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Advanced ClickOnce Deployment Techniques by Suthep S - GreatFriends.Biz
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Advanced ClickOnce Deployment Techniques by Suthep S - GreatFriends.Biz






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Advanced ClickOnce Deployment Techniques by Suthep S - GreatFriends.Biz Advanced ClickOnce Deployment Techniques by Suthep S - GreatFriends.Biz Presentation Transcript

  • By Suthep Sangvirotjanaphat GreatFriends.Biz Founder and Microsoft MVP
  •  Look Once to ClickOnce  How ClickOnce Works  Code: Get general information of current deployment  AutoUpdate Manually  Code: Check for Update  Code: Download and install new version  Code: Restart the application  Partially Deployment  ClickOnce Data Files http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 2
  •  Code in VB  My.Application.Deployment  Code in C#  ApplicationDeployment class in namespace System.Deployment.Application [VB] Dim v As Version v = My.Application.Deployment.CurrentVersion [C#] using System.Deployment.Application; Version v = ApplicationDeployment.CurrentVersion; http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 3
  • A brief understanding to ClickOnce deployment as a very important feature of a .NET 2.0 smart client. http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 4
  • Good! I don’t worry about deployment any more. Good! It’s smart! http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 5
  •  Project Properties  Tab Publish  We have 3 Locations  Publishing  Installation  Update  Settings  Application Files  Prerequisites  Updates  Options http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 6
  •  Is this a ClickOnce deployed application?  My.Application.IsNetworkDeployed (Boolean)  Code to get general information about current deployment  My.Application.Deployment (ApplicationDeployment)  CurrentVersion (Version)  UpdatedVersion (Version)  TimeOfLastUpdateCheck (Date)  DataDirectory (String)  IsFirstRun (Boolean)  UpdateLocation (Uri) http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 7
  • Have a deep understanding about the update process, and take control to the AutoUpdate feature. http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 8
  •  Check before or after program starts  Scheduling check for update  Minimum required version. http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 9
  •  Code to check for update  My.Application.Deployment.CheckForUpdate() (Boolean)  My.Application.Deployment.CheckForUpdateAsync()  My.Application.Deployment.CheckForUpdateAsyncCancel()  Code to download and install newer version  My.Application.Deployment.Update()  My.Application.Deployment.UpdateAsync()  Code to restart the application  System.Windows.Forms.Application.Restart() http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 10
  • Download and install a small core module first quicker, then download and install other add-in modules as need later. http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 11
  •  Click Application Files button in Publish pane  Set optional files to Include, Not Include (Auto), and set it to a specific Download Group. http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 12
  •  Code to check whether file group is already downloaded.  My.Application.Deployment.IsFileGroupDownloaded(group) (returns Boolean)  Code to download a file group  My.Application.Deployment.DownloadFileGroup(group)  My.Application.Deployment.DownloadFileGroupAsync(group)  My.Application.Deployment.DownloadFileGroupAsyncCancel() http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 13
  •  The ApplicationDeployment events.  CheckForUpdateCompleted  CheckForUpdateProgressChanged  DownloadFileGroupCompleted  DownloadFileGroupProgressChanged  UpdateCompleted  UpdateProgressChanged http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 14
  • How to store data for a ClickOnce application? It’ll lost after automatically update or not? http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 15
  •  We can get directory for store data that persist for ClickOnce application  My.Application.Deployment.DataDirectory (String)  Other means to DataDirectory  AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetData(“DataDirectory”)  System.Windows.Forms.Application.LocalUserAppDataPath http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 16
  •  ClickOnce makes Smart Clients come true.  Typically ClickOnce does not need special configuration and coding.  We can manually check for update and automatically install the new version  We can download ClickOnce partially at any time.  We should think about Data files  We have GUI utility named as MAGE  What we don’t covered: Security, Associate File Extension, Using MAGE, Custom Prerequisites, and other more advanced topics . http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 21
  •  Article - Smart Clients: Windows Application for the Future http://greatfriends.biz?29995  ขนตอนการ ทา Setup แบบ ClickOnce ั้ http://greatfriends.biz?22612  บทความ - VB.NET Isolated Storage http://greatfriends.biz?30793  Deploying .NET Applications Learning MSBuild and ClickOnce Apress Publishing. Written by: Sayed Y. Hashimi ISBN: 1-59059-652-8 (280 p) http://GreatFriends.Biz (c) Suthep S. 22