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Safe In Common Launch Presentation Final

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This is my presentation describing the tactics and strategy for an online community I recently launched. The community is part of a larger social media initiative.

This is my presentation describing the tactics and strategy for an online community I recently launched. The community is part of a larger social media initiative.

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  • Discuss core beliefs: Discuss core beliefs: The status quo is unacceptable We need to raise awareness and reinforce standards There is much to be done It will be an ongoing process Discuss core beliefs: The status quo is unacceptable We need to raise awareness and reinforce standards There is much to be done It will be an ongoing process


  • 1. SafeInCommon.org An Online Community
  • 2. Today’s presentation:
    • What is Safe in Common?
    • What is Injection Safety?
    • The Opportunities
    • Our Mission and Goals
    • Our Community and its Stakeholders
    • Themes and Topics
    • Structure and Interaction
    • Promotion and Supporting Activities
    • Sponsor Profile
    • Next Steps
  • 3. What is Safe in Common?
    • An online community: Multiple stakeholders concerned about unsafe injections can come together
    • A Call to Action: Actively advancing injection safety outcomes
    • A Manifesto: A means to state beliefs and grow awareness
  • 4. What is Injection Safety?
    • Injection safety, or safe injection practices, is a set of measures taken to perform injections in an optimally safe manner for patients, healthcare personnel, and others.
    • A safe injection does not harm the recipient, does not expose the provider to any avoidable risks and does not result in waste that is dangerous for the community.
    • Injection safety includes practices intended to prevent transmission of infectious diseases between one patient and another, or between a patient and healthcare provider, and also to prevent harms such as needlestick injuries.
    • US Center for Disease Control (CDC). 2009
  • 5. Opportunities
    • To become a catalyst for improving injection safety and reducing harm.
    • To realize our vision - a world in which every injection is simple and safe.
  • 6. Our Mission
    • A global community (movement) – of healthcare workers, home users, industry/advocacy groups, public – joined together to enhance and save lives by raising awareness, support and bringing the safest and simplest injection practices to people around the world.
  • 7. Goals
    • To Raise Awareness
      • Patient to healthcare worker
      • Healthcare worker to patient
      • Patient to community
    • To Bring About Change
      • In standards
      • In levels of protection
      • In access
      • In technology
  • 8. Community Make Up
    • Advisory Board - Guide the community / governance, bring in other supporters, help define / moderate content
    • Alliances - Contribute content, help raise awareness, co-promote, financial support
    • Members - Sign petition, share stories, donate
  • 9. The Stakeholders
    • Healthcare workers
    • Patients who self-administer
    • Unions
    • Government agencies
    • The public
    • Harm reduction advocates
    • Vaccination programs
    • Types of Alliances:
      • Non-profits
      • Associations
      • Medical schools / institutions
      • Practitioners
      • Journalists
      • Government
      • Pharma / Distributors
  • 10. Key Themes – Healthcare Workers
    • Injection Safety Goals
      • Providing safe, effective patient care
      • Protection from harm, minimization of stress
      • Pursuit of routine injection procedures
    • Injection Safety Desires
      • Minimal pain and lifestyle inconvenience with devices that do not put them or their loved ones at risk of harm
  • 11. Key Themes – Patients
    • Injection Safety Goals
      • Maintaining health, with minimal disruption to daily life
      • Intuitive, affordable injections with sharp needles
      • Convenient disposal to protect others from injury
    • Injection Safety Desires
      • Convenient procedures and affordable products that are safe and convenient to dispose
  • 12. Topics for Discussion
    • Needlestick injuries (HCW, first responders, public)
    • Proper aseptic techniques for patient care
    • Safety-engineered medical devices
    • Preventing reuse and sharing of non-sterile equipment
    • Needlestick prevention laws around the world
    • Safe disposal of non-sterile equipment
    • Patient self-injection outside of healthcare settings
    • Vaccinations by NGOs / developing countries
    • Harm reduction programs
  • 13. Safe in Common – a highly interactive experience!
    • Learn
      • Blogs: from key opinion leaders
      • Resources and links: find information
      • News: news important to the
      • cause from around the world
      • Events: members can
      • post to the calendar
      • - Tools: Cost calculators, links
  • 14.
    • Contribute and Connect
      • Share stories : send us your content, pics and video
      • Discussion forum : start or comment on a topic, ask a question
      • Connect: with your peers and like-minded groups
      • Surveys : participate in surveys on industry matters
      • Get support: if you have suffered a needlestick
    Safe in Common – a highly interactive experience!
  • 15. Safe in Common – a highly interactive experience!
    • Take Action
      • Dynamic Manifesto : ongoing document on what injection safety means
      • Advocate : sign a petition or join an event
      • Donate: time or resources to the cause
  • 16. Planned Features / Tools
    • Regular polls / surveys on topics relating to injection safety
    • Annual needlestick survey in conjunction with the ANA
    • Report a needlestick injury / what to do when you get one
    • Talk about your needlestick injury experience
    • Links relevant journal articles, papers, conference reports
    • Best practice videos for various procedures (youtube / onsite)
    • Accredited webinars on subjects relating to injection safety
    • Stories on how needlestick prevention laws are adopted
    • International map showing transition to injection safety
  • 17. Planned Features / Tools
    • Recommended steps for evaluating safety products
    • Post feedback on evaluation of products
    • Calculate true costs of sharps injuries / safety syringes
    • Tick-test – is your healthcare facility compliant?
    • List of facilities issued with citations for noncompliance
    • Test the maturity of your injection safety programs
  • 18. Promotion / Support Activities links to/from partner/contributor sites relevant industry blogger sites social networks micro-blogging sharing sites Public Relations Advertising Direct Marketing Events Cause Marketing Foundation Safe-In Common. com
  • 19. Sponsor Profile
    • NASADQ listed (UNIS), emerging global leader for innovative safety devices.
    • Design, develop and supply best-in-class syringes for use by healthcare, pharmaceutical and patients who self-administer.
    • Products allow operators to control the speed of passive (automatic) needle retraction directly from patient to barrel, protecting those at risk of needlestick injury, also prevent re-use.
    • Our role:
    • To supply staff and resources to plan, build and maintain the community
    • To coordinate and implement promotional and supporting activities
    • To work with the advisory board on shaping the community
  • 20. Next Steps
    • Safe In Common was “soft launched” at APIC 11 July 2010
      • Association of Professionals in Infection Control
      • Collected stories at the event (separate branded booth)
      • Landing page with intro video and teaser content
      • Ability to sign up / online advertising (Healthcare Purchasing News)
    • Build coalition – do we have your support?
    • Populate site with blogs and real stories
    • Hard launch 4 November 2010
    • Anniversary of Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act
      • 10 year anniversary Nov 2010 - support activities