Twittering in the-library


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Presentation at TELDAN INFO 2010
The ways in which libraries adapt to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter

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Twittering in the-library

  1. 1. Under the same roof : Libraries, Museums and Archives Teldan Info 2010 - Dr. Susan Hazan 2010 Tweeting the library, archive and museum :  keeping collections in the loop
  2. 2. Twitter is a social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn What is Twitter?
  3. 3. Microblogging Web site for unlimited messages of 140 characters or less What makes Twitter different?
  4. 4. Twitter offers real-time snapshots of what is going on now Why Tweet?
  5. 5. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem Who Tweets? News, events, exhibitions
  6. 6. Who follows the museum?
  7. 7. Track who is showing an interest in your Tweets – figure out why… Who is following you?
  8. 8. Museums who Tweet The American Museum of Natural History The British Museum MuseumModernArt GettyMuseum HolocaustMuseum DesignMuseum TheWarholMuseum Exploratorium DallasMuseumArt The Brooklyn Museum The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Museum of Modern Art Philadelphia Museum of Art PS.1 The Queens Museum The Smithsonian The Tate The Whitney Museu m vangoghmuseum
  9. 9. Archives who Tweet archives_gov archivesnews UkNatArchives IUBArchives VanArchives S_ARC YourArchives wyorksarchives nysarchives Plymoutharchive StrathArchives ScreenArchives UHCL_Archives UARC UBCArchives UnivArchives indianaarchives USArchives
  10. 10. Libraries who Tweet librarycongress britishlibrary nypl ALALibrary houstonlibrary MetroLibrary JFKLibrary KCPubLibrary yalelawlibrary nihlib columbuslibrary NPCLibrary NLNZ dcpl USL_Library Queens_Library AustinPublicLib CarterLibrary cincylibrary scstatelibrary NowatNPL prattlibrary PhxLibrary MetroLibraryOK LibraryAmerica L_A_Librarian BirkbeckLibrary
  11. 11. What is Twitter?
  12. 12. What is Twitter?
  13. 13. What is Twitter?
  14. 14. What is Twitter?
  15. 15. You follow some - you are followed by others – now what? What is Twitter? Getting complicated?
  16. 16. What can I do with Twitter? The Official Twitter Mashup Page Everything you ever wanted to do with Twitter and more…
  17. 17. Set up a Twitter an hourly or daily Alert on tweetbeep . com Are you worried that someone is Tweeting about you?
  18. 18. Join a list – find a friend – meet other librarians at Getting complicated? Phone a friend - 375 Librarians listed on Just Tweet It
  19. 19. Sign up to and learn what impact you are making on others Why are they leaving you? What made them join you in the first place?
  20. 20. Twitalyzer is an analytics application for short-messaging media - Need to analyze your Library’s Twitter success?
  21. 21. lets you track how you are doing in realtime Do you need to know how you appear in Twitter?
  22. 22. The entire world is at you finger tweets Are you getting into Twitter yet?
  23. 28. Tweet about your favorite radio show, tv program, sushi, or new born baby It seems that Twitter is everywhere
  24. 29. The Education and Social Work Library, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Who to follow … http :// twitter . com / educlib
  25. 31. Between face to face meetings – tweeting to keep up with each other Museums community
  26. 32. What was happening in parallel sessions, meeting for diner? During the MW2010 Conference in Denver, April 2010
  27. 34. #mw2010 # strandedeuropeans Who is stuck in Denver?
  28. 35. # strandedeuropeans the T-shirt The last one home
  29. 36. Get a map! How to visualise all those networks Twitter?
  30. 38. Copyright © 2008, Valdis Krebs Twittermap
  31. 42. [email_address] #susan.hazan Susan Hazan