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Online newspapers


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Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 1. Susan GentleOnline and Mobile MediaThursday 16 August 2012
  • 2.  Global – Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA, Australia, India, Italy and Spain 4,900 online survey respondents 30 leading newspaper publisher 10 leading advertisers and media buyers
  • 3.  Global newspaper market forecast to decline by 10% in 2009, with further 2% each year until 2013 Print advertising revenue had grown until 2007 but was also forecast to decline – 4.5% each year until 2013 2007 - newspaper publishers still gaining most revenue from (declining) print sales and advertising Print costs can include many digital costs
  • 4.  Search advertising: advertisements appear on web pages in response to key words Paywall: prevents Internet users accessing all or some of a website’s content without a paid subscription (also known as premium content) 2D barcodes: smartphones (Android, iOS operating systems) have barcode scanners to decode the symbol and link to specific information
  • 5.  TV, free internet and bought newspapers most favoured People like the videos, quick overview and personalisation offered online Newspapers bought mostly for general news, then entertainment, sports and finance People more willing to pay for print media than online content
  • 6.  Advertisers are moving to online formats, especially multi-platform advertising Search marketing most profitable Reluctant to invest in user-generated content and social media sites 2D barcodes connect print, online and mobile – business model potential Newspapers need to be innovative – not currently seen to be!
  • 7.  Video: The New York Times Tough Transition Beyond Print Media Number and sophistication of multimedia packages is increasing Mainstream news is not using all story-telling opportunities available Began with video, audio, slideshow (also with audio). Now audio, video, graphics, text and animation, menu-driven presentations of multiple audio and video segments, interactive timelines
  • 8.  They have the readers – they need to make money from them! (Simon Pristel, Media Watch, 9 April 2012) Premium content, paywalls, subscriptions Using print stories online People are slowly realising they need to pay for quality content - must be updated and in all formats (Steve Allan, CE of Fusion Strategy, interviewed on Radio National, 2 June 2012)
  • 9.  “Seat swap outcry moves Virgin to think again”, SMH, Friday 10 August 2012 The Australian’s interactive Your School website
  • 10. In groups analyse the article I’ve given you in printand online via link below, considering: 1. Depth – which article has more depth? 2. Content – same or different? 3. Style – tell you what to think or let you decide what it means? 4. Use of multimedia – photo, video, audio etcIndividually tweet which article you prefer andwhy to #mdia5003Article 1: Writedowns in publishing push News to $1.5bn lossArticle 2: Audit calls for cuts to public sector blowoutArticle 3: Asylum demands breaking navy fleet
  • 11. Davidson, D and Bennet, M 2012, Writedowns in publishing push News to $1.5bn loss,The Australian, 10 August 2012, p21.Jacobson, S 2012, Transcoding the news: An investigation into multimedia journalismpublished on 2000-2008, New Media and Society, 0(0): 1-19.Newspapers and media of the future, Saturday Extra Radio National 2012, radioprogram, 2 June 2012.Nichols, S and Wade, M 2012, Audit calls for cuts to public sector blowout, The SydneyMorning Herald, 10 August 2012, p1.Paying for news: Media Watch 2012, television program, Australian BroadcastingCorporation, Sydney, 9 April.PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009, Moving into multiple business models. Outlook fornewspaper publishing in the digital age, accessed July 2, 2012,< entertainment-media/publications/outlook-newspaper-publishing-in-digital.jhtml>.Stewart, C 2012, Asylum demands breaking navy fleet, The Australian, 10 August 2012,p1.The New York Times Tough Transition Beyond Print Media, July 2012, online video,accessed 10 August 2012, <>.