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This is a webinar conducted on November 15th 2012 by John Johnson, Product Manager for SurveySwipe and Mobile Research Director at Survey Analytics.

You've heard about the promise of mobile research - geolocation, mobile ethnography, mobile panels and more. Perhaps you've even tried some projects. With SurveySwipe it's easy to program and launch your mobile project and analyze your data in real-time.

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SurveySwipe Smartphone Survey Demo

  1. 1. John JohnsonMobile Research DirectorSurvey AnalyticsNovember 15th, 2012
  2. 2. About Survey Analytics About SurveySwipe Why Mobile? Panel Member Mobile DiaryLifeMetrix: Passive Mobile Data Collection Location Based Research Image Previews Stop Watch question types Q&A
  3. 3. Founded in 2002Specialize in online, mobilesurveys and panel, conjointanalysis, crowdsourcing,sample, gamification and moreHere are some of our brands:
  4. 4. SurveySwipe is a community based mobile researchplatform that allows your opinions to be heard throughyour smartphone.Respondents will receive surveys from the communitiesthey have joined.Rewards for their opinions!SurveySwipe supports mobile communities worldwide.
  5. 5. “67% of all smartphoneusers sleep with their smart phones in bed.Probably higher thanthe percentage that sleepwith their spouses.”-David Vladeck, Bureau of Consumer Protection, speaking at Evidon EmpowerConference
  6. 6. This is our take on ethnography / field project: MobileEthnographyGet an insider point of view via participant observation withouthaving to be nearby.Achieve these same time of interactions and instruction tocollect data in real life environment using SurveySwipe.
  7. 7. Set Diary FrequencyExpectationsOption To Send Daily PushNotifications: RemindersAttach surveys to diaryentries!Example:Bob Barker joined a fast foodpanel, and agreed to do afood journal everyday for 7days.
  8. 8. LifeMetrix is SurveySwipe’s Passive data collected includes:passive data collection tool. Device TypeAllows for collection ofinformation from respondents Operating Systemwithout asking surveyquestions. Battery LifeAllows administrators achance to better understand Number of Appsconsumer behavior alreadybeing captured by the device. Last App opened Geo-locationRespondents must givepermission to collect thisdata.
  9. 9. Where was BobBarker when hemade his diaryentries on Monday?Device Type: iPhoneOperating System: IOSBattery Life: 37%Number of Apps: 7Last App opened: YelpGeo-location : 34.156098, -118.131808In & Out, Pasadena, CA
  10. 10. Today, Bob wants to take his dog to Burger King fora special treat.Which location did he go to?What did he order?How much did he spend?Was he satisfied with his experience?Location based surveys allows Bob and othercustomers to instantly share opinions while theexperience is happening.
  11. 11. After 1 min, Location aware app Per his he receives Bob takes SurveyBob enters Bob left BK. survey, Bob a push quick survey admins canBurger King takes picture notification about now analyze of meal he survey from service and Another data from shared with the Fast cleanliness survey is Reports Tab dog Food Panel sent
  12. 12. Image PreviewsSwipe makes it easierfor respondentsto view images witha push of a button!Demonstration
  13. 13. Stop Watch question typeHow long did it take forBob to get his meal fromBurger King?Instead of asking him later,have him turn on the stop watchand record it in real-time!Demonstration
  14. 14. Thank you for attending!For more information or a demo:sales-team@surveyanalytics.comJohn.Johnson@surveyanalytics.com