Measurement & Tools To Use   Google analytics: Check traffic sources to see how many referrals a specific site got   Bit.ly: Check Bit.ly account to see who clicked on your bit.ly links   Retweets: Check retweets right on twitter—Click retweets, see Your tweets, retweeted   Twitterholic: http://twitterholic.com/ See who is most popular, sort by region   Directory: We follow, http://wefollow.com/ Add your account where it is relevant, search for accounts to follow   Question: Are there other tools you like?
  11. 11. + Practice, right now!   Add everyone in this workshop to your twitter stream.   Send a tweet right now! Retweet a tweet of someone who you follow   Send a message that starts with @(name of user) and addresses them directly   Search twitter for a topic that interests you. Follow someone who is tweeting about that topic. Retweet the tweet of someone you have not followed before   Search Find people to see who is on twitter who is an email connection; add everyone you are interested in, whether you are good friends or not.   Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
  12. 12. + Questions?   Some common questions:   Why use Twitter?   Who do I follow?   Will people follow me?   But what if I have nothing to say?   Are people going to judge my tweets?
  13. 13. + For more info   Susan Mernit   mernit@gmail.com   http://susanmernit.com   PS Mobile twitter options:   M.twitter.com—twitter’s mobile site   Tweetie-, iPhone app for twitter--http://www.atebits.com/tweetie- iphone/   Blackberry clients: Ubertwitter, OpenBeak