Protecting your kids online


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Your tweens may waste plenty of time on Social Networking Websites and virtual world sites. Parental Controls app can certainly aid parents to strengthen online safety for children. Whereas, do you have any ideas on what your kids are up to on Facebook?

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Protecting your kids online

  1. 1. SurveilStar Protecting Your Kids OnlineYour tweens may waste plenty of time on Social Networking Websites and virtual worldsites. Parental Controls app can certainly aid parents to strengthen online safety forchildren. Whereas, do you have any ideas on what your kids are up to on Facebook?Social Networking Websites are becoming stylish. These sites are marvelous sites fortweens to talk with relatives using computers and have changed the form ofcommunication. With parental monitoring app, parents can make online surroundingsmore safer for teenagers.Too often, kids post too much private information, discuss sensitive issues that can getthem into trouble, or moreover set themselves in danger by what they browse online.Parental Controls software is designed to concerned parents to deal with problems relatedto SNS and community websites. Once you comprehend the features of ParentalMonitoring programme, youll be better able to assist your teenagers to remain safe whenthey surf online.Why are SNS Sites becoming cool? Because they enable your kids to:1. Exchange with buddies2. Meet new friends3. Share information, videos, and pictures4. Enjoy their life5. Take part in courses6. Play online games with other buddiesWhy SNS can be very unsafe? Any Parental Control
  2. 2. SurveilStarSocial Networking Websites are network venues for friends who share the same intereststo meet with each other. Once you register as a member and create a profile, you canassociate with relatives by online activities such as chat, email, photos, events and statusupdates.Children give away too much secret information such as home background, phonenumber, which would give rise to security problems - exposure to network bullies andviolence of privacy. Parental Monitoring app is programmed to allow parents to recordtweens computer usage and select what can be read by your tweens.Warnings that indicate your teenagers might be at stake online.1. Spend large amounts of time online, especially at night2. Reluctant to leave the sleeping room3. Withdraw from friends and families4. Inappropriate sites found on the computer5. Receive packages from strangers6. Power off the computer in a sudden when parent enters the roomHow can parents minimize the risk of online danger for kids?1. Consider talking with your kids, let them know what they can do on the Internet, andcurrent perils. Create your own Social Networking Websites profile and share thenetworking experience with your tweens and be their guide.2. Make some restrictions on their network activities, amount of time spending on theInternet. And tell them not to use real information such as picture, name and address inprivate profile.3. Use Parental Control Monitoring app to filter teenagers network usage.4. Termly inspect your teenagers Social Networking Sites profile, and remove sensitiveinformation. Check their friend lists and scrub suspected mates.5. Once your teenagers were bullied, take screenshots as evidences for future lawenforcement use by parental monitoring program, and report to the FBI, National Centerfor Missing and Exploited Children, and website owner.6. Use trusted antiviral and parental controls program to protect your computer againstnetwork phishing, ensuring cyber safety for your teenagers and the whole family.Proposal for children1. Do not reveal true information such as name, family location2. Tell your parents right away if you were assaulted by Internet predators3. Use privacy settings of Social Networking Websites, think twice before add a personas a friend4. Do not click any unknown hyperlinks which could give rise to webpage phishing andetc5. Do not gossip with any person through webcam without your parents guide Any Parental Control
  3. 3. SurveilStarParents should keep themselves up-to-date on the information of Social NetworkingWebsites by studying network educational web sites, and educate kids about improperonline acts, if your children are not that aborative, they may become victims ofinfringement of privacy, and predator. And teens ought to be got informed of the parentalcontrol monitoring if needed. Any Parental Control