April 19 social marketing & yr business
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April 19 social marketing & yr business






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April 19 social marketing & yr business April 19 social marketing & yr business Presentation Transcript

  • Social  networking  &  your  business:  making  it  work   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local   April  19,  2012  
  • What  is  social  networking?    •  Social  media  meets  *friend*  networks  meets   referrals,  leads,  endorsement   –  Examples:   •   (SPAGGIA  List,  North  Oakland):  Who’s  a  good   carpenter/contractor?   •  Facebook  friend  stream  news:    George  just  checked  into   Oakland  MarrioR,  Lisa:  I  LOVE  the  polenta  @Caffe817,     •  Pinterest:  Oakland  coffee  shops  we  love   •  YELP:  *recommenda[ons*  for  everything   •  Google  places:  show  up  on  a  map   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   2  
  • Social  networks  are  marke[ng—by   people  you  know   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   3   View slide
  • How  can  you  market  with  social  media   tools?  •  First-­‐Build  an  online  presence  (pick  3)   –  Google  Places,  Google  search   –  Facebook,  TwiRer   –  Yelp  •  Then-­‐create  community  &  messages   –  Marke[ng  messages  &  offers   –  Endorsements   –  News  &  events  &  newsleRers   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   4   View slide
  • Let’s  get  started…..   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   5  
  • Take  an  audit-­‐What  are  you  selling  &   to  whom?  •  Do  you  know  how  your   clients  show  up  on  the   web?    Are  you   discoverable  through   search?  If  someone  hears   of  you—can  they  find   you?  •  97%  of  consumers  look   for  local  business  online.   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   6  
  •      Scream  Sorbet,  Oakland,  CA   HRp://screamsorbet.com   Sells  at  Farmer’s  Markets,  has  retail  stores   Temescal  &  SF   Makes  fresh  sorbet  &  gelato.  Established  2009.   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   7
  • Scream  Sorbet   Twi<er     COST=FREE •  Google  links:  21,900      •  Social  media  tools:  •  Facebook  (1,488  likes):   hRps://www.facebook.com/screamsorbet    •  TwiRer  (961  followers):   hRp://twiRer.com/screamsorbet  •  Yelp  (312  reviews):   hRp://www.yelp.com/biz/scream-­‐sorbet-­‐emeryville  •  TOTAL  Social  media  connec[ons=1,064   8 houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit  
  • Scream  Sorbet  social  marke[ng-­‐Yelp   COST=FREE houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   9  
  • Scream  Sorbet  Facebook   COST=FREE houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   10  
  • Scream  Sorbet-­‐Google  Search  COST=FREE houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   11  
  • Scream  Sorbet  Google  Places   First  search  result  for  sorbet  94608—address,  photos  etc.  COST=FREE houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   12  
  • Scream  Sorbet  Google  MAP  search   COST=FREE Zip  code  plus  keyword  on  map  interface=   Google  Places  businesses  showing  up   On  a  map  –for  Free   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   13  
  • RECAP  SCREAM  SORBET  social   markeNng  tools:  •  Google  search  •  Google  Places  •  Yelp  •  Facebook  •  TwiRer   Free= knowing how to use The tools OR hiring someone To help houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   14  
  • What’s  your  offer?  •  Tac[cs  for  social  media   –  Marke[ng  messages  &  offers   –  Endorsements   –  News  &  events  &  newsleRers   –  Deals  for  friends   –  Coupons  (cau[on)   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   15  
  • Essen[als  for  all  •  Google  search     •  Google  Places   –  This  means  op[mizing   •  Link:   your  web  site  with   www.google.com/ marke[ng  messages   robots  find   places   –  Need  Google  account   –  Using  SEO  (search   engine  op[mized)  words   –  Verifiable  address   on  your  site   –  Can  fill  in  basics  &  go   back   RESULT:  CUSTOMERS  FIND   RESULTS:  SHOW  UP  IN   YOU   SEARCH  &  MAPS   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   16  
  • Do  you  need  Yelp?  •  Yes   •  No   –  You  need  to  monitor   –  Yelp  reviews  aren’t   what  people  say   always  considered   –  You  need  to  manage   reliable,  especially  for   your  lis[ng   non-­‐food,  entertainment   •  Ask  customers  for  good   –  Yelp  perceive  as  favoring   reviews   paid  adver[sers   •  Postcards  asking  for  Yelp   reviews   •  Ask  for  Yelp  feedback  in   email  newsleRers,  etc   How  do  you  decide  whether  to  invest  in  Yelp?   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   17  
  • How  about  Facebook?  •  Yes   •  No   –  You  build  a  free  business   –  You  live  under  a  rock   page   –  You  don’t  care  about   –  You  make  it  a  place  page   word  of  mouth  and   (or  not)   referral   –  You  ask  your  network  to   –  You  don’t  know  how  to   “like”  it   separate  your  personal   –  Put  offers  and  news  on   page  from  your  business   the  page   page   –  Manage  it  like  your   –  You  don’t  have  a   website  only  DAILY   personal  page   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   18  
  • Facebook  is  the  water  cooler  right  now  •  Over  500,000,000  ac[ve   •  48%  of  18-­‐34  year  olds   Facebook  users   check  Facebook  when  •  250  million  of  them   they  wake  up   (over  50%)visit  daily   •  Over  40  is  fastest  •  72%  of  all  US  internet   growing  category  for  US   users  are  on  now   Facebook   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   19  
  • Who  is  the  Facebook  user?  •  Average  user  has  130  friends  on  the  site    •  Average  user  spends  an  average  15  hours  and  33  minutes  on   Facebook  per  month    •  Average  user  visits  the  site  40  [mes  per  month    •  Average  user  spends  an  23  minutes  (23:20  to  be  precise)  on  each   visit    •  Average  user  is  connected  to  80  community  pages,  groups  and   events    •  Average  user  creates  90  pieces  of  content  each  month    •  200  million  people  access  Facebook  via  a  mobile  device  each  day    •  More  than  30  billion  pieces  of  content  are  shared  each  day    •  Source:  facebook.com,  pingdom.com  Facebook  is  filled  with  friends,  neighbors  and  customers    you  need  to  engage   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   20  
  • Do  you  need  TwiRer?  Yes   No  •  24  million  users  in  US   •  Audience  is  not  mobile  •  Your  audience  is  mobile-­‐-­‐55%   •  Products  are  expensive   of  TwiRer  users  access  the   considered  purchase  items   plarorm  via  their  mobile   •  Business  is  B  to  B  •  TwiRer  IS  growing  quickly— grew  31.9%  in  2011  •  You  have  a  B  to  C    business   with  news,  updates,  deals   Oakland  tweeters:  hRp://twitaholic.com/ top100/followers/byloca[on/Oakland,+CA/   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   21  
  • How  do  you  know  it’s  working?  •  Google  alerts  for  your   •  TwiRer   business  name-­‐ –  Tweetreach   google.com/alerts   (tweetreach.com,   measures  reach)  •  Google  Analy[cs  on   –  Followers  &  men[ons   your  web  site-­‐ google.com/analy[cs   •  Facebook  insights   –  Check  referrals  from   –  Metrics  for  FB  business   social  media   pages   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   22  
  • Tools  that  help  •  Hootsuite   •  Google  docs   (hootsuite.com):   (google.com/ schedule  tweets  &  FB   documents):  Share  and   posts   save  tweets,  links,  posts  •  Seesmic  Desktop   for  reuse   (seesmic.com):   schedule  tweets  &  FB   posts   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   23  
  • Should  you  hire  help?  •  Yes   •  No   –  Social  media  marke[ng   –  Do  what  you  can   plans:  $1-­‐3,000   manage   –  Social  media  manager,   –  Save  the  cash   $45  and  up  per  hour   –  Build  knowledge  through   –  Analy[cs  reports  should   classes  via  ACSBDC,   be  part  of  contracts   Oakland  Local  trainings   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   24  
  • Resources  •  Susan  Mernit   •  The  Web  •  White papers: –  Mashable.com-­‐great   www.slideshare.net/ resource  for  social  media   marke[ng  [ps   susanmernit   –  Create  a  page  on  •  Reports:   Facebook:   susanmernit.com   hRps://•  More  small  biz   www.facebook.com/ resources:   pages/create.php     Houseoflocal.org   houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   25  
  • Keep in touch!Question welcomed:@Susanmernit @oaklandlocalEmail: susan@oaklandlocal.comSite: oaklandlocal.comFollow Oakland Local on Facebook ! houseoflocal.org    susan  mernit   26