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a quick slideshow from day 1. Needs revision and pictures

a quick slideshow from day 1. Needs revision and pictures

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  • 1. This I believe Teaching Learning Technology
  • 2. I believeTeaching is the ability to translate curriculum intomeaningful experiences, set up the environment andestablish management procedures to allow for each studentto step forward independently.
  • 3. I believeTeaching is knowing enough about each individual to beable to meet them where they are, and help them to settheir own goals for learning.
  • 4. I believeTeaching is looking beyond the classroom and into theworld beyond. Considering the skills and attitudes that makea good person, exposing the children to these attributes andchallenging them to want to become better people.
  • 5. I believeTeaching is knowing when to get out of the way, releasecontrol and allow students to discover for themselves.
  • 6. I believeLearning needs to be challenging, meaningful, purposefulengaging and reflective.
  • 7. I believeStudents learn from talking and writing about theirexperiences, and applying what they have learned inauthentic project based activities.
  • 8. I believeStudents learn from personal interaction with theirsurroundings, and by collaborating and interacting withpeers.
  • 9. I believeLearning should not be dependent on chronological age orcurriculum content.
  • 10. I believeTechnology is exciting, frustrating and challenging.
  • 11. I believeWithout the proper structure, technology will not go beyondbusy work and skill practicing.
  • 12. I believeTechnology should not be taught as a separate subject butused as a tool to facilitate and enhance instruction in othercontent areas.
  • 13. I believeTechnology is a natural part of our students lives and assuch, should be a natural part of their time at school.