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Minerva HR Suite is an end to end employee life cycle management human resource software. Entrust, Empower & Ecare !!

Developing a World Class Integrated HRMS is our Mission

We take deep interest to assist your company’s most important assets – human assets. HR automation is a critical process for boosting productivity within the organization. HRMS tools give management the ability to recruit right talent, improve employee morale and retain talent among other benefits. A system that automates these, if implemented correctly, will pay for itself and save the company much pain.

If you have ever thought of what advantages a reliable Human Resources software can give you and your company then you’re welcome to join numerous global enterprises that have seriously considered it and in fact, are using Minerva HRMS in streamlining business operations, centralizing workflow and reducing costs related with manually processing HR forms by over 30 percent.

Completely Web-based and Automated workflow, Easy Integration with Other ERP SoftwaresRecruitment to Retirals Management SoftwareLicensing or SAAS modelCommunication Platform to interact with EmployeesSingle window to company's HR to track every HR processModular Structure allows maximum flexibility and customization

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  1. 1. Minerva Human ResourceManagement System Jan’12
  2. 2. Agenda • Company Overview • Management Team • Module Over Viewwww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  3. 3. TenXLabs – Pioneer in Frugal Software Engineering What is the focus area? To create best in class products and solutions through rapid innovations in people, process and technology Who are the target customers? Large enterprises focused on building centers of excellence or creating extended teams Small and Medium enterprises focused on building products and solutions How is the differentiation realized? Determine Want versus Need Focus on outcomes Conduct a requirement value/risk/cost analysis with lean process Eliminate non-essential costs TenXLabs is a technology solutions company with a focus on execution excellencewww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  4. 4. Management Team • Dr. Santanu Paul - From 2003-2008, Santanu served at Virtusa Corporation as Senior Vice President for Global Delivery Operations and Head of Indian Operations. From 1999-2003, Santanu worked in Boston as Chief Technology Officer of OpenPages (now part of IBM) and Viveca, a B2B technology startup. He began his career in New York at the famed IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. His work on technology spans 20 international papers and 2 United States patents. Santanu received a B.Tech. from IIT Madras and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he was a recipient of the prestigious Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship and IBM Canada Fellowship. • Sreekanth Lapala - From 2002-2010, Sreekanth served at Virtusa Corporation playing various leadership roles in the areas of technology, operations and management. In the most recent role, Sreekanth was Head of Chennai Delivery Center managing $ 60 Million book of business delivering solutions to global customers. Sreekanth played a pivotal role in delivery management, solution capability building and scaling the center from 100 to 1500 member team. Sreekanth is a next generation leader with right balance of software delivery management, business acumen and technical competency. He is a graduate from BITS Pilani and possesses globally recognized certifications in Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Project Management.www.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  5. 5. Minerva – The complete Human Resources Management Softwarewww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  6. 6. How you benefit • Completely Web-based • Modular Structure allows maximum flexibility and customization • Automated workflow – Enables the AS-IS workflow of each process to be automated • User Friendly –Easy to use and requires minimal training • Easily Configurability • Integration with ERP/ other third party software enabled • Query builder Reports to design own reports • High System scalabilitywww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  7. 7. More benefits…… • Manage multiple employee series in one single system • Easily configurable event-driven automated email alerts to different stakeholders in the company for different processes • Strong audit trails to track every change in the system • History record maintained for every transaction in the system • Single window to company’s HR to track every HR process • Strong communication tool to address issues of common concern / announce company events share news • Reports built-in every modulewww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  8. 8. Towards a strategic HR paper work is minimal cost leakages are plugged reports and MIS are error free HR is more strategic, less administrative there is data privacy and confidentiality communication is transparent, seamless employees show commitment, act responsibly employees are brand advocates Your HR is engaged in business strategy Minerva makes this ideal your realitywww.tenxlabs.comhttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com
  9. 9. Thank YouCall Us @ 9322593505, 9444991758, 9899197194 TenXLabsMail Us @ minerva.info@tenxlabs.com Block B6, Vindhya C6Reach Us @ www.tenxlabs.com IIIT Campus Gachibowlihttp://minervahrms.tenxlabs.com Hyderabad, 500032 www.tenxlabs.com