TracFM plug and play presentation: ICT4Ag 2013


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Powerpoint used in the TracFM/Harevenst plus/Farm Radio presentation at the ICT4Ag 2013 conference in Kigali, Rwanda -

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TracFM plug and play presentation: ICT4Ag 2013

  1. 1. +
  2. 2. + Welcome •Who has come from the furthest away?
  3. 3. + Welcome •Who has come from the closest?
  4. 4. + Welcome •How •How many people have phones? many can send a text to a local Rwandan number?
  5. 5. + OUCH • Wouter Dijkstra • TracFM Founder • Football legend • Out of commission
  6. 6. + OVERVIEW • Share about TracFM and how it works • Listen and vote: Hands on with TracFM • Questions and discussion
  7. 7. + OVERVIEW • Share about TracFM and how it works • Listen and vote: Hands on with TracFM • Questions and discussion
  8. 8. + TRAC FM enables citizens TRAC FM enables citizens to report on service delivery to report on service delivery and rate leadership and rate leadership performance through interactive performance through interactive radio-talkshows and SMS polls. radio-talkshows and SMS polls.
  9. 9. + WHO WE ARE • Founded in 2010 • TRAC FM is an innovative software platform used by media and non-profit organisations to amplify voices of citizens, track reports and collect opinions. • Building on the success of the vibrant radio talk-show tradition in Africa.
  10. 10. +
  11. 11. + HOW TRAC FM WORKS  TRAC FM gives radio talkshows an online tool and training to host structured, open interactions between citizens and guests on the radio.  Based on poll questions broadcasted by the radio stations, listeners can vote and air their voices through a tollfree SMS line.  All incoming SMS contributions are automatically recognized and presented in clear graphics
  12. 12. + HOW IT WORKS
  13. 13. Realtime Visualization (as seen by radio presenter)
  14. 14. Which area of the transport sector requires most attention in your district?
  15. 15. + Respondents are profiled to compare demographic trends
  16. 16. +
  17. 17. + Monitoring & Evaluation with TRAC FM TRAC FM enables you to structure and standardize monitoring and evaluation practices. Minimize losing project respondents -> Register one time respondents in the system with a profile All data accessible online -> Easy navigation, easy analysis, scalable system with graphics and pivot tables. Monitoring at station level -> are they running the program? Is response rate adequate compared to other stations? Monitoring of listeners -> what are they thinking? What do listeners need? Get detailed feedback and compare them with other questions and demographic call-centre.
  18. 18. +  30 Episode radio drama created for awareness and uptake of Orange Flesh Sweet Potato in Uganda  10 Radio stations - 6 languages  A toll free poll conducted after each five minute episode
  19. 19. + Volunteer?
  20. 20. +  Dear Listeners, Today we bring to you Episode 4. But before that, in Episode 3, Florence discovered a lot of good news about orange sweet potato; orange sweet potato takes only three and a half months in the garden, it is good for human health because of being rich in Vitamin A and above all the best food for children. 
  21. 21. +  In your text replies last week to our poll question, here are some responses: “In Wakiso District, 67% said they get orange sweet potato vines from fellow farmers, 25% through NAADS and 6% from Old Gardens ……”  Now that Florence has learned about orange sweet potato, will she do like Nora. What about Rolland; is he still interested in selling the plot?  Lets find out – (play episode 4)
  22. 22. +
  23. 23. +
  24. 24. +  “Land must be sold! Says Rolland.  For my children, this land will remain!  That is according to Florence. Now that Florence has tasted orange sweet potato, it may not be easy for Rolland to sell the farmland. From Florence’s exclamation, “Oh my gosh! This is delicious! Where has this been hiding all along?” you can imagine the taste of Orange Sweet Potato. ”
  25. 25. +  The poll is: Have you ever eaten orange sweet potato? A.        Yes B.        No
  26. 26. + HANDS ON: GET YOUR VOTE IN  Send SMS +250 789 812 592  “DEMO <continent> yes|no”
  28. 28. ACTUAL RESULTS: CBS RADIO Realtime Visualization (as seen by radio presenter)
  29. 29. YES/NO BY DISTRICT:CBS RADIO Realtime Visualization (as seen by radio presenter)
  30. 30. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS OFSP: Map representation (as seen by radio presenter)
  31. 31. +
  32. 32. + More info: Audio examples, scripts, polls results..
  33. 33. + Email: Twitter: @TRACfm Facebook: Trac FM Website: