1001 O N A Career Day Preso


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1001 O N A Career Day Preso

  1. 1. REINVENTION=SURVIVAL ONA Career Day Susan Mernit October 1, 2009
  2. 2. The first part of this talk is about me— The rest of it is about you.
  3. 3. Brand: Mernit --And living proof the future is impossible to predict
  4. 4. Life is all about reinvention: 1990: Small press poet, editor, activist   I
  5. 5. 2000: Vice President, Netscape.com, AOL satellite
  6. 6. 2003-2009: Blogger, consultant, Yahoo! Senior Director, Tech Stars, Knight News Challenge consulting Program Manager
  7. 7. 2009, Back to the future of news: Founder, Oakland Local: hyperlocal site, co-founder Public Media Collaborative, volunteer organization, consultant & trainer NEWS FOR THE PEOPLE oaklandlocal.com LOCAL
  8. 8. As change accelerates, how do you stay motivated, refresh, renew your work (and your life?)
  9. 9. Basic truths still apply: • Remember to learn • Fail fast • Follow your passions • Don’t jump without a net But so do new ones: • We’re tribal • Social capital rules • So does the Web • Staff jobs may be (mostly) over
  10. 10. Welcome to the social media ecosystem   44 Million Americans are on Facebook   Roughly 24 million people use Twitter   There are over 2 Billion photos on photo-sharing community Flickr   You are now connected to everyone on the planet via Google searches Are you part of this life stream or outside the flow? copyright, 2009, Susan Mernit, do not reuse without attribution. 3/3/09
  11. 11. The Game Has Changed Even beyond Google, everyone is inter‐ connected  We’ve gone beyond centralized authori:es that  creden:al us—newspapers, universi:es, affiliate  groups  To crowd‐sourcing, networks, and the wisdom of  crowds  ‐‐And you need to play to compete  copyright, 2009, Susan Mernit, do not reuse without attribution. 3/3/09
  12. 12. How do you show up on the Net?  Who are you connected to? What do you stand for?  You cannot hide in a world of  referral, recommenda:on and  reputa:on   And you have to connect  copyright, 2009, Susan Mernit, do not reuse without attribution. 3/3/09
  13. 13. Join the social media ecosystem   What you need to have   A blog—on your own or elsewhere   TwiEer, Facebook, LinkedIn    Flickr, YouTube    What you get:   Consistent engagement as a thought  leader & community member   Relevancy  copyright, 2009, Susan Mernit, do not reuse without attribution. 3/3/09
  14. 14. Create community locally   Use the great resources online—but also use real world meet-ups, communities, organization   Check Facebook, Upcoming, Meetup. BarCamp.org for events
  15. 15. Redefine work (and ditch that big car)   That job you had is probably over=let it go   How do you make the new life work?   New skills   Lower expenses   Personal relevancy, passion   Networking & referral, not ads   Phoning it is is over, for most of us, if it ever worked   Let go of the past
  16. 16. Did I mention embracing joy?
  17. 17. And being relentless?
  18. 18. Thanks & Good Luck   Susan Mernit   Personal web site: susanmernit.com   Twitter: susanmernit   Oakland Local: oaklandlocal.com   Twitter: oaklandlocal   Also Public Media Collaborative-join us on Facebook