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Aug 15  show me the numbers

Aug 15 show me the numbers






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    Aug 15  show me the numbers Aug 15 show me the numbers Presentation Transcript

    • Show  me  the  numbers:   working  with  metrics   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local  Academy   August  2012  For  more  like  this,  go  to  oaklandlocal.com/content/ trainings  and  see  slideshare.com/mernit  
    • Agenda  •  What  are  web  metrics  and  why  are  they  useful  ?  •  What  are  the  basic  tools?  •  How  can  I  use  metrics  to  help  me  in  my  work  on  a   project?  •  What  are  best  prac@ces  to  follow  working  with   metrics  in  an  ongoing  way?  2 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • QuesCons  Answered   How  does   What  is  Google   What  is  Facebook   Tweetreach  help  me  AnalyCcs  and  how   Insights  and  how  do   measure  tweet   do  you  start?   I  use  it?   impact?   What  are  some  good   What  are  ways  I   Cme  management   might  use  this  data?   pracCces  around   metrics  reporCng?   3 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • GeKng  started  with  metrics  •  Web  analy)cs  is  the   measurement,   collecCon,  analysis   and  reporCng  of   internet  data  for   purposes  of   understanding  and   opCmizing  web  usage   4 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Google  Analy)cs  is  one  of  the  core  tools   (google.com/analy@cs)  Free  tool  inserted  on  website  via  JS  code  in  CSS  template.   Private,  only  visible  with  log-­‐in.   5
    • • Key  areas  of  Google  Analy)cs  to  be  aware  of:  Audience  • Traffic  • Content  • Geography   knightdigitalmediacenter.org   6
    • Use  a  set  of  metrics  to  evaluate  •  Google  AnalyCcs  core  metrics:   –  Time  spent   –  Pages  viewed   –  Returning  vs.  new  visitors   –  Referral  source   –  LocaCon   –  Unique  visitors   –  Page  views   –  PlaWorms  7 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Content  tab   What  were  the  most-­‐viewed  stories?   How  much  Cme  did  visitors  spend  reading   them?   AnalyCcs  will  tell  you  8 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Google  AnalyCcs  pages  viewed  and   Cme  spent   Understanding    how  many   people  visit  your  web  site,   the  amount  of  )me  they   spend  in  a  visit,  and  the   number  of  pages  they   look  at  is  VERY  useful   data.  9 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Unique  visitors   This  data  from   Oakland  Local   (oaklandlocal.com)   shows  that  in  one   week  12,490  people   visited  over  25,000   )mes.   Those  people  looked   at  2.10  pages  and   spent  3  minutes  on   the  site  on  average.  10 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • LocaCon  The Location tab(under AudienceDemographics)shows where youraudience is from—both internationallyand locally11 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Mobile:  Who’s  using?   Under Audience, Google Analytics will tell you what percentage of your audience Is via mobile—and which platforms12 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Regional  health  site:  Google   AnalyCcs   A  free,  web  based  tool   provides  invaluable  data   on  visitors’  behaviors  13 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Other  Dashboard  EssenCals   Facebook Twitter Likes Followers Comments Retweets Tweet reach Facebook Insights Measures tweetMeasures Facebook impactpage data 14
    • Facebook  Insights  is  GA  for  your   Facebook  Page  15 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • The  Akronist:  Facebook  Insights   Insights  is  the  equivalent   Of  Google  Analy)cs  for   Business—not  personal-­‐Facebook   pages  16 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Another  core  too—Tweetreach  Measures  TwiZer  Posts,  Account  Reach  and  Influence   (tweetreach.com)   17
    • •  Shows  most  retweeted  •  Shows  top  retweeters  •  Shows  top  tweets  and  how  far  each  reach   18 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Oakland  Local:  Tweetreach  How  many  people  are  you  reaching  via  TwiZer—and  who  are  they?  Tweetreach  gives  you  data   19 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • User Engagement:Quality of attention 20 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  Source: http://blog.podio.com
    • Ques)ons  to  answer  Planning  •  What  is  your  site’s  greatest  strength  according  to   Google  AnalyCcs?   •  Use  stats  to  portray-­‐-­‐Create  a  1  pager  •  What  is  a  problem  you  see  in  your  site  via  GA   –  Use  stats  to  portray-­‐-­‐Create  a  1  pager   All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org   21  
    • QuesCons  to  answer  2  •  What  does  a  monthly  report  about  your  site   look  like?   –  Use  GA  to  put  a  1  pager  together  and  post  to   Basecamp  and/or  mail  to  mernit@gmail.com   All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org   22  
    • The  EssenCal  Tool  of  the  Trade  Source: http://fobango.com knightdigitalmediacenter.org   23
    • ReporCng  Dashboard  Spreadsheet trackingkey metrics month bymonth, quarter byquarter.Build or download atemplate to collectdata24 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Dashboard  plan  for  yoursite.com   Let’s  discuss:  how  does  this  work     as  a  weekly/daily  report?  •  Unique  visitors  •  First  Cme  vs.  repeat  visitors  •  Time  on  site  •  Pages  per  visit  •  Bounce  rate  •  Top  10  Content  (by  page  views  or  by  unique  visitors)  •  Number  of  comments  (conversion  goal)  •  Number  of  member  blog  posts  (conversion  goal)  •  New  members  (conversion  goal)  •  Top  referring  sources   All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org   25  
    • Videos on the Official Google Analytics YouTube Channel are a quality resource.26 All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org  
    • Next  steps  •  Produce  a  report  (use  the  dashboard  or  make   your  own)      •  Talk  through  your  site  performance  in  1:1  with   Susan  (opConal),  need  to  provide  GA  access.  •  Custom  quesCons:   –  SegmentaCon   –  Campaigns   –  Custom  reports   All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org   27  
    • Help  &  Support  services  •  Classes  &  training:  Oakland  Local  Business  Academy,   hdp://oaklandlocal.com/content/trainings  •  Sign  up  for  our  monthly  newsleder:  OLBA@oaklandlocal.com;   filled  with  Cps  and  references  for  beder  social  markeCng  &   online  presence  •  ConsulCng  packages  for  small  business  services:   OLBA@oaklandlocal.com  •  Contact  us!   –  Susan  Mernit,  susan@oaklandlocal.com   –  Kwan  Booth,  kwan@oaklandlocal.com   –  Debi  Mason,  debimason1950@oaklandlocal.com   All  rights  reserved.  Houseoflocal.org   28