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Some key communications tactics for successful employee engagement programs.

Some key communications tactics for successful employee engagement programs.

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  • Employee are the center of everything. If they are engaged, the rest will follow.
  • Also known as….
  • Not to mention increased productivity, workplace safety and customer service improves.
  • These should be your driving forces behind the tactics to be successful In conjunction with external outreach, social media can also be a cost-effective communications approach to engage with internal stakeholders such as employees and supply chain partners. embedding sustainability within a business becomes a far more organic and value-aligned operation.
  • Design for business outcome (the business must underscore the platform)
  • Consistency – stick to it so it can be expected and predicted and anticipated. Just “like-me” factor – we’re all in this together
  • Consistency – stick to it so it can be expected and predicted and anticipated. Just “like-me” factor – we’re all in this together
  • Too many companies forget that by involving employees in the process, they are contributing to their engagement. By involving employees and showing them what they do is important – Starbucks is building not only loyal customers, but loyal and highly engaged employees.
  • Our Brew - the cultural guidepost that defines who we are and how we’ll work toward success
  • Forbes recognized Patagonia as a top 25 company and Working Mother has listed it as a best place to work for 10 years.  One of first companies to offer on-site daycare
  •   Personalized Learning Accounts: IBMers manage their own opportunities to learn new skills IBMers in the U.S. have Personalized Learning Accounts to fund their continuing education, with IBM contributing up to $1,000 annually. WEB EXCLUSIVE  Your IBM+ Employee Orientation: New program focuses on the total experience More than an orientation program, this complete package of learning and development activities supports IBMers during their critical first two years. Diversity 3.0: A New Charter In July 2008, IBM announced a new diversity strategy to address the ever-changing realities of the global marketplace. Health & Wellness: Cardiovascular and Diabetes Wellness Camps in India This preventative program for our employees focuses on the high risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • eating organic or reducing office waste, for example
  • eating organic or reducing office waste, for example
  • Transcript

    • 1. Communications Tactics for Successful Employee Engagement Programs JP Morgan Chase February 8, 2011 Susan McPherson Senior Vice President
    • 2.  
    • 3. Why Should I Care? Strong Values Career Enhancement Respected Leadership Social Relevance Financial Stability External Visibility of Brand Community Investment Local Value of Equity Employees
    • 4. What is Employee Engagement?
      • “ Worker engagement” is a business management concept. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work and thus will act in a way that furthers an organization's interests.
      • Via Wikipedia
    • 5. And Why Engage?
      • Retention
      • Revenue increases
      • Reduced healthcare costs
      • Recruitment
      • Reputation
      • Reward
    • 6. Studies show….
      • Gallup's engagement ratio is an indicator of an organization's health, allowing executives to track the proportion of engaged to actively disengaged employees:
        • World-class ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 10:1
        • Average ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 2:1
      • Gallup 2010
    • 7. Use Social Media as Your Base
      • Collaboration
      • Trust
      • Authenticity
      • Transparency
      • All are the underpinnings of social media today.
    • 8. Starting Out
      • Research
      • Create your strategy
      • Create and communicate your vision
      • Tap unbridled enthusiasm
      • Use a phased approach, starting small to ensure success
      • Consider an enterprise-software/platform
      • Support and showcase growth
      • Trust, trust, and trust…and share
    • 9.
      • Rather than a monologue to the masses, engage with all employees
      • No longer the CEO and executives shouting
      • Yammer/Intranet/Wiki/Private Facebook page – provide avenues for employees to express feelings, connect, share, and gather feedback
      • Find your mode – daily messaging, weekly newsletter, quarterly magazine, video, town hall meetings
    • 10.
      • Survey regularly and routinely – give employees a voice
      • Provide direct access to senior executives
      • Encourage volunteer-time/learning opportunities/community involvement with incentives
      • Run monthly lunch & learns to encourage knowledge sharing
      • Create an actual master narrative – orientation/new hire/evaluations – provide material/online training/education
    • 11. Examples
    • 12. Starbucks Employee Involvement   Employees are encouraged to ask customers how make improvements. By having real-time conversations, employees put a human face on both their fans and detractors. They can go online and see who is a company fan and relate to them as individuals, not just a number. By involving employees, Starbucks is not only building loyal customers, but a highly engaged workforce.
    • 13. Molson Coors Communications and Surveys
      • In 2009, the company’s engagement score increased to 86%,
      • up 6% from the year before.
      • Why ?
      • Our Brew distributed to every employee to ensure that employees
      • are constantly aligned with company’s mission and vision.
    • 14. Molson Coors Communications and Surveys
      • Employees asked for the first time how they viewed the company’s social and environmental responsibility: believed the company was responsible in the community
      •     believed the company was environmentally responsible
      89 %   86 %  
    • 15. Patagonia Unique Programs
      • Walking into Patagonia’s corporate office, you see the day’s surf report. 
      • There is a culture that encourages employees to pursue sports they are passionate about. 
      • Not only have they created a high level of employee engagement, but Patagonia is a purpose-driven company. 
    • 16. Patagonia Unique Programs
      • Being an environmentally and socially sustainable organization, the firm committed to using organic cotton and recycling plastic bottles into fleece jackets.
      • Internship program pays employees to work up to two months for a nonprofit environmental organization of their choice.     
      • On-site daycare.
    • 17. IBM Overall Excellence
      • Increasingly exploring how online conversation via social engagement can empower IBMers as global professionals, innovators, and citizens.
      • New model: “ Not mass communications but masses of communicators.” 
    • 18. Tips for Success
      • Make it cross-functional – marketing, product development, account management, sales – to determine shared company goals
      • Prioritize
      • Work with senior leadership to ensure goals reinforce company’s strategic objectives
      • Deploy cutting-edge technology that folks are comfortable utilizing for sharing and relating
    • 19. Tips for Success
      • Make it local
      • Include goals around building community, communicating messages, and gaining feedback from customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders
      • Build culture around sustainability goals .  Whether it’s office parties, charity drives, or 401(k)s, look for ways to align them with the company’s sustainability initiatives
      • Show your appreciation ALWAYS
    • 20. About Fenton
      • Opened in 1982, we specialize in campaigns that inspire action – and accelerate progress.
      • Strategists in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London in November with a global partner network.
      • We understand that the most powerful brands, companies, and campaigns cultivate a long-term, consistent, two-way conversation.
    • 21. About Fenton
      • Galvanized public opposition to end apartheid
      • Legitimized global warming as an urgent threat to our future
      • Compelled governments to ban and restrict toxins and artificial growth hormones
      • Prevented hard liquor advertising from airing on network TV
      • Saved the North Atlantic swordfish from the brink of extinction
      • Established the National Amber Alert
      • Created a system at the CDC that tracks data on violent deaths to prevent homicides and suicides