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Seo olt-001 Seo olt-001 Presentation Transcript

  • Surya’s International IncSurya’s International Inc Welcomes YouWelcomes You toto Training ProgramTraining Program inin Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • In this session you will learn about • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Profession • Search Engines
  • Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization ProfessionProfession 1
  • Search Engine Optimization Professionals are responsible for .. • Optimizing websites for your clients or employer • Working towards improving the ranking of websites in the SERP’s • Increase the visibility of webpage’s in the world wide web resulting in, Attracting more visitors to your website and thereby getting more business for its owners. 2
  • Some Of The AreasSome Of The Areas Of OperationOf Operation ForFor Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization Professionals AreProfessionals Are 3
  • • Website Domain Name (deciding the Domain name) • Webpage names and file/directory names (deciding the page names and file names) • Deciding page titles, headers, sub-headers • Choosing & embedding relevant keywords throughout the website • Making alterations to the copy matter of the website • Making changes to the flow and layout of the website & optimizing internal links • Making design changes • Making the site search engine readable by working with the meta tags & robots.txt files • Monitoring changes to the website in the SERPs of major search engines • Developing strategies for increasing in-bound traffic • Monitoring changes to the search engine algorithms • Studying competing websites and learning from their SEO efforts 4
  • Some Good WebsitesSome Good Websites That WillThat Will Keep You AbreastKeep You Abreast of Theof The Latest HappeningsLatest Happenings In TheIn The SEO IndustrySEO Industry 5
  • • • • • • • • 6
  • Search EnginesSearch Engines 7
  • What is a Search Engine?What is a Search Engine? 8
  • • An automated computer program that enables one to search information, documents or databases available on the Internet. • Search Engines provides a smart and swift way of finding information on the Internet. • Search Engines are probably the only forum on earth that provides information on almost everything and anything and that too in a couple of seconds on your desktop • Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, AOL Search,, Ask Jeevas, Excite, Lycos, Infoseek, Overture, and Alta Vista are some of the famous search engines. 9
  • From theFrom the SEO ProspectiveSEO Prospective Search Engines AreSearch Engines Are 10
  • • Huge databases containing website information which offer visitors the facility to query the database based upon the visitors search term. • Search engines gather data about websites with the help of specially designed software called the search engine spiders or search engine robots or crawlers or bots which scan the world wide web looking for new websites to add to the existing database of sites, as well as tracking changes to websites that the search engine have already indexed. • We can also look at search engines as intelligent software that have been programmed to report website information in a meaningful manner based upon what is being searched. 11
  • Various ComponentsVarious Components of Theof The SERPS (Search EngineSERPS (Search Engine Results Page)Results Page) WithWith special Focus on Googlespecial Focus on Google 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • Following Table Shows Where Various parts of TheFollowing Table Shows Where Various parts of The SERPs Listing Come For The Various Search EnginesSERPs Listing Come For The Various Search Engines Search Engine Title in the SERPs Description in the SERPs Google From the webpages title From the description meta tags of the Webpages Yahoo From the webpages title From the description meta tags of the webpages and from the important content in the body of the Webpage MSN From the webpages title From the description meta tags of the webpages and from the important content in the body of theWebpage 15
  • From Where Are TheFrom Where Are The Main Search Results,Main Search Results, Pay Per Click ResultsPay Per Click Results && Directory Results Draw?Directory Results Draw? 16
  • • The main search results: refer to the results that we see in the SERPs and constitute the bulk of the results for any search engine. • Pay per click search results: Search results that appear due to advertisers paying the search engine to get a listing in the results, or having a textual advertisement displayed next to the search results. • Directory results: Many search engines have a directory of websites apart from a regular search engine feature. The listings within the directory are referred to as directory results. 17
  • The Following Table Depicts The Relationship Between The Various SearchThe Following Table Depicts The Relationship Between The Various Search Engines and DirectoriesEngines and Directories SINO Search Engine Main Search Results Directory Results Pay Per Click Results 1 Google Google DMOZ Google 2 Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Directory Yahoo Search Marketing 3 MSN Yahoo DMOZ Yahoo Search Marketing 4 AOL Google DMOZ Google 18
  • Do Search EnginesDo Search Engines SearchSearch The Whole WebThe Whole Web WhileWhile Performing a SearchPerforming a Search Operation?Operation?** 19
  • TypesTypes OfOf Search EnginesSearch Engines 20
  • • Crawler-based Search Engines for example – & • Human-Powered Directories for example dmoz open directory & yahoo directory • Hybrid Search Engines for example & • Meta Search Engines for example & 21
  • HowHow Search Engines WorkSearch Engines Work andand How They Rank WebsitesHow They Rank Websites Based UponBased Upon the Search Term?the Search Term? 22
  • • Search engines consist of huge databases of websites that are queried based upon the search term entered by a user in the search engine search box. • The job of the search engine optimizer (or SEO professional) lies in understanding how the search engine ranks websites in the results pages, and then taking necessary action to improve the websites current rankings. • Every search engine makes use of a search algorithms (or formula) to query its database of websites. This algorithm defines the factors which determine the relevancy of a website while a search is being conducted for a search term. 23
  • • The search engine algorithm differs from search engine to search engine and is a carefully developed formula that allows the search engine to display websites that are most relevant to a search term in order of relevance. • Most companies including Google keep the search algorithm a closely guarded secret. • Search engines are programmed to seek out evidence that point to a connection (or relation) between the searched term and the webpages existing in their databases. 24
  • Important FactorsImportant Factors Considered ByConsidered By The Major Search EnginesThe Major Search Engines WithWith Reference ToReference To The Search TermThe Search Term andand a Webpage area Webpage are 25
  • • Whether the Page title of the webpage is includes the searched term • Whether the header of the webpage is includes in the searched term • Whether the body of the webpage includes the searched term and how many times it appears within the webpage • The presence of the search term within pages of other sites that link to the webpage.** 26