Philanthropy Gives Women a Seat at the Table - How Can You Benefit


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Thanks to technology, social media and the rise of women's wealth and spending power, we can all be philanthropists. This engaging short presentation provides tips and tactics on how women can take the lead to support causes and nonprofits they care about.

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  • So excited to be here. Thank you to Lindsey Mask for her tireless efforts.
  • Up until recently, we thought of philanthropy as the domain of the rich. Specifically, philanthropists tended to be rich, white men- often supported by their wives- who would write big checks for the organizations they cared about. It was exclusive—about status. It made it seem like only the richest people had the power to lead change.
  • But that’s changing. In recent years, we’ve seen everyday citizens stepping up and embracing philanthropy. What’s enabled this transformation?
  • One reason? Technology innovations have made it so we can donate just by texting or checking a box on our tablets. We don’t have to sit down and think about writing and mailing a check.
    EXAMPLE: Red Cross text to donate
  • Philanthropy used to be something that happened behind closed doors, at exclusive events, among certain groups of people. But through social media, giving has become contagious– and inclusive.
    EXAMPLE: Giving Tuesday
  • Another thing that’s transforming the giving space is the introduction of innovative social good platforms (Crowdrise, etc.) and the use of crowdfunding. Before, if you were to donate $5 before, it may feel like you weren’t making an impact. But these new platforms help you see how small donations come together to make a huge impact.
    EXAMPLE: We Can Be Heroes
  • Philanthropy used to mean just writing a check. Now, giving back means giving any resource you have– time, expertise, mentorship. It’s all about finding ways that you can truly create impact.
    EXAMPLE: Catchafire
  • So with these four factors---the ease of giving, social media’s pervasiveness, the introduction of new impact-focused platforms, and an expanded definition of giving—we’re truly seeing a change in the culture of giving. It’s a new philanthropy– one where every citizen feels empowered to give and engage with social good no matter how much money or status they have. We’re at the forefront of a new movement that’s just getting started.
  • The message I want to relay to you today is that women are uniquely poised to lead this new movement. I think we all have a responsibility to channel our leadership skills- no matter what industry we’re in—to help make the world a better place and inspire our communities to give back. Why are we unique positioned to lead?
    Larger networks- our messages resonate far and wide; we know how to connect people with each other and people with the causes they care about
    Empathy- we lead with empathy, and that means we can really get inside the heads of our colleagues, friends, and communities to help inspire them to channel their inner philanthropists
    Inclusive- we work well across teams and know how to bring people in who were previously on the outside.
  • The problem? Too often, women in philanthropy tend to not take bold steps/be willing to fail. We have to try new things! Innovate! Be bold. We need to try new things, test new platforms and messages.
    >Talking about your own personal experience takign risks to lead in this space
  • Philanthropy Gives Women a Seat at the Table - How Can You Benefit

    1. 1. Leading the Future of Philanthropy Susan McPherson @susanmcp1 June 14, 2014
    2. 2. How It Used To Be
    3. 3. But Things Are Changing. Today, we are all philanthropists. Let’s talk about why.
    4. 4. Giving is easier than ever.
    5. 5. Social media gives everyone a seat at the table.
    6. 6. New platforms help us see collective efforts.
    7. 7. It’s not just money anymore.
    8. 8. The culture of giving has changed. A New Philanthropy Easy Giving Social Media New Platforms Beyond Money
    9. 9. Women are poised to lead this new wave of philanthropy.
    10. 10. But we need to do it fearlessly.
    11. 11. How will you help lead a new era of philanthropy? @susanmcp1