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Job Search = Full Time Job


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Part of a Job Search Assistance Seminar we provided for Free to Jobseekers.

Part of a Job Search Assistance Seminar we provided for Free to Jobseekers.

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  • 1. Job Searching = Full Time Job Searching for a Job is a Full Time Job
  • 2. Looking For A Job Is A Challenge o Managing Time Wisely • Resisting Temptations o Poor Time Management  Sleeping • Poor Job Search Results  Watching TV  Slacking off o Keep Your Job Search Moving • Treat It Like a Job Itself
  • 3. Be Your Own Boss o Think Your Unemployed tasks • Think Again  Networking  You’ve got a Full-Time Job  Responding to job ads  You’ve just become your own boss  Research Companies  You’re job is to Land Your Next Paid Position o Doing so will help you o 1st Decide • avoid distractions • What Hours you’ll devote to your • stay on track. search • Commit to keeping that schedule o 2nd Tailor Your Schedule • Allot Time each day to specific
  • 4. GET ORGANIZED o Organized Job Search Can be o Next, Create a System Crucial to Your Success • Keep a track of your leads • Ads Which You’ve o Start with Your Office Space Responded to • Designate your work area. • Companies of Interest  Computer  Phone o Info at Fingertips  Filing Space • When a recruiter calls, • Everytime You sit in Your you’ll know instantly and “office” you'll feel like precisely how to respond. you're on the job
  • 5. SET GOALS o Ultimate Goal is to find the o Write Them Down job of your Dreams. • Keep List Visible • Cross Of Items As You o Set Small Weekly Goals Go • Send # of Resumes o Need Support • Make 5 Follow up Calls • Ask for it • Set up One Interview • Find a Friend In Similar o Set Realistic Goals Situation • More likely to keep them  Share Success
  • 6. Use Social Media 1. Conduct a people search AdWords and Facebook instead of a job search Social Ads 2. Use attraction-based marketing to get job offers 6. Construct a video resume and upload it to YouTube 3. Be proactive on Twitter 7. Subscribe to blogs that have 4. Capitalize on LinkedIn job listings 5. Advertise your brand using
  • 7. People Search o Identify the top 5 employees that Barriers companies that currently work • Tailor a you would like to there. Message work for. • Technorati • Get to know • Focus Approach them • • Eager to work • for the Company • o Connect with the o Use search person directly. engines to track • Broken Down
  • 8. Attraction Based Marketing o Traditional Way o How Do You Do This? • Proactive • Become a Content • Forcing you to start a job Producer instead of a that you might not have Consumer enjoyed. • Ex. Launch a Blog that o New Approach centers around both your expertise and passions. • Building a Powerful Personal Brand • Attracting job opportunities into your doorstep.
  • 9. Your Own Blog o Passion and Commitment o Works well in: • Lots of Writing • Areas that require • Creativity experience with Social Media • Consistency • New Business Start-ups. o Non-Intrusive o Start a Blog Today • Harmless & Generous way of getting recruiters • interested in your brand, • without you asking for a job. • Make recruiters fall in love with you.
  • 10. Be Proactive on o Ultimate Utility to Connect o Before you Follow Anyone with: Make Sure You have a: • Recruiters • Completed Profile • Employees  Short Bio o Use Search Twitter  Locations • To learn about Companies  Like to Site for more info on Twitter ex. “Linked In Profile” • Learn About Company o Build Resources • Trust • Search Relevant Key Words • Credibility to your Job Search Goals • Relationships
  • 11. Capitalize on o Main Place for Sourcing Candidates: • Its Free • Top Professionals are on Linked in. o Fill Out Your Entire Profile: • Just like a Resume • Include Same Avatar Using on Twitter • Ensure Summary Section is Complete.
  • 12. Capitalize on o Get Recommendations • At least 1 recommendation from a supervisor or friend. • Will give you a #1 and Thumps Up Graphic when people search for you. o Start Building Your Network: • Import from Outlook, Gmail, Etc. • More Connections the Better • Join Interest Groups
  • 13. Advertise Your Brand o Before Running Advertisements you need a landing page. • Website or Blog o How to Create Your Ad • Title  Most important  Ex. “Resume for IT Consulting Opportunity” • Description (25 words)  Who you are  What You Do  What Job You Want • URL 
  • 14. Construct a Video Resume o Many Video Resumes are Good • Very few People have Created One.  Serve as a Differentiator o Good Video Resume • Short • Value You can contribute to a given position. • Talks About Your Background  Story Like format. • Take Your Time • If you are not outgoing or lively  Don’t create one.
  • 15. Blogs That have Job Listings o Subscribe to Blogs that Integrate Job Banks into their own website. • Guy Kawasaki’s Blog • GigaOM • ProBlogger Blog o Targeting will: • Save Hours Searching • Help Escorting you to Jobs You’d Actually Want.
  • 16. Integrate Traditional & Social Media o Most Successful Job Searches come from Those who • Built Up Strong Networks  Both Online and Off o Link Your Existence on All Social Networks • Need to Be where Recruiters are Looking. • Become a Content Producer to Attract Them. • Consistency is the Key
  • 17. Take a Day Off o All work and no job can make o Limiting your Job Search to 4 anyone cranky days or 3 • Do things you never had o Take a Day Off or Two time to do. • You might get the chance • Exercise on a regular basis once you land your next job • Volunteer in your • See a Movie, Sleep in, Visit community and Old Friend, or just • Spend more time with relax. family. Do Whatever Makes You feel Good Positive Outlook will sustain you as you’re hard at work looking for a job.