Building your fan base with content and social tools


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PreCon presentation for Digital East 2012 on using content to grow and engage your fan base.

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  • There are so many “experts” trying to tell us what to do, it’s overwhelming and hard to keep up
  • Success in social media largely relies upon expanding your reach, because the more reach you have, the more the probability is that someone will engage with you and ultimately become a customer. Social media is the word of mouth of marketing, and you need to engage and grow as much as possible to be successful.You build reach by sharing valuable, meaningful content and knowledge in a context that is relevant to your customers
  • Whatever your objective: Leads, Sales, Brand Awareness – you need to build your reach, engage your audience, nurture relationships so the probability for the conversion/action increases
  • Whatever your industry, business, mission – there are communities of interest out there focusing in your subject area and you need to be in that mix to be successful online.
  • Why? Because people are researching on their own more than ever because of the web It would be a huge mistake not to be part of that mix! It’s going to be a lot easier to make the sale or conversion or generate the lead if you were part of their information gatheringYou become part of that mix by engaging your audience with value and knowledge, becoming a go-to resource built around your core competency and packaged around your customers needs.
  • You may be in business to sell a product, service or even a membership and in order to be successful you have to have subject matter expertise. Chances are you already have great content, knowledge assets (both documents and people)ResearchWhitepapersPresentationsCase StudiesArticlesBlog postsImagesInterviews (video, audio)How-to’s
  • You know your customers best. No one else can do that for you. It is your challenge to find your value that helps them:Address pain pointsSolve problemsMake them walk away smarterThought provokingHelps them be more efficient & effectiveAnd use this to create, curate, share and engage.
  • We have established that you are a SME, and that you really do know your audience best.
  • Internal contentUser generated content:Video how to’sVideo contestsPhotos/imagesCustomer curated content – pinterest, blogrollsBest industry blog contest
  • Internal contentUser generated content:Video how to’sVideo contestsPhotos/imagesCustomer curated content – pinterest, blogrollsBest industry blog contest
  • Internal contentUser generated content:Video how to’sVideo contestsPhotos/imagesCustomer curated content – pinterest, blogrollsBest industry blog contest
  • Make your community members feel like experts, empower/encourage them to ask and answer each other questions
  • CompTIA’s long term strategy is to create additional credentials that IT professionals would want as they advance in their careers. Currently they are known mostly as the go-to organization if you are just starting out. One of the strategies is to expand their reach and nurture long-term relationships via social networks.The A+ Community was a small facebook page at the end of 2010. With just over 3000 fans – it was lackluster and mainly contained posts from CompTIA promoting it’s certifiations, webinars and other revenue generating activities.The strategy was simple – develop a content strategy that is valuable and relevant – and engage the fans accordingly.Career info, job of the week, job stats and data, weekly career advice chat, sample questions, what to expect on the credentialing exam,
  • Building your fan base with content and social tools

    1. 1. Build Your Fan Basewith Content and Social Tools Susan Cato @susancato
    2. 2. Overwhelmed by “experts”
    3. 3. Practical Approach for Success 1. Offer value with content and knowledge 2. Share and engage (links) 3. Build reach – grow audience 4. Generate leads 5. Sales and Conversions 6. Measure performance 7. Tweak and repeat
    4. 4. Success on the social web
    5. 5. The importance of reach
    6. 6. SharingContent
    7. 7. Sharing Content 10% Direct promotions 30%Links to company content 60% Links to third party content
    8. 8. Links, Reach & SEO• SEO-driven leads have the highest lead-to-close rate (15%) among common lead generation sources. Paid search leads average a 7% rate, while outbound marketing leads (e.g., direct mail, telemarketing) close at a 2% rate. (Econsultancy)• B2B marketers believe social media is critical to organic search success. Marketers rate social media as the second-most important factor (64%) in search, behind only strong content (82%). (BtoB Magazine)• 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on their lead generation goals. (Mindjumpers)
    9. 9. Build your network• Search on key phrases in each network, and in Google• Look for highly engaged people, pages, and groups• Use listening tools to find influencers• Find creative ways to connect, share, follow – engage!
    10. 10. Maintain an Online Influencer listBlog/Publication/Organization First Last Type Beat/Focus URL Twitter Linkedin Facebook Group: "Cloud Computing" FB Group Cloud Computing roup_8450870046 Group: "Cloud Computing" LI Group Cloud Computing 3&mostPopular=&trk=tyahCloud Computing Blog: "Chaotic Flow" Joel York Blog Cloud Computing chaoticflowCloud Computing Blog: "Cloud Computing" Chirag Mehta Blog Cloud Computing chirag_mehtaCloud Computing Blog: "Cloud CTweaks" Blog Cloud Computing cloudtweaks Computing Blog: "Infoworld Cloud Computing Blog" David Linthicum Blog Cloud Computing computing/blogs DavidLinthicumCloud Computing Blog: "SaaS Blog" Blog Cloud Computing datamationCloud Computing Blog: "Smooth Span" Bob Warfield Blog Cloud Computing BobWarfieldCloud Computing Blog: "Software as Services" Phil Wainewright Blog Cloud Computing zdnet, pchilwwTwitter: @Health_IT TW Healthcare IT health_itTwitter: @HITNewsTweet TW HealthcareIT hitnewstweet Page: "Healthcare IT News" FB Group HealthcareIT s Group: "Health Informatics Technology (HIT)" LI Group Healthcare IT 6&mostPopular=&trk=tyahLinkedInLinkedIn Group: "Healthcare Information & Management Systems" LI Group Healthcare IT 5&mostPopular=&trk=tyahFacebook Page: "National Cyber Security Alliance" FB Group Cybersecurity Group: "Information Security Community" LI Group Cybersecurity 2&mostPopular=&trk=tyahTwitter: @cybersecure TW CybersecurityTwitter: @msftsecresponse TW Cybersecurity Specialist-Group- 37485?gid=37485&mostPopular=&trk=tyahLinkedIn Group: "IT Specialist" LI Group General IT
    11. 11. Use content & knowledge to engage
    12. 12. 60% of the sales cycle is overbefore the buyer even talks to your salesperson Corporate Executive Board
    13. 13. Youare aSubjectMatterExpert!
    14. 14. You know your customers best
    15. 15. LinkedIn: Information Security Group
    16. 16. It’s not about youRemember, no matter what typeof content you are sharing – it’sabout your customers, not you!
    17. 17. Exercise 1Write down three customer/audience painpoints or priorities. What do they care about?
    18. 18. Curating Content• Internal: Make an inventory, organize by customer pain points, etc.• Third party content: Scan consistently• User-generated content: Engagement & content at the same time
    19. 19. Internal Content• Whitepapers • Infographics• eBooks • Charts/graphs• Presentations • 90 sec interviews• Articles • How-to video using• Blog posts screen capture with• Research voice-over reports/summaries • Quick-start guides• Event video • Webinar recordings• Photos • Product demos
    20. 20. Third Party Content• Industry publications • Photos/images• Video channels • Infographics• Twitter feeds • Research• Blogs • eBooks• Articles • Webinars• Podcasts • Tutorials• Books
    21. 21. User-Generated Content• Guest bloggers • Customer curated• Video from contest content, Pinterest boards, submissions blogrolls• Photos/images • Best industry blog contest
    22. 22. Exercise 2Pick one of the pain-points from the firstexercise and make a list of content assets youhave that could be valuable.
    23. 23. Layering content Research Report
    24. 24. Exercise 3Pick one of the content assets from Exercise 2and make a list of new items to create.
    25. 25. Use a Social Content Calendar
    26. 26. Use a content dashboard
    27. 27. Use a Blog
    28. 28. Organize your content around customer priorities
    29. 29. Put CTA’s everywhere
    30. 30. Blogs and customer acquisitionIncreased frequency of blogging correlates withincreased customer acquisition. (Marketing Charts) % of bloggers who acquire customers via blog activity 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% > than 1x per day 1x per month < 1x per month
    31. 31. Blogs:The single most important inbound marketing tool • B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms. (Social Media B2B) • When asked to rank the importance of the services they use, 25% of users rated their company blog as critical to their business, while a further 56% considered them either important (34%) or useful (22%) for a total of 81%. (Marketing Charts)
    32. 32. Engage with content
    33. 33. Case Study: CompTIA A+ Facebook Page
    34. 34. Exercise 4Pick a customer pain-point/content asset fromyour list. Write down some ideas forengagement.
    35. 35. Reward engagement• Listen• Be responsive• Make it all about people
    36. 36. Combine online efforts with in-person activities
    37. 37. Example: Pitch-it Contest
    38. 38. BIO Convention
    39. 39. Monitoring
    40. 40. Measurement & Analytics
    41. 41. Measure, learn, improve…and repeat
    42. 42. What business are we really in? “Some say we should think like publishers. I would add that we are in the knowledge business.”
    43. 43. Tools• Content Tools: Blog, Slideshare, Flickr, Youtube, Pinterest, Inst agram• Content Dashboards: Google Reader, Netvibes• Analytics Tools: Argyle Social, Sprout Social, Radian6,, Hubspot• Facebook Contest Tools: Wildfire, Pagemodo
    44. 44. Be an industry Superhero
    45. 45. Thank You Susan Cato @susancato