Why API? Europeana plenary, Leuven, 2012-06-14


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  • Några exempel på hur vi jobbar med ny teknik och nya medier.
  • Några exempel på hur vi jobbar med ny teknik och nya medier.
  • Why API? Europeana plenary, Leuven, 2012-06-14

    1. WHY APIat the National Heritage Board, Sweden Leuven June 14 2012: Europeana Plenary [www.slideshare.net/surikat] [www.slideshare.net/surikat]
    2. Hi, I´m LarsThe National Amréus, new DG of the Board. I´m on twitter:Heritage Board @larsamreusGovernment agencyHeritage environmentAncient monuments and historic buildingsPromote heritage as a valuable assetInsight rather than authoritarian(not a museum) wikimedia
    3. Online• 800 000 ancient monuments sites (Europeana via Carare)• 80 000 protected buildings (soon in Europeana)• 100 000 images (In Europeana)
    4. THEN:ArchaeologistNOW:New Media & WebLinked open dataIPRLicensingEthos – open
    5. New media team at the BoardJohan Matilda Sophie Marcus Maria Henrik
    6. What are we up to? SOCH Platsr.se – digital storyteling WIR & WdevIR Carare (Europeana) Europeana Awareness Strategy for Digitization Linked Open Data IPR and licensing issues
    7. Questions:Why did we decide to implement API?What are the benefits?Do you have any suggestions from yourexperience using the API implementation?
    8. Why?Things are changing.All the time.Technology. Behaviours.
    9. Analog >>>>>>>> Digital New expectations. New roles. New behaviours.
    10. We need to adapt inorder to stay relevantin a digital society!
    11. Users in SE- 50 % of 3-year old kids use the Internet- 96 % of young ppl uses social media- +65 year fastest growing user group- Mobile surfing is growing dramtically [”Swedes and the Internet 2011”. .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) 2011]
    12. Users- Want to contribute - not only consume!- Want information now – not in 10 days.- Want to reuse information!
    13. Abundance of information- Problem is to find good quality- Problem is to reuse it
    14. Insights: We cannot provide services for all users! We are not the most innovative app developers! There´s no point in controlling use!
    15. New agendaMake things as easy as possiblefor as many as possibleto use and reuse information.
    16. New agendaFacilitate open access toinformation via API(Facilitate mash-ups)Focus on improving quality!
    17. Today Until recently…GLAM create apps for expertsAgencies PR12-06-14 17
    18. Today and future Today learning internal use Museums research Agencies PR Universities create apps for experiences Associations creativity Enterprises Schools …or just for fun Individuals12-06-14 18
    19. We don´t always need to beinvolved!
    20. So what have NHB done so far?
    21. SOCH(Swedish Open Cultural Heritage)• ”National Europeana”• Museum collections + monuments + buildings• 40 institutions• National – Regional - Local• 4,2 million objects• API - 10 apps• Aggregator for Europeana
    22. “Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/” CC-BY-SA“Linking Open Data clouddiagram, by Richard Cyganiakand Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/”
    23. API Europeana Google Yellow Pages Site WEBSITE/APP Regional Historic Local Tourism My Heritage Kringla.nu Portal Society Mobile History API OTHER APIs(Europeana, Google, SOCH ServiceWikipedia, LIBRIS etc) XML Läns- Läns- Läns- museum Info manager National Sw Läns- museum Regional History UGC museum Local Musem NHB museum Museums museum Socities hub
    24. KRINGLA.NU MASHUP semantic links tags georeference etc API API API API SOCH Google Maps Wikipedia Europeana (Panoramio WebService Streetview) LIBRIS XML Läns- Läns- Läns- museum Info managerNational Sw Läns- museum Regional History UGC museum LocalMusem NHB museum Museums museum Socities hub
    25. Google API Tidsresan/ Museisök Kringla.nu Time MashFornfynd IOS API K-SAMSÖK Wikipedia WebService Libris XML ? Läns- Läns- Läns- museum RAÄ Läns- museum Hembygds- Läns- Kommun- MUSEUM museum Fornsök museum museum museum museum UGC
    26. Questions & Answers:Q: Why did we decide to implement API?A: Facilitate a standardized access to data.Q: What are the benefits?A: More use of data, varied applicationsQ: Suggestions based on experience from API implementation?A: Be pragmatic, don´t forget licensing
    27. "If your content is notinteroperable, its notfindable. If its not findable,who cares about it?"
    28. k-blogg.seksamsok.seslideshare.net/surikat@arkland_swePhotos: Lars Lundqvist CC-BY-NC-SA
    29. Web 2011 many sitesSTATIC INTERACTIVE OUTREACH INHOUSE INFRASTUCTURE APPS (SEARCH) UGC UGC APIwww.raa.se Fornsök Kulturvårdsforum Platsr K-samsök Fornfynd IOS Bebyggelseregistret Flickr Commons K-blogg.se K-samsök API Time Mash Andr. Kulturmiljöbild Flickr (Kringla 2.0) Europeana API Tidsmaskinen Kringla.nu Facebook (Platsr Mobil) Andr Kringla Android Twitter Event WP Idevio Youtube Wikimedia SE Yammer Historypin Hack4Europe.se Recreate Culture: http://www.flickr.c om/groups/recrea teculture/pool/wit h/5253582849/