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Smo presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Optimization is the combination ofSEO + Social Medias to give : SMOSEO stands for Search Engine OptimizationSMO is the use of Social Communities so as togenerate publicity to increase the awareness of aproduct, brand or businessSMO is similar to SEO in that the goal is to createawareness and driving traffic to a website.
  2. 2. Search engines are increasingly recommendingusers to use social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, and Google+ to rank pages in the searchresults
  3. 3. Popular social networks used for social mediaoptimisation are:Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Flickr,Youtube andWordpress,Ezine Articles and Linkedin to rankpages in the search results.
  4. 4. Rules SEO-SMO Copywriting•Create unique content writing by usingkeywords matching to the current text andensure they are low in competition but highvolume searches on search enginesExample•Title : SEO And SMOContent : SEO stands for search engineoptimisation.SMO is the combination of SEOand social media to give SMO
  5. 5. •Participate : Get involved in the discussionsgoing on among the blogs and sites ofothers, and do it organically.•Know how to target your audience :Understand your appeal and those peopleyou wish to attract.
  6. 6. • Create a Facebook page for your business –• Build a public base for your page
  7. 7. • Give people a reason why they must like your page• Regularly post relevant content• Ask questions/survey• Include photos in your posts
  8. 8. Facebook Ads (Optional Paid Service)Facebook’s advertising platform is the mostdeveloped and widely used of the threemajor social networks to promote a fanpage.Offering a self-serve platform very similar tothe early Google AdWords interface,Facebook advertising is available to eventhe smallest businesses with the mostlimited budgets.
  9. 9. Facebook Advertising Techniques•Know your audience•Determine your cost budget•Demographic location•Age and interest•Provide straight point to call action Ad Text(Example Below)“Like our page and we will get back to you” andthe other says “Like us for more details on how togenerate up to 50 leads a day!”
  10. 10. When writing your ad text, make sure to explainwhat you are advertising, the details of yourproduct or service and special offers
  11. 11. Reach the right audienceCreate an outline of your ideal customer includingdetails such as their location, age, gender andinterests
  12. 12. Examples Of Ads
  13. 13. Campaign Cost and Budgeting - FacebookThe minimum daily budget for anycampaign is $1.00 USD. Your budget mustbe at least two times your cost per click(CPC) bid.For example, if you have a $1.00 CPC, yourdaily budget must be at least $2.00.
  14. 14. Facebook cost per click (CPC) and cost perthousand impressions (CPM)?If you are paying on a cost per click basis, youare charged each time someone clicks on yourad or sponsored story.Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is the costper times your ad or sponsored story isdisplayed. Whether you bid on a CPC or CPMbasis depends on what you set as yourobjective.
  15. 15. Twitter Fan Page • Similar to Facebook • Create a Twitter account • Find and follow friends, colleagues and leaders in your business niche • Engage in conversations so as to gain followers and tweets
  16. 16. Twitter Profile Optimisation
  17. 17. Twitter Technical Terms GlossaryHashtagNudgeTweetTweeterFollowers
  18. 18. Hashtag. The community-driven practiceof tagging an individual tweet by using ahash in front of the tag.Example: Putting #dallascowboys in atweet about the Dallas Cowboys. Hashtagsallow the community to easily stream aparticular subject.Tweeter. A person who tweets.
  19. 19. Nudge. An action reminding a user toupdate their status. You can only do thisto someone who follows you and whohas a device registered with Twitter.Tweet. A message sent via Twitter.Follower is similar to the argument ofhow many people you should connect
  20. 20. Twitter Paid AdsCurrently the most underdevelopedadvertising platform, Twitter only offersadvertising to large brands at this time, inthe form of “Sponsored Tweets” or “Promoted Trends.”Advertisers pay per impression to havetheir tweet show up at the top of feedswhen certain hash tags are used or forcertain search terms on Twitter’s searchengine.
  21. 21. Twitter Promoted Tweets CampaignThese are the costs leaked from Twitter’s ad salesdepartment:Cost of $2.50 and $4 per follower$0.75 to $2.50 for each click, favourite, retweet orreply.
  22. 22. A minimum campaign spend for 3 monthshas been estimated to be $15,000Marketers are analyzing whether theservice would become available toadvertisers with smaller budgets as ispossible through Adwords, Facebook andLinkedIn.
  23. 23. LinkedIn Business Pages•Linkedin primary goal is to allow interactionbetween employers/employees and stay in touchwith colleagues•It offers a personal LinkedIn page or a companyLinkedIn page•Almost all companies worldwide use Linkedin forbusiness advertising and online recruitment
  24. 24. Promoting LinkedIn Profile•Create a business LinkedIn account•Join LinkedIn groups in your niche•Participate in discussions•Answer LinkedIn Questions•Use groups as a backdoor to connect with yourtarget prospects
  25. 25. Linkedin AdsOn the other hand, LinkedIn advertising istremendously effective for B2B industriesbecause of the professional informationLinkedIn uses to target its advertisements,which are called “LinkedInAds”
  26. 26. LinkedIn Ads Campaign Pricing - OverviewMinimum costs:The minimum daily budget is $10/day.The minimum CPC bid is $2.00/click.The minimum CPM bid is $2.00/thousandimpressions.
  27. 27. Google Plus PagesGoogle+ is the search giant’s latest attemptto create a social network that rivalsFacebook.Google+ Pages is a way to use Google+ foryour business and help make your businesssocial. Google+ pages help you connect withyour customers
  28. 28. • A Gmail account is required to sign- in• Create a G+ page for your business•• Post regularly to your page and engage with your fans• Include photos in your post and add as many followers/friends in circles
  29. 29. As you’re setting up your business page, focus onusing keywords as you fill out the Introductionin your Google+ page’s about section.Use both the keywords you want to rank high onand the keywords your customers are using.
  30. 30. Customizing Google Plus Profiles
  31. 31. Blogs are web site content managementsystems with additional functionality such ascomments, trackbacks (link to author document)Blogs already have optimized site architecture.where every page is set up to link back to theother main pages.They also have the inherent potential to be well-linked and crawled much faster by searchengines than a launched website
  32. 32. and Blogger, need not domuch to improve the SEO technically as theyare a great platform for SEO already.Use of Taggings and categorization in yourcontent posts with relevant keywords
  33. 33. Internet article marketing is used to promotethe authors expertise of their market,products or services online via articledirectories. Article directories with good web page ranksreceive a lot of site visitors and are may beconsidered authority sites by search engines,leading to high traffic.These directories then give Page Rank to theauthors website and in addition send trafficfrom readers.
  34. 34. Nearly 139 million U.S. Internet users watchedan average of 83 videos per viewer in March2008, viewing a total of 11.5 billion onlinevideos during the month.The average YouTube video receives 100 viewsin a year.This makes optimizing video for YouTube oneof the biggest opportunities in the fast-changing and complex world of search.
  35. 35. SEO Your VideosThe description can belonger (2-3 sentences ormore is fine), and itshould also containkeywords andvariations of keywords.
  36. 36. TagsFor SEO, you should include atleast 5-7 relevant keywords astags for your video.
  37. 37. Flickr is an image sharing portal which is byfar one of the most popular photo sharingwebsites and has a plethora of applications.Flickr has allowed its images to be taggedand those tags can be linked via blogs andwebsites to add more depth to your snaps.This particular feature in Flickr has made itan SEO tool.
  38. 38. Increasing Search Visibility with Flickr: Flickr images also tend to rank well in the searchresults for a certain period of time.Adding descriptive hyperlinks encourage peopleto click from the image to the blog post.