Omega Company Overview
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Omega Company Overview

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Micro,Macro,CRM,Distribution Channels & History

Micro,Macro,CRM,Distribution Channels & History

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  • 1. OMEGA The sign of excellence. The watch The World Has Learned to Trust Omega. The right time for life
  • 2. Louis brandt ,swiss ,La Chaux-de-Fonds1848 1879 DETH OF Louis brandt Brandt sons louis paul,ceaser-brandt& RELOCATion- January, Biel/Bienne 1880 DEATH 2400W 800 Employees. Paul-Emile Brandt1903 Britains royal flying corps.1917 1918 American army . into the group SSIH, Geneva. 1925 union of Omega and Tissot. 1930 official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games.1932 had become Swiss 1 producer of watches & 3 in the world. 1970 ASUAG-SSIH1983.1983 the Swatch Group.1998 0071995 The 19-line calibre watch symbol Ω 2011 olympbic 1894 1969 On MOON.
  • 3. PRODUCT Watch • Omega Seamaster • Omega Speedmaster • Omega Constellation • Omega De Ville • Omega Specialities Cosmetics & wallets • Leather Goods & Fragrance. Jewellery
  • 4. Constellation Series Seamaster Series Speedmaster Series De Ville Series Specialties Series
  • 5. JEWELLERY • Constellation- cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings • Aqua- cufflinks, pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings,bracelets, acc essories • Omega flower- Earrings, rings, pendants • Omega dewdrop – earrings ,pendants ,necklaces,bracelets • Omegamania- rings, necklaces, cufflinks
  • 6. Leather & Fragrance • Watch boxes • Wallets • Small goods • Organizers • Bags • technology
  • 7. PRICE Higher pricing, tighter controls of dealer pricing, increasing advertising OMEGA, the prestige and luxury range in the Swatch Group only a few specific models are as expensive For others, the price is set as a higher price but not the highest which makes customers feel they are having the highest quality products but with more value for money. Premium pricing Range from RS 39500/- up to RS2,50,00/-
  • 8. PLACE • The Swatch Group, has a global supply chain management system which makes OMEGA capable of sales to the various international subsidiaries, which are over 200 agents, providing them with up to date information on sales and inventories and open orders. • With 10,000 retailers across the globe located in department stores, airports, some selected boutiques and cities giving customers easy access to their products.(coco-codo)
  • 9. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL OF OMEGA By supply chain management system of Swatch group
  • 10. OMEGA through magazines but focusing mostly on famous, high-reputation and executive level readers’ ones. In addition, holding seminars to introduce new products or giving public releases are the most common methods when promoting products. OMEGA Seamaster series- male actors and athletes.George Clooney and Sergio Garcia. OMEGA Constellation series-they invite actresses and female athletes, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford and Michelle Wei. Speedmaster series - is represented by astronauts. PROMOTION
  • 11. PROMOTION Sporting & space project, OMEGA proves that the accuracy and quality of their products are incomparable. multiple endorsement in order to avoid dependence on the ambassadors and diversify its risk of a bad celebrity away. The majority of the advertisements picture male young adults. This shows that Omega really tries to increase recognition on this segment. Therefore communication is aimed at youth. Advertising on magazines, and product placement in James Bond series movies, OMEGA made the promotion lively and the brand image explicit and strengthened.
  • 12. ADVERTAISEMENT Mario Sorrenti, photography Magazines Sponsorship. Endorsement of celebrity. NASA.
  • 13. Celebrity Endorsement
  • 14. SEGMENTING OMEGA segmented the brand itself into sporting and pioneering spirit, in the luxury and prestige range. And for the customer, the brand focuses firstly on demographic segmentation. Those who are in highly successful business level such as managers or enterprise. Sports and care about the technology and qualities of a watch will fall into their customer market.
  • 15. TARGETING High Income group men and women. customers who pursue status and style. to customers who like outdoor activities. Customers who prefer luxury.
  • 16. POSITIONING OMEGA made customers to feel they are in a better social class, with fashionable and on-trend taste. Also the unique feature such as Seamaster series of OMEGA is made as a professional diving watch, which is suitable for customers who love diving activities. Moreover, co-axial chronograph is an exclusive technology that OMEGA owns which makes the product unique and special. A watch brand associated with precision, accuracy and a pioneering spirit.
  • 17. MACRO ENVIROIMENT Political factor -Tax rates affects significantly because omega is durable product. Economy factor -exchange rate selling their products outside Swiss, because the fluctuation. Socio-cultural factor -OMEGA may have better sales volumes in developed countries compared to those in developing or undeveloped countries due to the different level of consumption. Those who pay more attention to fashion and be willing to spend money to decorate themselves for their better living standards. Technological factor -environment-past 10 years mobile phone as a watch to keep time or check the time.
  • 18. COMPETITORS Prestige Level Luxury Level Classic Level Well-Known Brand Mass Brand AP Cartier Baume& Mercier Citizen Casio A.Lange Sohne Chopard Longines CYMA Swatch Blancpain GP Maurice Lacroix Hamilton Breguet IWC ORIS SIEKO Jaeger Piaget Rado
  • 19. BRAND OVERVIEW During the year 1894, the 19-line calibre watch was presented, and used the symbol Ω as the brand to introduce to the public. Since then, the brand has taken an important role in watchmaking evolution, technology innovations and development making OMEGA a premier brand in the watch market industry. In addition, excellent marketing strategies have also made it a long lasting brand.
  • 20. STRENGTHS image of high quality substantiated with long warranty periods. Official time keeper of most sporting events like Olympics and Golf tournaments leading to its association as an accurate watch brand. Co-axial technology  Multy celebrity endorsement Part of the Swatch group that has 28,000 employees across 50 countries with 250 boutiques’ locations across the world
  • 21. WEAKNESS The positioning of Brand Omega is not as strong and differentiated as compared to its competitors Limited market share growth due to competition  Imitations of branded watches hurt brand image and sales  The brand is dependent highly on its brand ambassadors for its marketing and advertising campaigns
  • 22. OPPORTUNITIES The brand can expand into new categories of watches furthering its image of being pioneers Growth opportunities are high in the luxury segment in developing and emerging economies in the world.
  • 23. THREATS Competition from other brands in the having a stronger positioning than Omega Fluctuating economies means limited spending on luxury items Fake/cheap imitations cause damage to brand
  • 24. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT In the prestige watch industry, is only moderately relationship marketing oriented.  The industry is very concerned in quality and customer commitment. its majority is not focused on account based selling Research Proposal for OMEGA Watches.
  • 25. Rival rolex vs omega for “king of swiss watch brands” while Rolex watches were more „evolutionary‟ and famous for their mechanical pieces and brand Omega watches tended to be more revolutionary and more professional focused Technologically innovative watches