28 States-Gender discrimnation
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28 States-Gender discrimnation






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28 States-Gender discrimnation 28 States-Gender discrimnation Presentation Transcript

  • Alright,this is not cool at all.A recent survey by Nielsen has revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out in the world:87% of our women feel stressed out most of the time.This statistic alone has caused me to stress out. Sexiam or Gender discrimnation is prejudice or discrimnation based on a person’s sex or gender. What are we doing to our women?I’m biased,but indian women are the most beautiful in the world.As mothers,sisters,daughters,wives and girlfriends-we love them.Can you imagine life without ladies?
  • Who wants to watch movie without actress? Who don’t want to eat mom’s hand food? But yet,cases likes
  • In today’s senario,a indian women can do all the things. Only the thing that they need is the power and support of people. She can give a blockbuster movie without hero (Vidhya Balan), She can became the principal of a british College ( Asha Khemka), She can stay in Space for maximum no of days (Sunita), and there are lots of example.
  • In Madhya pradesh Sex ratio is about 931 womens on 1000 mens by census report. Madhya pradesh is in top 5 states for crime against women. Female literacy rate is about 54.49% while literacy rate of male is 78.73%
  • All India rate of crime is 18.0 but In madhya pradesh it is above 20.o Are we really Developing…..???
  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh report the highest number of dowry deaths in the country, the Lok Sabha was informed that. In Madhya Pradesh 932 womens were killed for Dowry as compared to 834 in last year. Madhya Pradesh is on the top most position in the no of cases Of RAPES in all over India.
  • From This Data , Anyone can say that we resemble a jungle of animals. And animals don’t progress , humans do. BE A Men , Respect Women.
  • Madhya Pradesh tops the list of Indian states which report the highest number of foeticides and infanticides in the country. Figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau for 2012 reveal that , 30.84% foeticides of country occurred in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh also ranks second after Uttar Pradesh in context with being one of the most unsafe states for children. Acid Throwing cases are also increasing day by day.
  • When Power comes to a women,we automatically begin to regard her well too.Goddesses,female politicians,senior mothers in a householdthey all get our respect. We have to incerase Literacy rate of females.We can it do by opening more and more schools in villages because that is the root of India. In Colleges,there should be a group of students,who can provide free education to poor girls and boys. From any medium we have to just spread the awareness among villages female, from posters,movies,serials or anything. Most important,We have to Respect Women.
  • Governmant has to setup more and more Fast Track Courts For only crime against womens. A 24*7 hour helpline number should be started for females. In school a course of Self Defence Is to make compulsary. Self defence weapons can also be Provided to females. Men has to be men,not animal. We need to improve reporting rate of Crime against women and supporting Women to report.
  • Serials like Satyamave Jayte Should be made,So that most of the population can be awared. Government have to make some more strict rules and laws for the upliftment of womens. Government have to increase their participication in politics. To stop honour killing, the mentality of the people has to change. parents should accept their children’s wishes regarding marriage. Women have to understand that their purpose of coming to this earth is not to please everyone.The most important thing that they should wear is her Confidence.