Transitivity analysis by i wayan suryasa


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Transitivity analysis by i wayan suryasa

  2. 2. Processes, Participants and Circumstances• One of the functions of clause is to represent experience: to describe the events and states of the real and unreal world.• In the SFL model, a representation of experience consists of:1. Processes : what kind of event/state is being described?2. Participants : the entities involved in the process, e.g., Actor and Sender.3. Circumstances : specifying the when, where, why and how of the process.
  3. 3. e.g: Our bell boy will escort you to the room Participant Process Participant circumstance
  4. 4. Types of ProcessSFL typically recognizes 4 main types of processes(the examples found in dialog text):• Material : (‘doing’): help, want, check, fill, pay, take, and escort.• Mental : (‘experiencing’ or ‘sensing’): see, hear, like and know.• Verbal : (‘saying’): say, tell, warn, argue, and ask.• Relational : (‘being’ or ‘becoming’): be, have, become.
  5. 5. Sometimes also recognized:• Behavior : (laugh, talk, cry and breath)• Existential : (‘exist’. “there is…”)
  6. 6. Material process and their participants Material processes: physical action in the real world. Participants:• Actor : the one who does the action• Goal : the one who is effected by the action• Recipient : the one who receives something• Beneficiary : the one for whom something done
  7. 7. A : Could I take an imprint of A : Bisakah saya meng-imprint your credit card, please? kartu anda?B : Sure. Here you are. B : Tentu. Ini.A : Thank you. A : Terima kasih.A : Here you are A : Ini Tuan (mengembalikan (returning the card to the kartu ke tamu) guest). B : Terima kasihB : Mr Scott, your room A : Tuan Scott, kamar anda number is 4425. nomor 4425. Ini kunci Here is the room key. kamarnya. Bell boy kami Our bell boy will escort you akan mengantar anda ke to the room. Enjoy your kamar. Nikmati tinggal stay with us. bersama kami.
  8. 8. SL TLB : May I know, what is it? B : Boleh aku tau apa itu ?A : Of course. I bought uncle a A : Tentu. Aku membelikan very good wallet. Made in paman sebuah dompet Italy. yang sangat bagus sekali. Buatan Italy.B : Wow… Your uncle must be B : Wow… Pamanmu pasti happy to receive it. sangat senang sekaliA : I hope so. menerimanya. A : Aku juga berharap begitu.
  9. 9. SL TLB : I will arrive on 27th December B : Saya akan datang tanggal 27 and depart on January 03rd. Desember dan berangkat tanggal 3 Januari.A : All right Sir. I will make a room A : Baik Tuan, saya akan membuatkan reservation for you. Could I know pemesanan kamar untuk anda. your name please? Bisa saya tahu nama Tuan?B : Chris Scott B : Chris ScottA : Could you spell it for me please? A : Bisakah tuan meng-eja-nya untuk saya?B : C for Charlie, H for Hotel, R for B : C untuk Charlie, H untuk Hotel, R Romeo, I for India S for Sierra. S untuk Romeo, I untuk India S untuk for Sierra, C for Charlie, O for Sierra. S untuk Sierra, C untuk Oscar, T for Tango, T for Tango…… Charlie,
  10. 10. Handling Check In Menerima Tamu Check InA : Receptionist A : ReceptionistB : Mr Chris Scott B : Mr Chris ScottA : Good morning. Welcome to A : Selamat pagi. Selamat datang di Kimuni Hotel Kimuni. Bisa saya bantu Hotel. May I help you? (anda)?B : Good morning. I want to check in. B : Selamat pagi. Saya mau check in.A : Have you got a reservation? A : Apakah anda punya reservasi?B : Yes, under (the name of) Chris B : Ya, atas nama Chris Scott Scott. A : Mohon tunggu sebentar. SayaA : Please wait a moment. I will akan mengecek milik anda dulu. check yours first.
  11. 11. A : Yes Mr Scott. We have A : Ya, Tuan Scott. Kami your reservation for punya reservasi anda one deluxe room. untuk sebuah kamar Check in today and deluxe. Check in hari ini check out on dan check out tanggal 3 January 03, total Januari, totalnya 7 7(seven) nights. Is that malam. Apakah benar begitu? correct (in order)? B : Ya, Benar.B : Yes, It’s correct.
  12. 12. Our bell boy will escort you to the room Actor Process Goal Cir: destination We have your reservation for one deluxe roomActor Process Beneficiary Goal
  13. 13. Our bell boy will escort you To the room Actor Process Goal Cir: destination I bought uncle a very good walletActor Process Goal Circumstance I will check yours firstActor Process Goal Circumstance
  14. 14. Focusing:1. Our bell boy will escort you to the room2. Your room number is 44253. We have your reservation for one deluxe room
  15. 15. Cohesion:• A : Have you got a reservation? B : Yes, under (the name of) Chris Scott. A : Please wait a moment. I will check it first. A : Yes Mr Scott. We have your reservation for one deluxe room.• A : Could I take an imprint of your credit card, please? B : Sure. Here you are.
  16. 16. References• Halliday, M.A.K. 1961. Categories of the theory of grammar. Word 17. Reprinted in Bertil Malmberg (ed), .... . Abridged version in• Halliday (1976). Halliday, M.A.K. 1994 Introduction to Functional Grammar, Second Edition, London: Edward Arnold.• Martin, James R. 1992 English Text: system and structure. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
  17. 17. THANK YOU