Feature Spotlight: Badges


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Badges have been used for years to illustrate someone earning a reward or unlocking an achievement. They are a great way to evoke engagement, increase competition, and incentivizes users to keep moving forward. In relation to surveys this is very valuable. By rewarding participants with badges, it keeps them hungry for more. Take a look at this feature spotlight to learn more about badges and see how easy they are to set up.

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Feature Spotlight: Badges

  1. 1. BADGES Encourage participation and engage your audience with badges Wednesday, April 16, 14
  2. 2. WHAT ARE BADGES? A badge is a visual tool used to indicate an accomplishment or achievement by a person. Badges have been used for years to incentivize and indicate rewards. On a psychological level, they can be very powerful. Badges encourage friendly competition, engagement, and game-like thinking in a non-game atmosphere. Wednesday, April 16, 14
  3. 3. WHAT DOTHEY MEAN? Points Bandit - The Points Bandit has achieved 1000 points by participating in our fascinating research surveys. Lifetime Achievement - Congratulations you have been with us for 1 year!  Community Leader - The community leader has participated in discussion as well has posted question to the community. Profile Verified - Glad to know who you are and get ready for survey tailored just for you. WIFLY - Downloaded the SurveySwipe application and ready to take survey on the go. Community members can earn badges for activity, experiences, and user roles. Badges are unlocked with respect to the member engagement in the community. Wednesday, April 16, 14
  4. 4. HOW CAN I ADDTHEMTO MY PANEL? Adding badges to incentivize your panel is simple. Once you are logged into your Survey Analytics account, click on the “Panel” tab across the top. Scroll down a bit and find “Badges” on the left. There you will see a list of our badges, as well as the option to add or edit your own. Click on the “Edit” button to upload your own. Wednesday, April 16, 14
  5. 5. HOWTO APPLY BADGES Here you can see how to apply badges to your panel. Simply click “Apply Badges” on the top of the screen and wait for them to upload. Wednesday, April 16, 14
  6. 6. HOWTO EDIT BADGES In addition to the badges we provide, you always have the option to add or edit your own badges in Survey Analytics. Click “Edit” to upload your image and give it a title. Wednesday, April 16, 14