Webinar: Survey Pocket Demonstration


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In this webinar video you will learn how to collect respondent data offline - or online- using iPads or Android tablet computers. There is a demonstration of the SurveyPocket app and its features, including 1-click sync, geolocation, mobile ethnography, video questions, audio questions, photo questions and signature questions.

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Webinar: Survey Pocket Demonstration

  1. 1. Transform Your Fieldwork: A Demonstration of SurveyPocketGreg BenderSurveyPocket Product ManagerSurvey Analytics
  2. 2. Agenda• About Survey Analytics• What is SurveyPocket?• SurveyPocket vs. Traditional Field Research• Feature Overview Including New Features• Real Life Example – Bar Code Scanning• Demonstration• Running a Project: Pre-Field Checklist• Questions & Answers
  3. 3. About Survey Analytics Founded in 2002 Specialize in online, mobile surveys and panel, conjointanalysis, crowdsourcing, sample, g amification and more Here are some of our brands:
  4. 4. What Is SurveyPocket?SurveyPocket is a mobile field researchapp that allows your field team to ditch the pen and paper and use an iPad, Android tablet – or even asmartphone - for field research & data collection.Uses SurveyAnalytics/QuestionPro for survey creation and analysis Available in Online/Offline modeMore question types and logic options than any other solution Available for iPad, iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets
  5. 5. SurveyPocket vs. Traditional Field ResearchSurveyPocket: Traditional Field Research:+ Be able to review overall results quicker - Takes 1+ days for data input and formatting results+ More accurate than paper results - Clients have to wait for results instead+ Make edits to surveys on the fly of close to real-time data+ Allow clients to review results through - Harder to track field team effortsDashboards. - Edits and changes harder roll out+ GPS Tracking : Allow field Managers tochange field strategies improve - Difficulty reading written resultscompletion rates
  6. 6. SurveyPocket Features• Multiple Languages Supported : 30 + languages• Recruitment Tool: Join Custom Panel• Numeric Validation• Email Validation• Enhanced Rating Scales• Ranking Question Type• Constant Sum• Date Validation• Upload Photo from Library• Video Upload• Signature Capture• Image Supported Questions• Bar Code Reader
  7. 7. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  8. 8. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  9. 9. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  10. 10. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  11. 11. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  12. 12. Real Life ExampleBarcode Scanning Question
  13. 13. And now… a demonstration
  14. 14. Pre-Field Checklist Be sure field team is equipped with the latest version of SurveyPocket. Click on iTunes or other app store to update/download as needed. Make each field researcher has a fully charged device & a working device key to sync up surveys & data Type in device key & synchronize ALL surveys in SurveyPocket at a location with internet connectivity before heading to assigned location. Choose to turn on/off GPS tracking/location Download a copy of the SurveyPocket instruction manual for field team member to review while onsite. Hand out printed copy if needed. Make sure contact information is available to all team members so field leaders can call with instructions updates/changes.
  15. 15. Any Questions? Use the GoToWebinar Control PanelGreg.Bender@surveyanalytics.comSales-Team@surveyanalytics.comhttp://surveypocket.comhttp://surveyanalytics.comContact us with any questionsor for a personalizeddemonstration.
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