Rights and responsibilities of patients by Surgerica


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Being a good patient does not mean being a silent one.Our Hospital Partners seek to provide exceptional medical care and the best possible experience for every patient and family. We want to work together with you to ensure you receive the clinical care, compassion and services you need. By understanding your rights and responsibilities, you can help us to help you.

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Rights and responsibilities of patients by Surgerica

  1. 1. Rights & Responsibility of Patient
  2. 2. Right Be informed about your options in relation to treatment and tests before making your decision and giving consent for treatment. Toward Hospital
  3. 3. Continue to be informed throughout your treatment about your care and Right Toward Hospital
  4. 4. Choose the in- hospital Doctors / Specialists to treat you Right Toward Hospital
  5. 5. Choose the hospital where you will be treated. Right Toward Hospital
  6. 6. Be informed, before a hospital admission, of the likely charges for hospital and medical services, the benefits you are entitled to and any out-of-pocket expenses (also known Right Toward Hospital
  7. 7. Information regarding the nature of your condition or illness Right Towards Doctor
  8. 8. An explanation of the diagnosis and the degree of uncertainty of any diagnosis Right Towards Doctor
  9. 9. The proposed approach to investigation, diagnosis and treatment - what the proposed approach involves - the expected benefits - common side-effects and risks of the treatment - whether the treatment is standard or experimental - if the treatment proposed is based on the latest scientific evidence - who will undertake the treatment Right Towards Doctor
  10. 10. Other options for investigation, diagnoses and treatment that may be available, and the risks and complications commonly associated with these. Right Towards Doctor
  11. 11. The likely consequences of not having the proposed tests, treatment, or procedure at all Right Towards Doctor
  12. 12. Any significant long-term physical, emotional, mental, social, sexual, or other outcomes which may be associated with a proposed treatment or other options. Right Towards Doctor
  13. 13. Make sure, before you go into hospital, that you know what medication you take. Responsibility
  14. 14. Ensure that your doctor and hospital are aware of the medication you take and of any conditions affecting you, such as allergies. Responsibility
  15. 15. Understand the treatment and medicines being provided to you. Responsibility
  16. 16. What are you waiting for ? Sign up & be a informed consumer !! .com By A transparent health marketplace where consumers can Connect, Consult, Choose and Compare health services for their care from verified providers, clear service descriptions and posted prices.