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math-360 is a web based (#onlinemath) learning, practice and assessment program for students in grades 1 through 10.

math-360 (#math360usa) can be used as: a) an after school (#afterschool) program, b) the primary curriculum for home-schooled students (#homeschool), c) a remedial (#mathremedy) program for those students who need extra help to keep pace with their school curriculum.

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Customer Testimonials

  1. 1. Sampling of Customer Testimonials All Materials Copyright Protected
  2. 2. One of the things that I stress with my daughter and nephews is that as African Americans the only path to success is through a good education, not through a football, basketball or baseball field. As a technical analyst at Citigroup and a part time law student, I considered programs such as Kumon to help reinforce basic math skills, but their time and expense made them hard to afford. Indian Math Online (now has made it easy and affordable for me to ensure that my daughter and nephew get reinforcement in basic math skills and math-360 allows me to monitor their progress. Derrick T.
  3. 3. I have looked for years for a suitable supplemental math program for my 4th grade son, who enjoys math, but is bored by the “Everyday Math” curriculum at his school. math-360 is the perfect solution: it covers the fundamentals and allows children to move ahead at their own pace in different topics across grades. I have recommended this program to 6 friends now (some with advanced students, some whose children need more study); all of them consider it a great find, not to mention a bargain! Your support is also very responsive – another plus! Thank you! Maura.
  4. 4. I recently signed up for Indian Math Online (now math-360) for my 4th grade son. It has so many exquisite benefits for both the child and the parents, including increased calculation speed and better mathematical understanding and insights. Additionally, Indian Math Online, (now math-360) is extremely convenient and user-friendly. Assignments can be given from a computer anywhere and the progress can be monitored at any time. I strongly recommend the program to any parent who wishes to improve the math skills of their children. Dr. Augustine J.
  5. 5. I like this program versus Kumon because it gives me immediate feedback on how my children performed on their assessments/practice problems through the parent dashboard. With both a 5th grader and a kindergartener, I love that the is so much more affordable than Kumon! Noemi
  6. 6. I’m writing this note to express my happiness with your math program. Our two children, a second grader and a fourth grader, are both enrolled. We have participated in other supplemental learning programs before, but, your program has several compelling features that have kept our kids engaged. They definitely enjoy doing the math problems on the computer. As a parent it is very nice to have the grading done automatically. I also like the way the topics covered in your program complement the style of math that our kids are taught in school. My wife and I are both educators and I’m impressed with the library of math problems.” Eric
  7. 7. While searching for something less costly than Kumon for my niece who lives in Hawaii, I found your program. What a blessing! Her parents, teacher, and even she notices the difference in her ability to accurately and speedy solving math problems. She happily reports daily: “Mom, I finished first in my class today with 100%. Nhu S.
  8. 8. For my 4th grade daughter, your program has been a fun way to move ahead in Math. She has always enjoyed doing math and now she is at the 7th grade level. Your program is an extremely convenient and affordable way to give your children that extra edge in Math. I like the fact that the programs can be customized to suit the child’s pace and the feedback is almost instantaneous. Roomni
  9. 9. For more informtion, please visit Thank you!
  10. 10. For more informtion, please visit Thank you!