How to Use Social Media in College Classrooms


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This presentation written for the University of Alabama Faculty Resource Center reviews how professors can utilize Social Media in college classes. Reviews include the Pearson 2013 Survey of Social Media in Higher Education, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Levo League, Lean In, Daily Muse, Google+, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Prezi, iTunesU, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge and Stanford ECorner

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How to Use Social Media in College Classrooms

  1. 1. Social Media Year-to-Year Increase by Faculty Members
  2. 2. Faculty & Student Perspectives 0 "Nothing replaces the face-to-face communication, but when you have a class that large I found it was helpful to have yet another tool to get to know them…it also gives shy students another way to participate.” 0 Students say using social media for academic purposes can be beneficial, as long as it doesn't get too personal.
  3. 3. Pearson Annual Survey of Social Media Use by Higher Education Faculty, 2013:
  4. 4. Sharing Work Socially Encourage students to share work socially. 0 Anna Divinsky created an iTunes U class at Penn State University called Art 10: Introduction to Visual Studies, which she then adapted into a massive open online course (MOOC) on Coursera. With more than 58,000 students. 0 For each class assignment, students were responsible for evaluating each other's work. Because the class was online, social media played an essential role in connecting students and creating an online community. 0 Students shared their work on a variety of platforms. On Flicker, they tagged artwork, on Twitter they tagged posts all with “artmooc”  creates a record of learning and articles USA Today Survey, 2013
  5. 5. #coolestclassatUA Use a hashtag to facilitate guest speaker discussions. 0 According to a recent YPulse Survey, 21% of Millennials Use Twitter as a primary new source. 0 During an investigative journalism class at New York University, one professor invited prominent journalists to come speak to the class of more than 200 people, and encouraged students to live-tweet using the hashtag #IJNYU. The class was big and tweets frequent, the hashtag occasionally became a trending topic in New York City. 0 Another way to incorporate hashtags is to encourage students to tweet questions to a guest speaker as the speaker is talking. This is exactly what Mara Einstein and Chad Boettcher did for NYU's Innovations in Marketing class. This method ensures that students don't interrupt the speaker while he or she is talking. USA Today Survey, 2013
  6. 6. Pearson Annual Survey of Social Media Use by Higher Education Faculty, 2013:
  7. 7. The Main Tools of Social Media
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  11. 11. Sharing Your Information on Social Media
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  17. 17. Sharing Social Media With Students
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  23. 23. Sharing Other Educational Resources in Your Class
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  29. 29. Great Social Media Networks for Your Students
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  33. 33. Extra Resources 0 Pearson Annual Survey of Social Media Use by Higher Education Faculty, 2013: 0 7 Ways Teachers Use Social Media in the Classroom: 0 Social Media Today: