My hands shake and my heart palpitates as I write this sentence...


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My hands shake and my heart palpitates as I write this sentence...

  1. 1. My hands shake and my heart palpitates as I write this sentence. I feel like I am someone admitting that they have an addiction! Well, I do... I love my paper :) Something that I love so much and that which gives me comfort, also brings me great pain! My 'stuff' is a burden to me. “I ADMITTED IT!" I shout out (in my thoughts) as I write this post.<br /> <br />I need your help. I never realized how deep my problem was until just over a year ago I took on this new position as math coach. It isn't my new title that has created this monster. No, I discovered this beast inside me when I began to pack up my classroom. I have soooo much stuff. Why am I holding on to it?<br />It does not stop there. I had to buy a $1200.00 shed to house my precious paper. I even had it insured. Yes HAD. My family recently moved and I left my shed behind:(<br /> <br />To tell you the truth, my 'precious stuff' is still in my shed. We have not sold our house yet and I just couldn't bring that entire burden to my new home. I was not about to clutter up my husband's garage with my 'problem'. This is why I need your help. I<br />had to buy a new shed for $1300.00 to house my paper in my new house. It is going to be delivered this Saturday. Then I must go to my old home and bring back my burden home.<br /> <br />I am proud of myself for creating my lessons using SMART notebook, Word and other tools. I type and save all of my lessons that I model for teachers. I have many videos, power points and the list goes on. I tend to make paper from these great things that I am creating. Why do I feel the need to have to have a paper copy? I even save it in many different files.<br /> <br />It makes me sick inside thinking of my paper stuff. Today, I viewed a video called Read/Write Web by Will Richardson and he admitted that he does not use paper. He doesn't even save anything on his hard drive. He saves it all in a place that can be shared and viewed by others.<br /> <br />I want to be like him... I just don't know how. <br /> I wonder how I can expand on my coaching model to reach more teachers?<br />Where am I now? What does my model look like?<br />My journey began August 2009. It was my first year as a math coach. I was and still am the only math coach for our school division.<br />I am a K-4 Math coach in 21 schools and work with over 100 teachers. I wonder how I can spread myself to benefit more teachers.Presently, I work with 2-5 teachers in one school for a block of 8- 10 days. Within those 8-10 days follow an " I will, you will, we will " approach.I will plan and model 2-3 lessons, we will co-plan and co-teach 3-4 lessons and you will plan and teach 1- 2 lessons and I will be a support.These teachers (school) had booked their block of time June of 2010. Approx. 2 weeks before beginning my coaching time with them I contact through email. I ask them to send me what outcome they want to focus on and any other specific goal that they have in mind. Formal Coaching- ideas.docxOnce the communication starts, I ask them more specific questions such as demographics of the classroom, and specific needs of students.I plan my first day in the school as an informal- let me be a part of your math class. Some teachers lead their math class and I observe and gain knowledge of where we might begin in terms of the outcome the teacher has chosen. Some teachers have students work independently and we use the time to talk one-one. They are both very rewarding and helpful before we begin our time together.Usually, it is the next day that I am in their classroom and I model a lesson based on the outcome they had requested. I always use a common  Copy of Blank Lesson - Copy.docx lesson template based on the Backwards Approach model.<br />2. What do I hope to improve upon in my Coaching Model?<br />I hope to reach more teachers by creating a resource that can be used by anyone interested.<br />3. Proposal: How will I plan to solve the problem?<br />I plan on posting all of my lessons, technology embedded into my lessons, communication with my cluster of teachers. By having everything online, it enables me to access all tools needed for my model lessons. It also opens communication between me and the teachers I am working with.Posting everything, allows for teachers that I am not working with, access to lessons, videos and tools to teach the outcome.<br />4. How will I analyze the data?<br />Assessment: tools to document effectiveness of the improvement to the model-2009- teacher survey results- 2010? I need to come up with an assessment tool on the effectiveness of the coaching model.I will gather specific, detailed feedback from Susan Maserek (my superintendent) one principal and 2 classroom teachers.Network: How will I share, collaborate, collective action? Via my Blog- Wikis with in blogContext: What have other coaches done to address this problem? Research Prince Albert Coach -Darlana Harding, two more??<br />5. Timeline? Until June 2011 but this will be a fluid model<br />6. Learning Showcase- Via my Blog<br /> <br /> <br />Top of Form<br />Bottom of Form<br /> <br />