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  1. 1. The method of traditional health care. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  2. 2. Normally massage is for everyone of all ages. It can help to cure these diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke...and some disease that has no cure method. Massage may be the oldest method of health care in the world, and is based on body condition, health status of each patient. Massage is a combination of human and operational rules of the universe based on 3 factors: air, fire and soil. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  3. 3. Because different people have quite different body composition, so before treating the therapist investigated on the three factors in the patient to apply the appropriate type of massage in order to bring the best performance. Now people can easily apply this method in house with the help of some devices like massage tables, massage table ironman. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  4. 4. On the tomb of ancient Egyptian there are always paintings with a person is massaging, this proved that in the West countries, massage has already emerged and developed from ancient times.In China, this method appeared exactly in 2700 BC and was the special favorite of the kings. It is the breathing exercises, by using legs and hands to massage full body. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  5. 5. In Japan, massage appeared very long ago and originated from China. This method was considered the "acupuncture without needles", it means only used the movements of the fingers to create pressure when vortexing position, other times spreading throughout the body. The Romans, ancient Greeks used the type of massage is the key measure to cure the disease. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  6. 6. According to Hippocrates, the most famous doctor in the East (V century BC) developed in ancient book: "Massage can" connect "the segment joints are porous, and" soft "joints sclerosis". In India, Ayurverda is the traditional healing methods of the nation, they used the oil, flowers to combine with the spices derived from nature. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  7. 7. Tui Na Massage appeared in China 2,000 years ago. These are methods of treating the local areas pains can bring efficiency to the whole body, especially those where muscle strain or arthritis. It is based on the eight following, basic techniques: acupressure, fist shaking, roll the skin, rub, pinch, pull or push. Eight principles is to eliminate negative air - is the underlying cause leading to disease in the body. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  8. 8. From ancient times until today, the above method is very popular treatment, the massage does not have many changes, mainly hands and feet removed, punched, pinched, massage, acupressure massage on the body. http://www.massage-tables-for-
  9. 9. http://www.massage-tables-for-