Are facebook and my space really dangerous for kids


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Are facebook and my space really dangerous for kids

  1. 1. Are Facebook and MySpace ReallyDangerous for Kids?Anyone who goes on the net or knows someone who does at some point has heard aboutMySpace and Facebook. These are two really good programs in some aspects but inothers seem to be a real danger. Millions of people mainly teenagers are jumping on themyspace and facebook bandwagon. While these sites look innocent on the outside andmost kids use it to stay connected with friends, it can be a cesspool for rapists and childpredators. So some people warn parents that they should closely monitor the onlineactivities of their children and stop them from joining social networks such as MySpaceand Facebook. Is this sound advice or unnecessarily alarmist?Facebook and MySpace Safety Statistics 95% of parents dont recognize the lingo kids use to let people know that their parentsare watching 89% of sexual solicitations are made in either chat rooms or Instant Messages 20% of children age 10-17 have been solicited sexually online; thats 1 out of every 5kids 75% of youth who received an online sexual solicitation did not tell a parent One third of kids have been contacted by a stranger and half of these were consideredinappropriate 81% of parents of online youth say that kids arent careful enough when giving outinformation about themselves online From 2007-2009 MySpace has deleted 90,000 accounts because they were created byregistered sex offenders
  2. 2. MySpace deletes 25,000 profiles weekly of users who dont meet the sites 14-year-oldminimum age requirement 61% of 13-17 year olds have a personal profile on social networking sites 44% of online teens with profiles like Facebook and Myspace have been contacted by astranger, compared with 16 percent of those without profilesFacebook and MySpace Safety NewsWith MySpaces 200 million users and Facebooks 70 million, there has been a growingconcern that such social networking sites are being used by predators to find and groomvictims.MySpace announced on Tuesday that it has deleted 90,000 accounts owned by registeredsex offenders. Its good news for families, for MySpace, and for the state attorney generalof Connecticut, who demanded last month that the News Corp-owned social network turnover a roster of names.Facebook is to add a slew of new safeguards to protect young users from sexual predatorsand cyber bullies. Mr Blumenthal, who co-chairs a working group of state attorneysgeneral seeking to make social networking safer, said: "We are raising the safety bar, firstwith MySpace and now Facebook, and soon for other sites as we fight for an industrygold standard."SurveilStar Any Parental Control -- Protect Kids Safe on Facebook andMySpaceThe Internet is home to free porn, pro-eating disorder sites and even houses informationon how to make homemade bombs. With the advantage of perceived anonymity, kids runwild with curious minds, exploring these extremely dangerous Web sites and testing thelimits of technology. Even those sites deemed appropriate have hidden dangers in thehands of uninformed users.
  3. 3. For parents cannot watch kids all the time while they are surfing on Internet. So it isnecessary to install parental control software to make sure kids online safety.SurveilStar Any Parental Control can monitor kids online activities on Facebook andMySpace and their chatting messages. It is not possible to stop kids from joining socialnetworks such as MySpace and Facebook, so the best way is to keep them safe on socialnetworking sites is to monitor their activities closely.Key Features of SurveilStar Any Parental Control Take screen snapshots in real time. Monitor and record rent & received email with detail information such as subject, dateand etc. Monitor or Block IM Chats IM outgoing files with specific application names. Monitor the websites visited and block the unwanted websites. Monitoring internet usage with detailed reports. Easy to use and install.