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Zanec softwaretestingservices (2)

  1. 1. Software Testing ServicesHelping you to achieve excellence
  2. 2. INDEPENDENT TESTING SERVICES Our independent testing services are built on the following core enablers: Innovation. Our testing teams continuously analyze and leverage our experience to create innovative best practices on the process and metrics which optimize and accelerate testing. Domain. We strongly believe that testers need to have an exceptional understanding of the business in order to do a good job. We employ a Business Analyst / Quality Analyst model (sometimes technology / coding expert too), where testing experts are paired with our business analysts on dedicated teams. This helps ensure that testing is aligned with business needs and priorities. People. We recruit people who have passion for testing profession and invest in building the appropriate skills including domain and any other specialized skill sets. We also encourage our employees to earn certifications such as Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) and Certified Product Specialist (CPS) on Mercury Tools. Tools. We believe that test automation provides significant cost savings and productivity gains and hence we are committed to automate where applicable. Our teams are proficient in all major vendor tool platforms and our approach is to adapting to the client's vendor platform to provide the best of breed automation solutions. ABOUT ZANEC ABOUT ZANEC At ZANEC, we believe in transforming ideas into products and services through leading edge technology expertise and business domain knowledge. ZANEC's delivery capability, coupled with our “Virtual R&D Unit” based on multi-shore outsourcing model, enables ZANEC to provide full depth of IT Services; including software product development, management and re-engineering services, system integration, business process outsourcing, technology architecture and independent testing services. OVERVIEW
  3. 3. TESTING SERVICES lConsultation Services lTools Services lGovernance Services lManual Testing Services ¡Automation Testing Consultation Services ¡Setting up Testing Center of Excellence ¡FunctionalAutomation Tools Services ¡Performance Tools Services ¡Load & Stress Tool Services ¡Test Management Tools Services ¡Best strategies, test methodologies and frameworks. ¡Strong technical and managerial skilled resources ¡Governance Procedures for the clients ¡Functional Testing ¡Integration Testing ¡System Testing ¡Usability Testing ¡Business Process Testing ¡Non-functional Testing §Database Testing §Deployment Testing SERVICES OFFERED Software Testing Services Our testing services ensure that your systems meet their functional requirements and perform as expected. Our services address the finer and advanced aspects of testing such as test automation, security testing, performance testing, availability testing, reliability testing, compliance testing and package implementation testing. Our services include all types of functional and non-functional testing Unit Testing Performance Testing UserAcceptance Testing (UAT) System Testing Stress Testing Production Verification Testing Integration Testing Load Testing Regression Testing Black box Testing Usability Testing Verification and Validation White box Testing Globalization/Localization Testing TestAutomation Gray box Testing Security Testing Database Testing Compatibility Testing Installation Testing Business Process Testing Consultation Services Governance Services Tools Services Manual Testing Services Testing Services
  4. 4. ZANEC TESTING CoE Software Testing Services Testing Center of Excellence is an integration of people, process, tools, expertise and management at one place for providing effective testing services. It aims at increasing our test span, speeding up the test process and making it more cost effective through the efficient use of technology, tools and methodologies. To ensure the reliability and quality demands of our customers, we at ZANEC have setup a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence that caters to their testing needs and continuously improve the quality of the deliverables. The Testing Center of Excellence framework leverages tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver near-zero defect applications to clients. Testing CoE help customers by: lDefining test approach and execution roadmap lEstablish clear and solid governance mechanism throughout the projects lSetting up Test automation centers and Performance testing centers etc. lDeveloping appropriate communication models between ZANEC and the customer organisation lEnsuring strong project and delivery management How does ZANEC Testing CoE help our customers? at ZANEC, we strive to differ from our competitors by delivering through inspirationandinnovation KEY PILLARS OF CoE lKnowledge Management lTesting R&D Center lTesting Helpdesks lDelivery Project Management Office lDedicated Testing Lab CoE Vision “Help clients to achieve improvement in time-to-market and better serve the business lines in improving the effectiveness of IT support” BENEFITS Scale up existing testing? services and Improve Time- to-market and better serve CoE is more than? Technology Eliminate in-efficient? repetitions Search and adapt Best? Practices
  5. 5. OUR EXPERTISE Software Testing Services Testing tools expertise: lSilkMonitor - 24x7 monitoring and reporting of Web, application and database servers lSilkPilot - Unit testing of CORBA objectslHP Quality Center - Combine requirement, test, and defect management into a single quality lSilkObserver - End-to-end transaction platform. management and monitoring for CORBA applicationslMercury QuickTest Professional (QTP) - E- business functional testing lSilkMeter - Access control and usage metering lMercury LoadRunner - Enterprise load testing lSilkRealizer - Scenario testing and system monitoringlMercury WinRunner® - Test automation for the enterprise lSilkRadar - Automated defect tracking lTestPartner: Functional testing lJira [Defect Tracking] lQADirector: Integrated test management lTest Link [Test Management] lQALoad: Enterprise Load testing lSelenium [Automation Test Tool] lJmeter [Performance Test Tool] lSilkPerformer - Automated load and lCanoo WebTest performance testing HP Compuware Open Source Tools Borland TOOLS/TECHNOLOGY: KEY EXPERTISE lMastery in Testing Practice lProvide Top-Notch Services to the Clients lProvide Services with Speed, Competence and Lack of Disruption lCreate an Environment of Trust lHealthcare lBanking and Financial Services lLogistics lAutomobiles lRetail lGovernment lManufacturing lEnterprise Services ¡Patient Management Systems ¡Retail Banking ¡H o s p i t a l I n f o r m a t i o n ¡Capital Markets Management Systems ¡Private Banking ¡Decision Support Systems ¡Life / Non-Life Insurance ¡Diagnostic/Clinical Imaging ¡Commercial Insurance ¡Procurement and Information System ¡Workers Compensation ¡Production Management ¡Laboratory Information ¡Risk Management ¡Sales Management Systems ¡Supply chain Management ¡Medication and Pharmacy Logistics¡Portals Management Systems ¡Shop Floor Control¡SAP ¡CRM Softwarebugsarecostingthe worldeconomy$100 billionayear A third of these costs could be eliminated by an improved testing infrastructure OUR VERTICALS:
  6. 6. BENEFITS Software Testing Services ZANEC Technologies For Inquiries Contact: OUR PAST EXPERIENCES WHY ZANEC? lWe have set up an independent testing practice with over 300 Quality Analysts and Business Analysts for testing healthcare and clinical applications lInstrumental in developing and testing various clinical applications for the past 18+ years which are used by 13,000 customers in 35 countries lDone a complete testing on Enterprise Services Portal Technology Project for a Leading Client in Europe lWe performed the Largest Benchmark Testing for a Flagship Product successfully lWe have done a complete testing on Health Care Product for a Leading Customer in UK lWe have helped the clients in saving more cost on their testing budgets by developing innovative testing methodologies and frameworks lWe have generated high ROI percentages for the clients lOur deep understanding of customers, customer problems and the enterprise domains lImproved efficiency and productivity gains through automation, using automation framework and tools lContinuous test process improvement through metrics-based governance lOur focus on quality policy and process that ensures delivery of a 'fit for purpose' solution lLower TCO due to productivity gains on automation and low cost on multi-shore approach SERVICE BENEFITS lQuality : Delivery Confidence lCost : Optimization lTime : Reduced Cycle Time ¡Reduce Defects in Production [95%] ¡Reduce Operational Risks ¡Implement Right Techniques and Tools ¡Risk based pricing model ¡Multiple releases within same cost ¡Demonstrated 35%-45% cost savings to clients ¡Get Products Faster to Markets ¡Reduce Turn-Around time for Testing ¡Demonstrated 25%-30% reduction in time for clients © 2010 ZANEC