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Guide to indian health and beauty enchantess

  1. 1. Guide toIndianhealthandBeauty 11 Includes wonder herbs super foods beauty remedies AN E-BOOK FROM
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  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS• Ancient Indian Beauty• The Three Doshas• Top 11 Wonder Herbs o Amla o Ritha o Bhringraj o Triphala o Aloe Vera o Brahmi o Neem o Rose Petals o Sandalwood o Shikakai o Turmeric• Top 11 Super Foods o Lemon o Sweet Potato o Honey o Eggs o Yogurt o Dark Chcocolate o Almonds o Sprouted Seeds o Coconut Water o Strawberry o Oats• Top 11 Beauty Remedies o Gauri o Shobana o Mandakini o Radha o Padmini o Maya o Leela o Amodini o Kamala o Mohini o Uma
  5. 5. Ancient Indian beautyB eauty in ancient India was a divine and luxurious affair. Indian Goddess like Gauri, Padmini and Radha have been idolised for their beauty, not to forget Enchantresses like Mohini and Mandakini. Indianprincesses had elaborate beauty and bath routines. The lustre of their skincontributed to their divine appearance.For centuries, Indian women have depended on nature for all their needs. Theirknowledge and practices were impeccable and time-tested. We have the privilegeof having that knowledge alive through Ayurveda and other sciences. Theingredients they used were simple, all natural and tropical including therapeuticoils, aromatic herbs and delicious edible ingredients which were blended togetherto create exfoliating scrubs, enriching facial masks and stimulating body wraps.These ingredients consisted of fruits, rose petals, nuts, milk, yogurt, honey, neem,clay, sandalwood, and most of all, Ayurvedic herbs We have all those ingredientsavailable with us today as well - we just need to expose ourselves to the practices.We will guide you how to use these basic ingredients in the later pages throughour Top 11 Beauty Herbs and Top 11 Wonder Foods, followed by 11 stimulating Or-ganic Beauty Recipes suiting every skin and body type.
  6. 6. The Three DoshasB eauty starts with knowing about your body. For this, we can look backwards to the ancient science of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, every object in the natural world is composed of three elements, alsoknown as Doshas and it is the relative proportion of each Dosha that determinesits uniqueness and differentiates it from another objects.If the three are in equilibrium, a person is healthy and will radiate inner beauty.Imbalance means when one or more Doshas get aggravated- so to get back thebalance, we need to reduce the aggravation by increasing the opposite. E.g.excessive cold (Vata) gets reduced by getting warm (Pitta). The ultimate aim ofAyurveda is to restore and maintain this balance.We will provide you simple guidelines for recognising your Doshas and body-type,most importantly, how you can rectify them through diet and lifestyle adaptaions.1. Vata Dosha Governs Mind and body2. Pitta Dosha Responsible for the density and structure of our body3. Kapha Dosha Transformation in the mind and body like digestion, metabolism of food into energy or assimilation of thoughts and ideas into actions
  7. 7. Vata needs to be balanced if you have By following these tips Take hot cereals, milk, soups, ghee, coconut oil, Dry, rough and thin skin olive oil, herbal teas like camomile, basil & fennel. Poor blood circulation with cold hands and feet. Relax, meditate, use calming aromatic oils or incense like orange, geranium, lavender, basil. Anxious, restless and agitated feeling. Unsettled sleep, insomnia and disturbing dreams. Give yourself an Abhyanga massage using warm sesame oil each morning. Poor endurance and fatigue. Avoid dry, cold foods, pungent, astringent tastes. Avoid loud, noisy environments. Pitta needs to be balanced if you have By following these tipsOily skin- prone to acne, rashes and inflammation. Drink pomegranate juice, aloe vera juice.Excessive hunger or thirst. Exercise moderately in pleasant climate.Prone to anger and frustration. Massage the head with coconut oil at night.Frequent eyestrain, tension or headaches. Avoid very hot, spicy or sour foods, red meat, alcohol and tobacco. Avoid excessive fasting and don’t skip meals.Kapha needs to be balanced if you have By following these tips Eat salads, rice cakes, rye breads, chapattis, cornTrouble losing weight. bread, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.Asthma, bronchitis or frequent colds and flu.Stiff, heavy, bloated and un-refreshed feeling. Have post-digestive tea after main meals.Feel discomfort in cold, damp weather. Exercise vigorously each day. Use stimulating essential oils and incense such as pine, eucalyptus, clove, orange & basil. Avoid heavy, oily, cold foods and reduce salt intake.
  8. 8. TOP 11 Wonder HerbsT he herbs mentioned below contain some names which you might have heard otherwise but here we provide simple steps to use them in your daily routine. If not daily, then on some special occasions when youwould like to feel pampered and enjoy the benefits of traditional techniques. Theyare not very hard to aquire and you can find them at your nearest drugstore orgrocery store in powder, liquid or raw form while some big brands have alsointroduced capsules for the same.1. AMLAAmla (also known as Emblica officinalis, or IndianGooseberry, or Amalki in Sanskrit) is a powerfulherb which is mentioned in the Charak Samhitaas a Rasayan- a thing that prevents ageing and promotes longevity. Just to tell youhow powerful this herb is- In ancient India, it was believed that Amrit (heavenlynectar) was something that contained all rasas and could impart immortality andan Amla posses five out of these six rasas.Amla is classified under fruits and is one of the highest natural sources of vitaminC. It can be eaten directly but can be sour to taste. Its oil has been used forcenturies in Ayurvedic medicine to treat the hair and scalp and is useful issuppressing all the three aggravated Doshas. It is said to penetrate the scalp andstrengthen hair at its root, to stop and reverse abnormal hair loss and to promotestronger, healthier new growth. It also keeps us away from all diseases by boostingour immune system.Amla softens the hair and can be made into great hair conditioner by soaking itovernight with one of the two commonly used soapnuts like Shikakai or Ritha,then boiling and straining it to be used to rinse the hair after shampooing. Youwill find that it prevents dandruff, stimulates hair growth and retards prematuregreying.
  9. 9. 2. RITHARitha (also known as Sapindus marginatus or Soapnut orAristaka in Sanskrit) is a fruit derived from the Soapnut treeand can be used as a substitute for soap. The pulp of the fruitcontains high level of saponins that act as natural foamingagents. Its powder can be used to wash sensitive skin and hair, so is a greatrecommendation for people with sensitive skin.During the festival of Holi in India, people decorate each other with differentcolours of spring but sometimes these colours contain dyes and paints which aredifficult to get rid of. Traditionally, Soapnut has been used to wash out the colourswhile conditioning the hair and the scalp at the same time. Indian women haveconcocted their own shampoos using the Soapnut as a base frequently mixing itwith a medicinal combination of other ingredients such as turmeric or coconutpulp.Ritha powder can be used in the same way as Amla powder to wash body andhair. One fruit in forty parts of water provides a hair wash which promotes thegrowth of hair and removes dandruff. It has to be soaked a long time before youcan use it, but when it is softened and boiled in water it makes absolutely naturalsuds that are good not only for hair but also for washing delicate clothes andjewellery, especially for cleaning delicate pearls.3. BHRINGRAJBhringraj (also known as Eclipta prostrate orBhringaraja in Ayurveda) is an herb used incase of hair loss, premature greying and skinallergies. It vitalizes skin and hair as it invigorates peripheral blood circulation ofskin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and may be applied on insect bites, stings,swellings and other skin diseases. The taste of the plant is sweet-sour and itcontains nicotine. The plant possesses a bluish-black dye and elderly women usean herb decoction as a hair darkener.
  10. 10. Bringraj can be used externally or consumed internally as a juice. In Ayurveda, itis mainly used in hair oil by making a coconut oil infusion to use as a conditioningoil treatment. Alternatively, use Bhringraj powder in combination with amla,shikakai, and neem powders for an herbal hair rinse. Bhringraj can also be addedto Ayurvedic soaps, facials and body wraps.4. TRIPHALATriphala means "three fruits," and is a blend of Amla, Haritaki (or Hirada), and Bibitaki (or Bhaira). It is one of the mostpopular Ayurvedic herbal remedies as it is something of auniversal solution for a wide range of complaints as it balances the three doshas.It is said that Triphala is able to care for the internal organs of the body as amother cares for her children. Each of the three herbal fruits of Triphala aretraditional gentle detoxifiers that nourish and removes toxins from the body.Triphala is high in vitamin C, linoleic oil, phospholipids and other importantnutrients. It is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and has anti-viral andanti-bacterial properties. It tones and protects the heart while reducing fat andcholesterol. It is said that regular intake of triphala retards the aging process andassures a long and healthy lifeTraditionally triphala is taken as a churna or powder as the taste on the tongue isimportant to its action. Two or three grams of the powder can be taken daily withwarm water or clarified butter.When used in masks and skin treatments, Triphala is said to rejuvenate, balance,tone and nourish the skin at the cellular level. Add it to facials, body treatments,wraps, soaps and washbags.5. ALOE VERAAloe Vera (also known as Aloe Vera Barbadenis orGhrit Kumari in Sanskrit) is a cactus-like plant withthick leaves that was originally found in North
  11. 11. Africa and neighbouring countries. The Egyptians referred to it as the "plant ofeternal life" and included it among the funerary gifts buried with the pharaohs.The healing benefits of aloe were also recognized by the ancient Indian, Chinese,Greeks, and Romans.There are over 240 species of aloe, however only 3 or 4 of them have medicinalproperties; the most potent one is Aloe Vera Barbadenis. It is traditionally used toheal wounds, relieve itching and swelling, and is known for its anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is effective in suppressing Pitta doshadisorders and has also been shown to reduce blood sugar in diabetics. If you cutopen a leaf, you will find a translucent gel that is 96% water and 4% otheringredients like vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, amino acids for protein building,and enzymes used in the digestive system.Aloe Vera is now widely used in facial treatments, where it is promoted as amoisturiser, hydrant and an anti-irritant. It is common practice for cosmeticcompanies to add sap or other derivatives from Aloe Vera to products such asmakeup, tissues, moisturizers, soaps, sunscreens, incense, shaving cream, andshampoos. The best way is to use it directly from a cut-open leaf and applying itto your skin. The gel is odourless and colourless and gives a gentle, cooling effect.6. BRAHMIBrahmi (also known as Bacopa Monnieri or Mandukaparniin Sanskrit) is a tri-dosha to be used by any of the threedoshas, and has been used for at least 3,000 years intraditional Ayurveda. Iharak Samhita, one of the oldest Ayurvedic medicine textslists Brahmi as a healing tonic for brain, nerves, liver and digestion. "Brahmi" hasbeen named in honor of Lord Brahma, the creator, in the trinity with Vishnu, thepreserver, and Shiva, the destroyer. Obviously, it is held in great esteem in thescience of Ayurveda to earn this title, and rightfully so due to its multitudinouseffects on the body and mind.The anti-aging effects of Brahmi are beneficial not only for the mind, but also forthe skin. It is used for rejuvenating and nurturing the skin and its underlying con-nective tissues. It has been used to treat eczema, skin ulcers, burns, wounds and
  12. 12. bruises. It increases the synthesis or collagen which is responsible for the skinselasticity and strength and aids the prevention of wrinkles.Brahmi can be used to make an oil infusion that can be added to healing balmsand salves. Add Brahmi powder to clay masks, facials and body wraps to rejuve-nate and regenerate the skin and strengthen the tissues.7. NEEMNeem (also known as Azadirachta indica or Arishtha inSanskrit- meaning reliever of sickness) is regarded as aTwacha (skin) Rasayana in Ayurvedic literature. The roots,bark, gum, leaves, fruit, seed kernels and seed oil are all used in therapeuticpreparations for both internal and topical use. Neem is natures systemic purifier,supporting the natural cleansing mechanisms of our skin and internal organs.Neem also helps to remove toxins, purify blood and prevent damage caused byfree radicals in the body by neutralizing them. Apart from being a general healthpromoter, it helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.The Neem bark has cool, bitter, and astringent properties. It is traditionally usedto treat tiredness, Kapha-dosha imbalance. It has a purifying and clarifying effect,drawing out excess oil and smoothes out blemishes, so it is wonderful for peoplewith Kapha (earth or water predominant) skin. It is also helpful for Pitta-relatedskin issues as it soothes for dry, irritated skin when combined with Aloe Vera orRose water.To use Neem, a paste is made by pounding the leaves. In India this paste is used tocure chicken pox, smallpox and warts. A poultice is effective for boils, ulcers andeczema. Neem twigs have been used a ‘toothbrush’ for dental care for a long time.Neem powder can be added to cosmetic clays to make a face pack or body wrapthat is suitable for acne prone skin. It works well as a hair oil treatment for scalpconditions.
  13. 13. 8. ROSE PETALSRose (also known as Rosa Centifolia, or Gulab orShatapattri in Sanskrit-meaning ‘a hundred petals’)is known for its balancing effect on female hormones,its ability to calm the mind and comfort the body. The rose enlivens inner beauty,helps the skin radiate inner glow, and enhances all seven Dhatus (body tissues).When used over time, the essence of rose pacifies the heat in the blood, thuskeeping imbalances in the skin from erupting.Rose was Lord Krishnas favourite flower and Hindus wash the alters of their Godswith Rose water. From Queen Cleopatra to most of the Persian, European andIndian Queens, everybody used rose for its wonderful healing qualities. They alsofound it useful in reducing extra fat from the body.Though there are over 100 species of roses, but Rosa Centifolia is used in cosmeticpurposes, from which the purest and the most exclusive rose oil is derived. Rosepetals are an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, D and E. They also containascorbic acid, citric acid, malic acid, bioflavonoids, tannins, zinc and fructose.Under aromatherapy, Rose oil is used in anti-depression blends as it adds a nicerelaxing aroma. It is used in facial formulations, body powders, body wraps,facials, salt scrubs, milk baths, and soaps as it nourishes dry, maturing skin. Coldpoultices with rose and sandalwood paste are sometimes prescribed to cool anyburning and enhance beauty by cooling, moisturizing, and toning the skin.Massaging the body with rose and sandalwood sachets gives pleasure and adds tothe glow and complexion of the skin.Gulkand is a tasty alternative for consuming rose internally. It is made from freshrose petals cooked with granular sugar without water under hot sun-lightthrough a special process. It has a jam-like consistency. It is good for memory,eyesight, cheerfulness and it is a good blood purifier. It reduces extra heat fromthe body and calms the body and mind. These days, rose can also be taken asSharbat for a refreshing drink.
  14. 14. 9. SANDALWOODSandalwood (also known as Santalum album orChandan in Sanskrit) has a beautiful rich, woody,heavy, sensual aroma. It has been used since earliesttimes as incense, perfume, in embalming and cosmetics. It relieves itching,inflammation of the skin and acts as an astringent for oily skin. It is also a cooler,deodorant, disinfectant, stimulant and tonic. It balances the mind and spirit, aidsin meditation, calms the nervous system, and works as an aphrodisiac, especiallyfor men.Sandalwood is indigenous to South India where it is found. It is interal to ritualsand ceremonies, to mark religious utensils and to decorate the icons of the deities.It is also distributed to devotees, who apply it to the forehead or the neck andchest. The paste is prepared by grinding wood by hand upon granite slabs shapedfor the purpose in which water is added slowly, resulting in a thick paste, which ismixed with saffron or other such pigments to make Chandan.According to Buddhism, Sandalwood is considered to bring one closer to thedivine. It gives a cool soothing effect to the body thus reducing the body heat. It isconsidered to be of the Padma (lotus) group and attributed to Amitabha Buddha.Sandalwood scent is believed to transform ones desires and maintain a personsalertness while in meditation. Sandalwood is also one of the more popular scentsused when offering incense to the Buddha.Sandalwood paste can be used to treat skin diseases, dry skin, premature wrinling,acne and external infections. Use sandalwood in facial blends to help balance theskin. It acts as an antiseptic against skin diseases, it removes skin blemishesproviding a fairer, softer skin, and it invigorates peripheral blood circulation in theskin. It blends well with florals, bergamot, vetiver, patchouli, clove and orange oils.10. SHIKAKAIShikakai (also known as Acacia Concinna) is referredto as "fruit for the hair." Shikakai is an herbal powdermade from the fruit pods of the Acacia Concinna tree-which is a shrub-like tree that grows in the hot, arid plains of Southern India.
  15. 15. Shikakai is extremely mild and is an excellent natural hair cleanser and astringentwhich also acts as a natural detangler. Used as a hair wash in lieu of soaps &shampoos, it promotes lustrous hair growth, removes dandruff and strengthenshair roots.Our scalp is made out of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, pigments and thousandsof sweat glands. Good hair growth is a result of an optimal environment in thescalp and ample nourishment to its glands. Shikakai works well on both of theseaccounts. Astringent in nature and with a low pH, it creates a favourable pH-balanced environment in the scalp that fights dandruff and other infections.Shikakai is rich in vitamins C, vitamin D and other micronutrients. Additionally,being a mild cleanser, it doesnt strip the scalp of its natural oils.Use Shikakai Powder as a natural hair wash for sensitive scalps or to controldandruff. In order to prepare it the fruit pods, leaves and bark of the plant aredried, ground into a powder, then made into a paste. While this traditionalshampoo does not produce the normal amount of lather that a sulfate-containingshampoo would, it is considered a good cleanser.11. TURMERICTurmeric root (Curcuma longa) is a wonder herbin its true sense and has been used in ancientmedicine for over 2500 years as a natural anti-bacterial to treat skin infections, boils, wounds and burns. It was first used as adye and then later for its medicinal properties. It is one of the key ingredients formany Indian, Persian and Thai dishes.Turmeric is considered highly auspicious in India and has extensively in variousIndian wedding ceremonies and religious ceremonies. It is used in Pujas to make aform of Hindu god Ganesha. Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is invoked atthe beginning of almost any ceremony and a form of been used Ganesha for thispurpose is made by mixing turmeric with water and forming it into a cone-likeshape.
  16. 16. Turmeric is a traditional, natural skin care home remedy to cure ailments andskin problems. The main benefits of turmeric- are to cure skin problems like acne,hyper pigmentation, dark complexion, tan and fights radical damage on the skin.Turmeric paste is traditionally used by Indian women to keep them free ofsuperfluous hair and as an antimicrobial. During wedding ceremonies, it is mixedwith besan for beautifying the bride and forms part of the ‘Solah Shingar’.Turmeric is currently used in the formulation of some creams.It has been found that the benefits of turmeric is due to its ingredients which cutsthe skin melanin production and helps sun tanned skin return to its normal skincolour easily. A natural scrub mixed with besan is beneficial for the skin. Thebright yellow colour of the root, however, does stain the skin. Use TurmericPowder in skin care preparations and to achieve a bright yellow natural colour inyour soaps and other formulations.
  17. 17. TOP 11 Super Foods1. LEMONBright as sunlight and seductively fragrant, Lemonis indispensible when it comes to the benefits itprovides for beauty, health and nutrition. Lemonhas four times the amount of vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C boosts collagenlevels, and the citric acid in the fruit will help your body rid itself of toxins. Lemonis rich in enzymes, sugar, and fruit acids that aid to eradicate dead cells from theskin. The beauty benefits of lemons include shiny hair, glowing skin, invigoratingfragrance, as well as bleach and an astringent. It is good for dry, sensitive andparched skins, but it is extremely good for oily and blemished skin.Lemon juice helps in digestion and aids the liver to get rid of impurities, which isvery important to lose weight, and keeping off excess weight. Drink daily glass ofwarm lemon water mixed with honey. Youll catch the beauty benefits of lemons innumerous products, such as shampoo, conditioners, colognes, astringents, skincreams and moisturizers.It can be used in various ways by ingesting or applying externally.• Use lemon peel powder to add fragrance to milk baths, salt scrubs, hair oil packs and facials.• Take a slice of lemon and rub it directly. The lemon will act as a great tonic for the skin, and will tone and refresh your skin immensely. Using lemon on face is the quickest way to get a natural glow.• To have strong, shiny and bright fingernails soak your fingernails in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Then brush them properly with a nail brush dipped in a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 warm water. In the end rinse your hands with warm water.• Add a few drops of lemon juice added to shampoos leaves the hair shinier and clean smelling. The beauty benefits of lemons make them a great addi tion to hair rinses, because lemon helps the hair shine by cutting away remaining soap film. Its high citric acid content also helps combat excessive oiliness.• Try half a lemon squeezed into a glass of cold water for a boost.
  18. 18. 2. SWEET POTATOESSweet potatoes are a yummy alternative totraditional starchy potatoes. They’re full ofvitamin C which will give your skin a healthyboost in terms of collagen. They also contain beta-carotenes (fights free radicals inthe body) which nourish the fat beneath the skin, plumping out fine lines andwrinkles. It is rich in fiber, iron apart from vitamin B6, C, E, magnesium,phophorus, potassium (lowers blood pressure), sodium and zinc. The fibre inSweet potatoes is almost twice as much as other types of potatoes- this givesthem a "slow burning" quality. This basically means their caloric energy is usedmore slowly and efficiently than a low-fiber carbohydrate. Vitamins C and Econtribute to a healthy, glowing complexion and vibrant hair.Here’s how you can use them externally:• Boil sweet potatoes and mash them. Add a bit of honey apply to your face. Let it stay for half an hour and wash off. Sweet This will provide you with a fresh looking skin.• Soak your hands and feet in the water boiled with sweet potatoes.Here are some serving tips:• Fresh sweet potatoes can be eaten raw.• Baking in water with a pinch of salt would give rich taste to them. Peel off the skin before eating.• It sweet flesh used in soups, curries and stews.• The tuber also used to prepare different kinds of baby foods.• Sweet potato chips are enjoyed as favourite snacks.3. HONEYHoney comes from ancient Hebrew word meaning‘Enchant’ and it surely is an enchanting wonder food.A swarm of bees fly about 24,000 kms and visit 3 to 9million flowers to get ½ kg honey. Honey is made up of fructose, glucose, water,pollen, enzymes and proteins. It has very little pesticides and other toxins becausebees exposed to such toxins usually die before returning to the hive. Look out fordarker honey as it contains more antioxidants. The antioxidants in honey arebeneficial for coughs and colds and give weak immune systems a boost, while
  19. 19. honey’s soothing power can suppress coughs and relieve throat pain.Honey has an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, which can disinfect thewound and keep bacteria from growing. It is said to be a natural antiseptic due toits tendency to absorb the life-sustaining moisture out of bacterial cell walls.Honey can also stimulate production of new capillaries and tissues, helpingwounds to heal faster. Honeys ability to absorb and retain moisture makes it anideal ingredient in a lot of cosmetics as it helps keep skin hydrated, leaving it softand supple and prevents drying. It helps fight sun’s damaging UV rays. Honey cantreat mild acne accruing from aggravated body heat. It also relieves indigestion,increase stamina and strengthen the heart.Use honeyNote: Honey should not be consumed internally by diabetics.• Apply honey directly on your face with face blends or in your creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, facials, masks, body wraps, bath teas, milk baths and bath salts.• Honey and raw sugar mixed in equal proportions makes a good exfoliator. Rub it gently over wet face in circular motion and rinse.• Ancient beauties regularly applied a mixture of honey and milk to the face to keep the skin young-looking, radiant, and smooth.• For lustrous, silky, healthy hair and scalp, simply combine 1/2 cup honey and 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup olive oil. Massage scalp with this conditioner, shampoo and rinse as usual.4. EGGSEggs are one of the oldest of beauty aids. Eggs arepacked full of antioxidants and loaded with essentialnutrients such as proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zincand Omega 6 fatty acids. Not just skin, but the egg is probably one of your bestfriends for a head full of healthy hair as it’s also a good source for biotin (VitaminB7) which is a great aid to fight hair loss. The white of the egg is used for toningand tightening one’s skin where as the yolk contain sulphur is great at nourishingand enriching it. Eggs have lutein, which is immensely useful to make your skinelastic and hydrated. Egg protein has an important role to play for repairing of
  20. 20. tissues and tightening the skin. Proteins contained in eggs, are also helpful inimproving the appearance of hair and imparting strength as well as luster.Egg yolks are an easy, inexpensive, all-natural way for you to repair your hair andleave it healthy, beautiful, and strong. To use it-• Take egg white and whip it up till you get the foam. Apply it all over your face and neck and let it dry. In the end simply wash with lukewarm water. Instantly, you will feel the difference just in one application.• An age old facemask is egg white mixed with grounded barley and honey. It is great and very useful for all skin types.• To strengthen and repair hair, mix two egg yolks with two teaspoons of castor oil. Massage into hair, let sit, then rinse thoroughly and style as usual.• Whip eggs with white wine vinegar to form a foamy mix. Pour the mixture over your hair and rinse with cool water. Try this once a month to keep hair smooth and lustrous.5. YOGURTAccording to Ayurveda, dairy products like milkand yogurt are the basis for womens beauty andshould be taken in the evening before bedtime, asthis time is the most soothing and relaxing time of the day. Indian women usuallyflavor it with various spices such as cardamom or nutmeg. They believe that ithelps them to fall asleep more quickly and has a positive effect on their skin. Justlike in many other regions, sleep in India is also considered as essential thing forwoman’s beauty.Yogurt is a great source of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth. Itcontains whey and casein, two high-quality protein sources. Yoghurt is an excel-lent probiotic and can improve the balance of bacteria on your skin and in yourgut. When the balance of bacteria on skin is improper, acne and related skinblemishes can dominate the skin. The skin can repair and heal itself fromblemishes, when the balance is adequate. Yogurt, can help reduce abdominal fatand promote weight loss as it contains calcium, and calcium-rich foods have beenshown to help burn fat.
  21. 21. You can use it in the following ways-• Add a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese to your snack list and to help prevent hair loss, stir in a few tablespoons of flaxseed or walnuts for your required dose of omega 3 fatty acids and zinc.• The zinc in yogurt helps cool the harsh bite of sunburn.• When used regularly, yogurt has mild bleaching powers that can smooth out discoloration. Reduce blotches and age spots associated with sunburn by rubbing a few tablespoons of yogurt mixed with a squeeze of lemon juice onto skin for 30 minutes, and then rinsing off the mixture. Repeat three times a week.• For anti-ageing benefits- Add a tablespoon of olive oil to three to four table spoons of yogurt. Apply the mixture to your face for about 30 minutes, three times a week.• Blend dried orange peel to granular form. Mix it with yogurt and make your own exfoliator. Apply on to skin and gently scrub your skin in gentle circular motion.6. DARK CHOCOLATEDark chocolate (chocolates with over 70% cocoa) isan indulge that you can be proud of. Chocolate comes from the bean of cacao fruit. Cacao beans have beenused medicinally for thousands of years. Fresh cacao beans are super-rich in anti-oxidants (molecules that protect skin from environmental damage) containing10,000 milligrams of flavanol antioxidants for every 100 grams of cacao. Flavanolshelp keep blood platelets more fluid- decreasing your risk for heart attack orstroke from a clot. In one study, flavonols even improved skin hydration, which isimportant for young-looking skin. The antioxidants in chocolates protect your skinfrom UV damage, fight free radicals and sun spots and increase the blood flow inthe body.Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins-chemicals in the brainthat bring on feelings of pleasure. It also contains the chemical serotonin, whichacts as an anti-depressant. You might have come across cocoa butter andchocolate-based products in your daily skin regimen while many spas now offer
  22. 22. chocolate body wraps and other chocolate treatments because the key ingredientsin chocolate can nourish the skin with essential nutrients, detoxify, rejuvenate andalso reduce inflammation.Chocolate and cocoa are often combined with caffeine and other detoxifyingingredients to help promote circulation and soften the skin.7. ALMONDSAlmonds were first introduced many centuries agoby Persian and Afghan traders. They were soldthroughout India as a valuable source of proteinin a country where many people don’t eat meat. Almonds in India are consideredas “brain” food that increases thinking ability. It is a rich source of protein, fibre,vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc.Soaking almonds in water overnight makes them softer and easier to chew. Thismeans better digestibility, easy absorption and assimilation of nutrition in thenut.Almonds are considered the best nut to eat for your health. It regulates cholester-ol and regular consumption of Almonds increases HDL (Good cholesterol) andreduces LDL (Bad Cholesterol. Magnesium in almonds calms down anythinggoing haywire with your skin and body. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which isgood for beautiful skin and hair.You can eat it throughout the day as a snack. Externally you could-• Apply Almond oil to massage your hair. It will add lustre, nourish the cuticles, promote hair growth and prevent it from breaking.• Almond oil makes the skin smooth as well. You can prepare a mixture of almond oil, honey, and lemon juice, and keep it.• Almond milk is also available, and is good for the skin, besides being a nourishing and useful substitute for people who are allergic to milk.• Use almond milk on your face to control excess oil production on your skin.• You can soak almonds for a few hours, then grind them, and use this paste with milk or rose water as an excellent face scrub to remove dirt, dead cells and other impurities. Your facial skin becomes clean, soft and radiant.
  23. 23. 8. SPROUTED SEEDSSprouted seeds are considered as the most live, pureand nutritious food imaginable. Sprouts containhundreds of molecules of oxygen, which is essentialfor healthy cells. Sprouts are alkaline in nature and help your body achieve abalance with ease. They are natural sources of fibre and help you keep feelingfuller between meals.Sprouted seeds contain 400% more protein than lettuce and over 3900% morebeta-carotene. Sprouts contain a greater concentration of vitamins, minerals,proteins, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, trace minerals, bioflavonoids andchemo-protectants than they will as a mature plant. The abundant enzymes insprouts also makes them easily digestible as their delicate cell walls easily releaseelemental nutrients. Sprouted seeds are cheap and easy to grow. All grains cannotbe sprouted so you should use sunflower, pulses, kidney bean, gram, soybean,fenugreek, and wheat seeds.To prepare the sprouts-Wash the grains or lentils thoroughly in water at least three to four times. Removethe bad seeds and place the good ones in a glass jar and fill it with four timeswater. Soak overnight, and spread on a cotton cloth, tie it nicely and keep it aside.During summer season, sprinkle cold water on the sprout bag prepared in thismanner to retain the moisture. Sprouts appear the next morning. The sproutingprocess takes more time during winter season than summer season. Sprinklewater inside the jar also at regular intervals.Sprouts should be taken raw as boiling, cooking or roasting destroys its nutritionvalue. However, it can be steam cooked. Old people, who cannot chew sprouts,should grind it and eat the paste. This will not reduce the nutritional value ofsprouts. Eat it in form of a chaat mixed with onion, cucumber or add them tosandwiches, salads and stir-frys.9. COCONUT WATERSecond to water, coconut water is the purestliquid that you can drink. Coconut water can
  24. 24. only be sourced by draining the liquid from unripe coconuts.You probably know that dehydration can lead to illness and other health disordersbut what many do not know is that dehydration can also cause skin problems. Ifyou are dehydrated, your kidney and other bodily systems have difficulty riddingyour body of toxins and other harmful substances. So instead of exiting your bodythrough your urine, this toxic build-up makes its way out of your body throughyour other organs – including your skin. This is one of the explanations behindthe development of acne. If you suspect that you are not getting enough waterdaily or if you regularly work out, be sure to get plenty of coconut water that willdetoxify you and replace the minerals that you lose after much physical activity.Coconut water is rich in nutrients that can boost your metabolism by providingmore oxygen to your body. This proper metabolism will also ensure properregulation of your blood sugar. Once you incorporate coconut water into yourdiet, you will find that it will become easier for you to lose weight and keep theweight off. Because of its effects on blood sugar, coconut water is also arecommended drink for diabetics.Wash your face with it or mix it with other face masks to clean and tone yourskin.10. STRAWBERRYStrawberries are goodness of nature in heart-shapedred colour. They are packed with soluble fibre, folate,iron, potent antioxidants, vitamin C and anthocyaninsmaking it an all-round, must-eat superfood. Soluble fiber attaches to cholesteroland helps remove it from the body, which therefore lowers your body’s cholesterollevels and reduces your risk for heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascularhealth problems. Folate is a B vitamin that contributes to strong, healthy hair andvibrant skin. Doctors recommend that pregnant women increase their folateintake during gestation, so strawberries are an excellent food choice. Folate canhelp prevent osteoporosis. Antioxidants also offer another health benefit: theyhelp fight age-related memory loss, cataracts and other eyesight problems.
  25. 25. A key part of the health benefits of strawberries is this fruit’s high water content.Like many nutritious fruits, strawberries are composed of more than 75 percentwater. This means that by eating strawberries, you feel fuller on a smaller amountof calories than foods with less water content.Its a natural exfoliant that takes care of flaky dead cells on top of the skin. Thesalicylic acid in it makes a good combatant for acne and black heads. They areexcellent to reduce any dark circles under the eyes. It also rejuvenates the skin andgives you back more of a youthful appearance. Moreover, strawberries have theeffect to fight and eliminate free radicals that attack your skin. Strawberries helpprovide strong tissues in the skin.There come numerous cosmetics and other products made from strawberries tomake the skin glow supple and soft. But you can try your own at home-• A strawberry skin mask is made by mashing-up few strawberries to a pulp and applied to the face.• Take 3-4 ripe strawberries, 1 tablespoon fresh cream and 1 tablespoon honey. Mash the strawberries and add the cream and honey to form a thick mixure. Apply to the clean face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes, and leave on for 10 minutes.• Or you could Just place a few strawberry slices under your eyes and relax for 10 minutes, then remove the slices and moisturize.11. OATSDon’t think Oats are just for breakfast- Oats makea great skin treatment as it has soothing, hypoallergenicand anti-inflammatory properties, which helps healitchy and dry skin. They are derived from ground oats— that has the hull or huskremoved. While oatmeal is about half soluble fiber, benefiting the cardiovascularsystem, the other half is insoluble fiber, which is extremely beneficial to theregulation of bowel movements. Insoluble fiber prevents constipation andregulates the system. Although dietary fiber is a very important element in thehuman body, most people dont consume enough. The recommended intake ofdietary fiber is 25 grams per day. In Hindi, oats are known as "jaoo" or "jaee”.
  26. 26. Oats come with an abundance of anti-oxidants which helps promote blood circu-lation, thus adding that extra glow to your face. They are high in calcium, potassi-um, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins, protein and more. Oats are an age-oldingredient in the relief of irritated skin. Oatmeal baths work to relieve the itchthat accompanies chicken pox, poison ivy, eczema, insect bites, dry skin, and manyother skin irritants.In beauty preparations- Oats being highly absorptive in nature, help remove dirtand dead cells when used as a scrub or a mask. It contains saponins that naturallycleanse pores, and its texture makes it ideal as a gentle exfoliant. It also has mois-turizing properties thanks to its proteins and polysaccharides, and makes a won-derful natural facial mask that soothes and smoothes skin.Mix 2 tablespoons Oats and 1 tablespoon sugar. Add a bit of honey to make apaste. Gently massage the mixture in circular motions on your face and rinse itoff.
  27. 27. TOP 11 Beauty Remedies1. GAURI skin polishing Ingredients: 1 tablespoon gram/chickpea flour ¼ teaspoon of turmeric 2 teaspoons of milk few strands of saffronDirections:Take chcikpea flour, haldi turmeric powder and one or two strands of saffron,powder them in a little mortar and pestle, then add a teaspoon of fresh, unboiledmilk and mix this powder into a paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave forabout an hour. Gently wipe off mask with fingertips, and then rinse the face withlukewarm water. Turmeric is known as ‘Kanchani’ in ayurveda as it gives skin aglow of gold.2. SHOBHANA pore tightening Ingredients: 1/2 cup yogurt 2 tsp rose water 1/2 tablespoon honey Finely grounded almond paste or sweet almond oilDirections:Mix the ingredients and apply to the face for 15 minutes and rinse. Almond oil isgood for dry skin and it is which are very light. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat wounds and skin problems. Itis also a natural skin hydrator.
  28. 28. 3. MANDAKINI anti-tan blend Ingredients: 1 teaspoon poppy seeds (khuskhus) Sandalwood paste 3 AlmondsDirections:Grind together 1 teaspoon each of poppy seeds, khuskhus, and sandalwoodpowder with 3 almonds. Apply the paste on the face and leave for 20 minutes.Wash off with lukewarm water. Poppy seeds and almonds are rich in oils andnutrients while sandalwood is cooling.4. RADHA total refreshment Ingredients: 1 tablespoon yogurt 1 tablespoon multani mitti 1 teaspoon crushed mintDirections:Mix the ingredients and apply for 15 minutes and wash off. You will instantly seean instant glow. Curd helps in making the skin soft and one can apply as it is onthe face, hand, legs, whole body it will cool, soften and refresh your skin.
  29. 29. 5. PADMINI gentle exfoliation Ingredients: 1-2 tablespoon oatmeal 2 tablespoon buttermilk (chaas)Directions:Butter Milk is a great beautifier; mix one or two tablespoons oatmeal with enoughbutter milk to make a smooth paste apply on the face it’s a great scrub to exfoliateyour skin. For open pores soak a cotton wool pad in butter milk and pat on theface. Leave the milk for about ten minutes and wash with cold water. To get rid offreckles pat on butter milk and leave to dry. For removing summer tan or darkcircles around the eyes: beat together equal proportions of oatmeal, honey, whiteof egg, and almond oil and thoroughly massage into the face and neck, arms andlegs. Wash off the pack after 20 minutes.6. MAYA dandruff removal Ingredients: 1 cup yogurt 1 egg white 3 tablespoon lemon juiceDirections:Take an egg white and mix it with lemon juice and yogurt. Apply this to the hairroots and rub it in. Wash it off with lukewarm water after an hour. Repeat 4-5times a month.
  30. 30. 7. LEELA hair rejuvenation Ingredients: 1 tablespoon shikakai powder 1 tablespoon amla powder 1 tablespoon bhringraj powder 1 tablespoon aritha powderDirections:Add the ingredients to 1 cup boiling water. Allow the infusion to sit for 10 minutes.Then apply to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. If you have dandruff or scalpproblems, you can add 1 teaspoon of Neem Powder to this mixture. Once cooled,use this mixture to wash your hair. Rinse well with warm water.8. AMODINI acne removal Ingredients: 1 tablespoon rose water 1 tablespoon lemon juice 10 gms neem powder 1 tablespoon pureed strawberriesDirections:This mixture will pull oils from the skin and stimulate circulation. Mix well andkeep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Add a little Neem Powder to this recipefor acne prone skin. Rose Powder can vary in color ranging from dusty rose tobeige to dark brown. It does not remain red after the roses are dried.
  31. 31. 9. KAMALA effective revitalization Ingredients: ½ cup ripe papaya ½ cup mint leaves ½ cup green tea leaves 2 teaspoon lemon juice ½ teaspoon turmeric powderDirections:Boil all the ingredients together with three times the quantity of water. Gently dabthe liquid on the face using either a soft piece of cloth or a cotton swab. Let dryand then wash with lukewarm water. Papain, the enzyme present in the fruit,helps remove dry and dead cells on the skin.10. MOHINI blemish free-skin Ingredients: 1 teaspoon Masoor(Whole black lentils) 1 teaspoon olive oilDirections:To remove freckles and keep skin clear of blemishes: Soak 1 teaspoon of masoor inwater for half an hour. Grind together with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply onface. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash off. Follow this treatment for seven days.
  32. 32. 11. UMA exquisite fairness Ingredients: Sandalwood paste Pinch of saffron 2 tablespoon milk 1 teaspoon honeyDirections:Make paste of sandalwood by ribbing the sandalwood stick with a little water.Take all the ingedients and apply to the face for 30 minutes before washing it off.This helps to reduce acne, pimples, dark circles, pigmentation and leaves fairerlooking skin.