How has math helped you in your career (#mathcareer)


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math-360 is a web based (#onlinemath) learning, practice and assessment program for students in grades 1 through 10.

math-360 (#math360usa) can be used as: a) an after school (#afterschool) program, b) the primary curriculum for home-schooled students (#homeschool), c) a remedial (#mathremedy) program for those students who need extra help to keep pace with their school curriculum.

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How has math helped you in your career (#mathcareer)

  1. 1. How has math helped you in your career? An e-book from math-360 All Materials Copyright Protected --
  2. 2. As a practicing neuroscientist, I find myself using math constantly. Indeed, mathematics is indispensable for all research. This is because, our intuitions often fall short and only by thinking things through quantitatively (for example, using statistical reasoning) can one arrive at the truth of any given situation. Math is really not optional – it is a fundamental building block of rational thought Dr. Venkatesh Murthy Neuroscientist Harvard University. All Materials Copyright Protected --
  3. 3. Math has definitely helped me in my career. I work as a consultant in developing selection processes - to hire the right people for jobs. My goal is to create tests that will identify who (out of many people) have the skills and abilities to become the best police officers or firefighters. By using math, I can verify, or prove, that the tests we create are actually working! That's the power of math! Amy B. Emerson Project Director Institute for Public Safety Personnel, Inc. All Materials Copyright Protected --
  4. 4. The fundamentals of math are universal. Math is a language that is common to everyone around the global. It is the underlying foundation to business and everyday living. When starting a business and creating a business plan, developing the ‘numbers’ is the first step and then becomes the measuring tool every step of the way. Mathematic thinking is applied in every facet of life that involves decision making, sales, investing, saving, calculating risk and more. From shopping at the store, to figuring your budget, negotiating your salary or selling or starting a business, math plays an integral role throughout all of these activities. David K GM, GHX Europe All Materials Copyright Protected --
  5. 5. Math has been critical in my business success of starting and selling several businesses. Math played a critical role throughout the lifecycle of each of these businesses. Math is fundamental to establishing a budget, determining pricing and profitability, negotiating salaries and commissions, determining where to invest and how to value the business. My businesses have been in manufacturing, mortgages and software. Every employee in each of these businesses relied on math fundamentals every day. Factory workers use math to calculate run times and quality measurements, software engineers use math throughout every step of the programming process and people in the mortgage business use math to calculate home values, pricing and payments David K GM, GHX Europe All Materials Copyright Protected --
  6. 6. Math is the foundation for business and has helped me start and build a software company with over 1,000 employees Scott Chairman & CEO ExactTarget All Materials Copyright Protected --
  7. 7. The fundamental strength that I have derived from being a student (and fan) of Mathematics is the inculcation of the habit of thinking logically. This habit of analyzing every issue and situation logically with a view to finding a solution has helped me do my job effectively in the three decades of my working life. In Mathematics, there is a solution (sometimes more than one!) to every problem and the strength derived from learning Mathematics helps one persevere towards a solution against all odds Raghu SVP - Operations Reflexis, Inc All Materials Copyright Protected --
  8. 8. In short I can just say ' teaching, learning and using math has made my life meaningful and joyous' Prasanthi 20+ years of teaching math! All Materials Copyright Protected --
  9. 9. Math has helped me in building strong analytical and logical skills, and has enabled me to think beyond the problem or troubleshoot situations in many different ways. Math has expanded my horizon and given me an opportunity to enlighten the minds of children. Today, I am earning a decent living, thanks to Math. Pallavi 15+ years of teaching math and developing math content All Materials Copyright Protected --
  10. 10. My grandfather used to engage me and other neighboring kids by asking us to add the dates in different months of the calendar both horizontally and vertically within a few minutes. This type of mind- exercise really made me fall in love with math -- both as a student and later on as a math teacher. Those interactions with math problems has enabled me to pursue a teaching and tutoring career in math spanning nearly three decades. I cherish the continuing experience. Meena 20+ years of teaching math and developing math content All Materials Copyright Protected --
  11. 11. Math has been my favorite subject all through my school days and college. Math has taught me how to analyze and understand things before I begin to solve problems of any nature. Math has also taught me that there could be more than one solution for a given problem. Gayathri Software Engineer All Materials Copyright Protected --
  12. 12. One of the best decisions I ever made was to take extra math classes when I was in college. Understanding math concepts and performing important mathematical calculations have made my life easier and my career more successful. I would not be where I am today without my math skills. Steve Ehrlich President PolicyStat, LLC All Materials Copyright Protected --
  13. 13. Math plays a critical part in my life on a daily basis. Without a solid fundamental understanding of math concepts/philosophies I would not have achieved the success I have today in my career and personal life. If you think about it, most decisions boil down to a math problem. Organize and execute around math principles and my hunch is you’ll be successful in life. Brian Morris CFO St. V Medical Group All Materials Copyright Protected --
  14. 14. Math has helped me by giving me the ability to calculate pricing, margins, costs, and timing for new products, goods and services in the business world. Math has helped me understand relationships between the cost of manufacturing a good/delivering a service and the profit in selling a good/service. Math has truly given me the ability to "make a living”. Mark Long Faculty/Consultant/ Business Advisor All Materials Copyright Protected --
  15. 15. I am a director of software development and my team creates medical laboratory software. Our software helps doctors get lab results for their patients very quickly, so they can help treat them. I use math to determine when lab results are abnormal or critical, so the doctor can be notified immediately that something is wrong. We create charts of patients’ lab results so we can see which results are improving and which are getting worse, which is especially helpful for cancer patients to track which treatments are most helpful. It’s so energizing and inspiring to be able to make a difference in someone’s life simply by helping their doctor make the right decisions. Debbie Schilling Director, Software Development All Materials Copyright Protected --
  16. 16. I've used math to help analyze phone call volumes for a customer support department. I tracked the amount of time people spent at each point in the call as they pressed different numbers for different actions, in order to determine what was taking the longest and when we needed to have more people answering phones. The goal was to make sure everyone was being helped as quickly as possible. I also use math on a daily basis to run my software business, including budgeting and time estimating. Tom Bundy Co-Founder Gale Force Software All Materials Copyright Protected --
  17. 17. Understanding basic math has been extremely important in my career. It has helped me in the sales process to quickly calculate investment figures for our clients and also help them quickly understand outcomes from our work. It's important to be able to calculate those things in the moment to take advantage of the time of the client to get a commitment faster. It has also been important in negotiations and has been a key to growing our business profitably. Jenny V Co-Founder All Materials Copyright Protected --
  18. 18. Being an extrovert and drawn to the field of marketing and sales, many people questioned my desire to achieve an MBA in Finance- numbers! Why in the world does an extroverted sales person need to understand math? It is critical to structuring deals, ensuring marketing campaigns have a strong return on investment, and creating a foundation for statistical analysis to ensure we are investing in the right products and services for the organization. Math, and truly understanding numbers, provides the foundation to build, manage, and grow large parts of an organization and an entire corporation. Without the understanding of the numbers, one can never expect to achieve profitability and success. LeAnne H VP of Sales/CMO Ontario Systems All Materials Copyright Protected --
  19. 19. I have worked as a manager in various companies and I have always been so happy that I have my basic math skills. In a meeting or negotiation, I often need to process lots of information very quickly and make a decision. If I can do the simple math in my head (and quicker than the other people in the meeting) I am able to make the best decisions. Mark B VP of Client Success All Materials Copyright Protected --
  20. 20. We hope the comments were inspiring! For more on math-360, please visit Thank you! All Materials Copyright Protected --