Name__________________________Teacher________________________Period__________                 THE NEWSPAPER AS AN INFORMAT...
6.     “A picture is worth a thousand words.”   Photographs are important becausethey       bring attention to an article....
14.   Locate the Classified section from the front page Index. In the Classified Index      look under Lease/Rental and ch...
_________________________________________________________________22.   If you could ask the President of the United States...
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Newspaper unit


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Everything you need to know about the newspaper.

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Newspaper unit

  1. 1. Name__________________________Teacher________________________Period__________ THE NEWSPAPER AS AN INFORMATION SOURCELog on to and enter passwords.The Front Page features the most important news of the day and is designed tograb your attention. 1. List the information found in the newspaper flag on the front page. (The flag is the area running across the top of the front page containing the name of the paper and the date, motto, cost, and the edition.) Name of the newspaper_____________________________________________ Day and date of your newspaper______________________________________ Motto of the newspaper_____________________________________________ Cost of the newspaper________________ Edition of the newspaper____________________________________________ 2. Copy a headline from the front page. (A headline is a group of words written to grab your attention. The larger the headline, the more important the story.) Headline_________________________________________________________ 3. Who wrote the byline to the headline you chose in question #2? (A byline tells who wrote the story. The reporter’s name appears under the headline.) Byline for the headline you chose_____________________________________ 4. Does the headline article you chose in question #2 have a jumpline? (A jumpline is the line at the end of the first part of the headline or story that tells you where the rest of the story can be found.) Write the jumpline for the headline you chose.__________________________ 5. Using the same headline, find the 5 W’s. (A straight news story is informative and contains the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Look for the 5 W’s in the first paragraph.) Who was involved?_________________________________________________ What happened?___________________________________________________ Where did it occur?_________________________________________________ When did it happen?________________________________________________ Why did it happen?_________________________________________________
  2. 2. 6. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Photographs are important becausethey bring attention to an article. Describe how a front page photo on your newspaper influenced your decision whether to read the article next to it. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________7. The Weather Report is located on the back of the Local and State section (B section). Choose an area under the map of California and copy the weather description for the area you chose. ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________8. In the Air Quality Index section of the Weather Report, what is the AQI number _____________and rating for Fresno County today?__________. In the Allergy Forecast, what are the main pollens?______________________________ What is the UV Index Today number_____ and rating__________?9. On page A2 under California Lottery, what were the SuperLotto Plus, or Daily 3, or Fantasy 5 results (winning numbers)?________________________________10. Locate the front page Index on the bottom half of the front page called INSIDE and copy the page numbers for the following sections: Classified _____, Fun & Games________ Obituaries_____, Opinion_____, Sports _____, and Television _____.11. From the front page Index locate the Television section. Choose a program featured in today’s best bets under the word Television and copy the following: Program name_______________________. List the time____:____ and channel________ the program is on.12. From the front page Index locate the Obituaries section. Turn to this section and under Services Today or Services Tomorrow copy the following: The name of any person listed________________________________________ the time of the funeral or memorial service ____:____, and the location of the service__________________________________________________________13. Locate the Opinion section from the front page index. (An Editorial/Opinion Page allows various points of view to be expressed.) Choose any editorial under Our Views or letter to the Editor under Your Views and explain the opinion being expressed._______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 14. Locate the Classified section from the front page Index. In the Classified Index look under Lease/Rental and choose a section from 3205 - 3375. Find a house or an apartment to rent. Write the price $________, phone #_________, security deposit (if listed) $________ and any features listed. ______________________ ________________________________________________________________15. In the Classified Index look under Employment and choose a section from 4170 - 4210. Locate a job of interest to you. Give the name of the job__________________, phone#, fax, or address________________________ wages (if listed) $________and any requirements.________________________ ________________________________________________________________16. In the Classified Index look under Automotive and choose a section from 8010 - 8170. Find a vehicle to buy, and give the price $_________, type of vehicle__________________ and phone #___________.17. In the Classified Index look under Miscellaneous. Choose a section from 5210 - 5690. List a product______________________phone #______________ and price $____________ of something listed that you might like.18. Find an advertisement that includes a photo or illustration of a product. (An advertisement helps companies communicate to the public about their goods and services. The ad tells where to buy goods and how much they cost.) What is the product?_________________________. Does the picture help sell the item? yes or no (circle answer) Explain why you answered yes or no.___________________________________ ________________________________________________________________19. Locate the Comic section from the front page index. Give the page______ and name of your favorite comic strip.______________________________________20. Look at the photos in the the Sports section and read the cutline. (The cutline is a description of the photo. Reporters often use words and phrases with action verbs and phrases in the cutline and the article it is tied to.) Copy a cutline from a sports photo that uses action verbs or phrases._________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Describe the emotions displayed by an athlete in one of the sport’s photos. ________________________________________________________________21. Pretend that you are an advisor to the Mayor of Sanger and it is your job to scan the newspaper and choose the most pressing issues within the valley. What issues would you choose and why?_______________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. _________________________________________________________________22. If you could ask the President of the United States one question about a story in your newspaper, what question would you ask?__________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What was the headline of the story?____________________________________23. Did you discover new things about the newspaper from this unit? yes or no (circle one) Name the sections of the paper that you think will be most useful to you as you approach graduation.______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________