Affidavit on ruths strokes document 96 to 11


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Affidavit on ruths strokes document 96 to 11

  1. 1. Susan (Cameron) HonakerJohn A HonakerFamilyWith Police affidavits on Elena Meyers, again in 2007, and with police from 2000 operating with DorothyArpino, Robert Bush, Bill Clinton, and collections for Nemours, as Meyers LLP, for over 18 loancompanies, Midland Mortgage frauds, Lab corp, with Over 70 Genovese attorney firms already in crime,Robert Bush, Bill Clinton, with Meyers family members, operating as directors Unviersity Delaware (allcrime over 50 years, already public, and threats over their ‘satanic’ trafficking, Genoese operatingchemical warfare, lab corp, out of UD, with Meyers and threats over Ruths strokes, brain injury,chemical corporations and to steal all intellectual work, patented cash flow book and carry out violentcrime), threats over Bushes operating with Ewan Cameron, chemical warfare (not directly associated),from 1930’s out of UD, with Bushes, Hitler, Genovese crime family and Meyers and (to present), Freak,two-hooved animals, George Bush, Genovese, Meyers operating child murders, all agencies, sentencingagain, and all medical with trafficking and Genovese drug stores, and as psychiatry, Ewan Cameron,Genovese crime family with child murders, as head of American Psychiatric Association, with psychoticMeyers, Genovese, lab corp, all around Genovese, Meyers drugs stores, and trafficking.Elena Meyers, operating as Meyers LLP for and as collections for crime, HSBC, Midland Bankingorganized crime w Bill Clinton, Frank Genovese, George Bush Sr., Bushes as doctors at Veteranshospitals, Frank Genovese and over 70 Genovese crime family attorneys, from HSBC, with Robert Bush;Strokes given to Ruth Chapman a DE lifelong state resident, and friend OVER 30 YEARS, Genovese,Meyers operate threats in 2000, along with threats over Ruths father being Masonry, her strokes andover all the same crimes operating collections for Clinton Midland Bank in John Honaker’s name withover 18 loan companies and Frank Genovese operating his emergencies, and more loans at work, servicedisruptions his lab corp with each emergency and threats to susan Cameron Honaker, and other friendsincluding Andrea Henderons at the time, a honors UD grad and social services worker locked up threetimes with Elena Meyers operating crime from the court as Meyers LLP and over 70 Genovese attorneysin crimes, drug crimes with Bill Clinton, organized crime, and crimes in 2000 threats to her by aGenovese and Bush, Clinton ‘witch,’ Meyers operating with Genovese, Bushes, ‘satanic’ social servicesand crimes to present in Missouri, her brain care and crimes in front of Ruth in 2009 to 2010 May,operating her increased strokes, pseudo brain care, loans, collections, her employment as ‘security’while firing her in DE during 2010 having serious memory lapses increased from 2001 of hundreds a dayand no memory of what she did with her pay, how long she worked, or that she used gas while going towork and firing her in DE, threats flashing lights at her and Susan as fake police, crimes locking Susan upagain with George Bush, while timing a 6500 mortgage ‘due,’ overdraft fees with John Honaker, CAPpayday loans, and crimes in front of Ruth with Commissioner Freud, other criminal fake psych, operating
  2. 2. for Genovese crime family all states and Meyers, Meyers LLP, Meyers UHS/BHS systems in crime forHSBC, AMERICAN GENERAL ROBERT BUSH, George Bush, Genovese over 50 years; and threats byGenovese two hours in person, while also collecting for Bank America, George Bush, also Ruth being andAir Force employee, given strokes and concussions from 1996, high powerd RFID, Radio Frequencyweapons, and with Doctor Bushes DE to MO, as well as John Honakers Veterans Hospital and Militaryrecords with Frank Genovese, over 50 Genovese from UD, with Robert Bush, Elena Meyers, and over 50Meyers as directors, to businesses, direct at banking management and to all hospitals, murders in MO,all states as ‘social services,’ and in MO, of Veterans Hospitals and Homes, elderly, children, with allother organized disaster frauds, crime. Genovese, attorneys, immediately send someone to our homefor a lawsuit of collections for Ruth Chapman for loans she doesn’t remember and a Ponzi scheme totake the money in 60 days or pay over the doubled amount illegally billed her. Like John, Ruth goesthrough tolls, getting tickets, has no memory of using gas, leaving the vehicle empty, and has to berepeated things several times, asks to be taken to the store several times while picking her up and thenstating she has no money, only some long term major events and only when reminded and mentionedto her does she remember what she was supposed to do with no memory of money or a day prior ofshort term memory, short term loss in hours, much worse than in 2000. On video, discussions and Ruthwitness also of the threats by Dorothy Arpino, operating with Clinton, using Air Force, generalssentenced for drug and child trafficking to 2011 illegally with Bushes, operating to 2011 also the courtswith family members. Ruth is taken to Veterans Hospital in Wilmington, where John A Honaker, alongwith another total blood chemical mixup prior to an illegal home cancelation by Robert Bush, BillClinton, Elena Meyers operating in crimes, HSBC to Real estate, in 2004, canceled a home contract andseeing John Honaker for his knees being synthetic and the screws coming out, Elena Meyers laterfalsifies ‘inactivity’ along with her crimes at Nemours with Genovese, Frank Genovese with JohnHonaker, obviously on documents, taking loans she times, with Frank Genovese from HSBC, with Meyersin financial, thousands overdraft fees, and crimes inducing his memory loss, Genovese operating hisemergencies, lab corp, nonabsorption vitamin B, brain crimes and loans, HSBC, threats with ElenaMeyers, as Meyers LLP, and Frank Genovese, Genovese crime family members as ‘social services’‘satanic’ retarded in numbers, with Meyers, Bushes, operating murders, frauds, all with Genovese drugstores and Bancorp, HSBC, American General. In 1996, as on documents, John is tested again with moreloans he creates at work and Elena Meyers crimes and collections by 2000 for more loans, with Clinton,Johns emergencies, and tainted vaccines they illegally put son back on at Nemours, she erases in 2006with a hired military doctor, being Genovese, falsifying to 2011 and threats to both Susan daily for thePatented Cash flow book since they are operating crimes all agencies, ideological based crimes and‘satanic’ judges, anarchist bombers, trafficking and child crimes, medical, loan frauds, mortgage fraudsand already in crime over 35 years, including with Arpino used for the threats, and Ewan Cameronpreviously with Bushes, Meyers, Genovese out of DE, University Delaware as head of AmericanPsychiatry Association, chemical warfare, Radio Frequency Radiological with Genovese crime familyoperating with Meyers over 50 per state for crime, all agencies and as psychiatry for drugs, Genovesedrugs, with all agencies, and medical, and trafficking of kids as on sentencing lists and with Meyers LLPattorneys, banking for HSBC all states, DE, to NY, TX, and selling kids with all public agencies and lootinggovernment money. While taking Ruth to Veterans hospital, and they carry out all crimes in front of herwith Meyers UHS/BHS, Bush operating aviation and at VA in drug crimes and Dr. Bush as drug
  3. 3. dispensing, and over my car locking me, Susan up, and continued crimes with Robert Bush, George Bush,Frank Genovese, with Ruth and legal documents from 2000 and with me; While at VA, They illegallyrefused to release her medical records when requested from Missouri, operating frauds on Ruth to 2011and increased strokes, slower speech, other stomach and neurological problems.