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  • Pages and profiles facebook and pinterest

    1. 1. Lecture: Profiles and Pages - Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter By: Susan Fant / These Slides are for Educational Purposes Only The University of Alabama Marketing Department MKT597: Digital & Social Media Marketing Fall Semester 2014
    2. 2. Let’s Review: Remember: Susan says social media is all about responding with proactivity and foreseeing potential customer behavior and decision making patterns (consumer behavior = purchasing decisions).
    3. 3. Why Social Media Strategy Matters • When not paying attention, companies run the risk of the following: – Aiming at the wrong targets – Wasting time & money – Failing to harness potential power – (Alienating potential & current customers) • Social Media’s Core Functions – Monitor -- Respond – Amplify -- Lead
    4. 4. Example: Human Bungee Slingshot (yes, that’s right, human. bungee. slingshot.)
    5. 5. Social Media is Confusing • “Nebulous” nature • ROI Measurement • Online 24/7 (weekends do count now) Big Questions: – Where and how do companies influence conversations? – What are “real” reviews, “paid” reviews, & “fake” reviews?
    6. 6. Gatorade Mission Control @ Pepsi Co. Photo: Fast Company Monitors include visualization of tweets that are relevant to Gatorade: brand, competitors, athletes, sports nutrition and sentiment analysis of blogs. Reported an increased engagement by 250% and reduced exit rate from 25% to 9%. Uses Facebook to engage customers and answer questions. Creates cover photos for fans’ profiles. Other social media command centers: Cisco, National Australia Bank, Clemson University, Dell Computers, American Red Cross. The Pioneer of Social Command Centers
    7. 7. Source: McKinsey Quarterly
    8. 8. Brand Positioning • Interactions with customers directly changes brand positioning • Example: Ford Escape & New Girl - “Winston’s new car is a Ford Escape he has nicknamed the “Foscapé” - “Escape My Life” video campaign
    9. 9. Testing a Campaign • Creating hypotheses & benchmarks makes social media analysis more tangible to stakeholders. • Testing campaigns with a variable factor (in the McKinsey example, different levels of funding money) can help prove the worth of a campaign. • Finding the key metric you want to increase, ex. creating “buzz”, increase search traffic, or negating negative word of mouth defines an actionable and measurable goal.
    10. 10. Example: Old Spice Guy (2010 Emmy Winner + Super Bowl) Firm: Wieden + Kennedy Goal: boost brand awareness by driving Web traffic to content about existing products and services Result: millions of hits across all platforms (now 46 million just on this video), and year-on-year sales for the company’s products jumped by 27 percent within six months
    11. 11. McKinsey Conclusion • Creating a bond between the company and the consumer is the endgame. • Social media is a mega phone and can amplify every message sent out on a global scale. • Participation is key to a two-way relationship. • Social Media can touch consumers at every stage and be a part of everyday life, or not.
    12. 12. Facebook Profiles & Pages Class goal = To take you from personal social media use to professional social media use. This means: Yes, you can still have a personal Facebook page, it doesn’t have to be a resume, it can still be your space. Just lock it down. We’ll be managing a class page, and effectively creating buzz about ourselves. Soon, you’ll be managing pages for companies – your own company, someone else’s company or organization.
    13. 13. Social Networks = Social Places • Our perception of the Web is spatial: – “cyberspace”, Web “sites”, “home” page • Your connections are your social network, the sites are not your social network. • People prefer to keep their networks separate. There is a difference in the spaces and who is there, why they are interacting, and how they interact with you. Source: Panayotis Vryonis
    14. 14. Facebook v. LinkedIn
    15. 15. Not Just LinkedIn Anymore…
    16. 16. Facebook • Launched Feb. 2004 • Founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates • 1.06 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of December 31, 2012 Source: CNet News
    17. 17. Facebook Pages I Like Right Now
    18. 18. 20 Best Company Facebook Pages Inc. Magazine The Top Facebook Pages: • Steve Spangler Science • Bare Essentials • Bonobos • Brendan's Irish Pub • Burt's Bees • Candles Off Main • Clarisonic • Community Coffee • eCycler • Fresh Brothers • Johnny Cupcakes • Mabel’s Labels • Old Spice • Red Mango • Skullcandy • SmartPak • Stella & Dot • Threadless • Tiny Prints • Zappos Source: Inc. Magazine
    19. 19. What’s the Point? • Who is the target audience? • What are these pages trying to accomplish? • When is content being posted? • Where are they posting it (newsfeed, about, timeline, apps in Facebook)? • Why are they posting this type of content? • How are they interacting with consumers?
    20. 20. Pinterest “[Pinterest is] Some buzzy new social media site that I keep hearing about but don’t have time to figure out.” Source: Forbes Magazine, TechCrunch, Hitwise Data Image: InkHouse Social image bookmarking system Founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, & Evan Sharp December 2011: Pinterest becomes 1 of the top 10 largest social networking services, 11 million total visits per week. Drove more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ Businesses can have a “virtual storefront” page
    21. 21. Personal Pinterest Homepages
    22. 22. How I Use Pinterest Right now, through Castle Sands, I create boards to share with other Pinterest users. - Gains new interest and leads for my clients. - If someone repins or likes an image, I know it is a favorable image that I will use with other media.
    23. 23. Pinterest for Business Nordstrom’s Pinterest Page 4.5 Million followers as of 8/26/13 “Shoe Lust” 332 pins (8/26/13) of shoes that can be bought on the website, images from blogging community, and quotes about shoes that get re-pinned and linked back to Nordstrom by followers.
    24. 24. Our Pinterest Page My Prediction: Pinterest to gather info for university classes will be on the rise, very soon. Our goal: Add all the students to the Pinterest page to get you actively pinning to the board to use as a resource now and when the class is over. Connect others on the social web to our class and to our interests.
    25. 25. Twitter
    26. 26. Twitter for Companies
    27. 27. Questions?