ERP Project Management Primer


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Quick reference guide to best practice templates and tips before you start an ERP transformation program

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  • Suresh, good presentation covering all aspects of ERP. Thanks, Subbu
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  • thanks for your sharing
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ERP Project Management Primer

  1. 1. ERP Project Management PrimerQuick reference guide to bestpractice templates and tips tojumpstart your ERP projects (Enterprise Resource Planning) Suresh Gopalakrishnan
  2. 2. IntroductionThis document will help jumpstart projects and keep a good control over its life cycle with best practice templates and tipsIt is divided into four sections – Initiation/Planning, Execution/Control, System deployment, and Post- Production/TransitionAll critical activities are listed in the sequence it will occur during a project lifecycleScreenshot of all critical deliverable templates are in backup slide section 2
  3. 3. Not matter how much we plan this often happens.. 3
  4. 4. Project Life Cycle Activities & Milestones Execution and Control Initiation /Planning Phase System Deployment (Design & System Configuration) Requirements Mapping Roles & Responsibilities Production GO BR.035 Solution Cut Over Plan LIVE Design Application Train-The-Trainer Setup and BR.010 Configuration End User Training Functional BR.100 Cutover Approach Deliverables Document Develop Solution, C Test Data Conversion Scripts / and Validation R Sand-Box C P creation U M W R Functional Specs for Extension, 2 Interfaces & Reports A G T P / MD.050 T L P 1 S Conversion Plan Technical Specs for I CV.010 Extension, Interfaces & Reports T MD.070 Instance Strategy Document Setups/Data Conversion Mapping conversion/ Technical CV.055 Code migration (Or templates used) to PROD Deliverables WTP; Requirements User CRP Complete CRP2/SIT CUTOVER Validation & Mapping AcceptanceMilestones Complete Solution Design Complete Complete Complete GO-LIVEWTP – Workshop Test Pilot / CRP – Conference Room Pilot / SIT- System Integration Test / UAT - User Acceptance Test / MGL - Mock Go Live 4
  5. 5. Initiation/Planning PhasePrepare project management plan. Ensure it includes  Clear list of deliverables  RACI chart (Responsible/Accountable/Consult/Inform)Prepare detailed MS Project Plan – with base line and share with the team  Ensure each task in the plan has a clearly identified deliverable  For functional resources use 35 hr work week – keep 5 hrs for meetings, SR (Service Request) related work etc.Discuss with client and establish communication plan (Status calls, Status update emails etc..)Get agreement on using deliverable status log for signoff (to monitor the time taken to get approvals) 5
  6. 6. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Discuss with client and come to an agreement on steering committee participants and presentation contents/formatRecommend using benefit map (or something similar) to help control scope (Note: Based on a PMI survey, every month 2-3% new requirement is added)Discuss with the team and prepare an instance planDiscuss with the team and prepare list of risksSchedule 1-1 with each team member at a minimum once in two weeksPrepare clear roles and responsibilities and discuss with each team member individually 6
  7. 7. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Recommend using an issue tracking system that has audit trail feature – Will help track time taken between status changes (ability to improve later)  For e.g. BugzillaDiscuss the usage of user survey tool to measure the riskStart maintaining  RAAIO log (Risks, Assumptions, Action Items, Issues, Out of scope)  Key decision log 7
  8. 8. Define Phase contd..Why Key Decision Log?Below email is from a real project  Decision was taken during project start in Jul/2008  Email is dated Feb.2011 8
  9. 9. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Conduct kick off meeting. It should include a minimum  Change management process  “Change Requests” are often seen by business as a “miss” from their side and could become offensive  Work with client manager to send a positive message  How are we drawing line between ‘In Scope’ and ‘Out of Scope’?  Clear project objective (or Benefit Map)  Test scenario expectation from business  Document review process and expected turnaround time 9
  10. 10. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Conduct kick off meeting (Contd..)  Major milestone, deliverables, timeline  RACI chart (Responsible/Assist/Consult/Inform)  Risks/Issues/Assumptions/Constraints  CRP/UAT Entrance/Exit criteria  Agree on a document approval timeline (sample below) 10
  11. 11. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Show the interdependency and emphasize criticality of getting sign off on documents on-time 11
  12. 12. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Discuss and come to an agreement with the client on:  ‘Ballpark’ work estimates will NOT be given based on high level requirement  Alternately, define slab based estimate to indicate variance. For e.g. Class100/50/10:  Class 50 means ballpark estimate can be plus or minus 50% after functional document is signed off  This approach is better than giving an estimate with assumptions. Assumptions are always forgotten  Work estimate for each requirement (unless planned together) will be presented as an independent project – it should include time to write documents, testing, re-testing etc  Use Oracle AIM MD020 or other tools for estimation 12
  13. 13. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Prepare initial version of project cost/revenue trackingEnsure business users have started preparing test scenarios/cases (Both within a track and cross-track)Get time commitment from business on various activities like document review, testing etc.Ensure “As-Is” process diagrams are mapped to “To- Be” – Samples in next 4 slidesAlways remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln:  “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hour sharpening the ax” 13
  14. 14. AS-IS Diagram – (Monthly Train Schedule) Part 1 of 2 A 14
  15. 15. AS-IS Diagram – (Monthly Train Schedule) Part 2 of 2A 15
  16. 16. TO-BE Diagram – (Monthly Train Schedule) Part 1 of 2 A 16
  17. 17. TO-BE Diagram – (Monthly Train Schedule) Part 2 of 2A 17
  18. 18. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Critical Path 101  Critical path is tasks B-C-F-G  Any delay will push the project dates out 18
  19. 19. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Critical path with variability  Adding mean estimates  21 days  Adding worst case  32 days 19
  20. 20. Initiation/Planning Phase contd.. Randomness  If our estimate is close to the mean then there is equal chance of being late as of being early  Pretty much zero chance of ending on time!! 50% of the 50% of thetime we will time we will be early be late 20
  21. 21. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Randomness on critical path  Situation when early completion is not possible  Only chance is being late 21
  22. 22. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..How do we reduce variability?  Add buffer to each task  But this doesn’t work due to “student syndrome” and/or “let’s make sure” approach 22
  23. 23. Initiation/Planning Phase contd..Approach 1  Early finish never propagates, but late finish surely will !! 23
  24. 24. Initiation/Planning Phase contd.. Approach 2 – Include design assumptionsRICEW* LIST 24*Reports, Interfaces, Conversion, Extension, Workflows
  25. 25. Project Deliverable - Initiation/Planning Phase Project Management Related Solution Related Deliverables DeliverablesRequirements To be business process flow (new orDefinition Assessment Project management plan mapped on “As-Is” flow)Workshops Workshop Findings, recommendations Workshop Agendas and Materials Initial Requirements Mapping / Gap MS Project Management plan Documents (BR035) Communication plan Steering committee participants and presentation formatSolution Design and Overall benefit map for the project Finalized Gap Document (BR035)Functional Specification (Optional) Initial Oracle To-Be Process Flow (Future Initial risk log Process Document-BR010) Data Migration Strategy and Conversion Setup/Initiate issue tracking system Plan (CV055 Conversion Data) Instance Strategy Document Team member roles/responsibilities Integration Strategy (TA.040) RAAIO Log Initial Functional Specifications (MD050) On-boarding document Key decision log Project finance tracking (Monthly) RICEW List/Estimation Matrix 25
  26. 26. Execution and Control PhaseAfter requirement session use prioritization worksheetUse Object Tracking Tool for maintaining deliverable statusDevelopment should not be started unless business provides test scenariosPrepare entrance/exit criteria for each test cyclesIssue disposition during test cycles  Defect / Training log / Parking lot 26
  27. 27. Execution and Control Phase contd.Ensure risk log is updated on a weekly basisDo not use % completion field in MS Project Plan. Instead use actual work and remaining duration fields  Earned value is calculated accurately with actual/remaining workStart preparing training plan and contentUse Change Request and Log for new requirementsStart preparing methods to tie up converted data between source and target systemsFew critical concepts in next few slides  Customer should always give the exact requirement – is it true?  Customer perspective of the system 27
  28. 28. Conflicting Approaches Scene 1 Scene 2 ClientCustomer tells exactlywhat is needed andthe shopkeeperdelivers it Consultant Customer tells the “symptoms” and the doctor diagnose the issue and prescribes a medicine Both Scene 1 and 2 alone will not work Best practice is to take a blended approach 28
  29. 29. Customer Perspective - Example Insurance company#1DAY You are in a car accident. Called the company. Company want you to call the agent. You 1 call the agent and could only reach voice mailDAY 2 Able to reach the agent. Someone from claim office will call youDAY 3 Claim is not yet assigned to a rep yetDAY You have a pain in the neck. Friend helps you to get medicine. Claim rep had left a v/mail 4 on your home phone 29
  30. 30. Customer Perspective - Example Insurance company#1 – Contd..DAY You get connected to claim rep. But he handles only auto claim, not medical issues. 5DAY 6 Car is taken to a mechanic and received a rental car. Neck is still hurtingDAY 7 It is a SundayDAY 8 Call from second claim rep who handles medical issues 30
  31. 31. Customer Perspective - Example Insurance company#1 – Contd.. SUCCESS# 1 All calls should be reported through agents SUCCESS# 2 Assignment must occur within one business day of being reported by the agent SUCCESS# 3 Claim rep should contact the customer within one business day 100% SUCCESS IN CLAIM HANDLING Claim should be assigned based on specialty SUCCESS# 4 (auto/medical)But customer is already looking for another insurance. Key take away is system thinking vs. silo thinking 31
  32. 32. Customer Perspective - Example Insurance company# 2DAY 1 You are in a car accident. Called the company. Claim rep called in 10 minutes and arrived at scene in another 10 minutes. Rep arranged an appointment with doctor next day Rental car arrived in next 30 minutes Tow truck arrived in 30 minutes and took the car End of 1 hr all issues have been taken care!! 32
  33. 33. Project Deliverable – Execution and Control Phase Project Management Related Solution Related Deliverables DeliverablesCRP I Data Conversion Templates (CV.060) Validate entrance criteria for CRP I Deliverable status log (End of each test cycle) CRP I Configuration Documents (Set-Up Initial survey using Value at risk Document BR100). assessment tool (Optional) CRP I Test Results and document Final Functional Specifications (MD050) findings and issues Business flow scenarios based on the solution design given in the signed BR010 MS Project Plan updates (Weekly) document Test data setup Change Request and Log as needed First version for Configuration Documents Validate exit criteria for CRP I and get for each functional project track (BR100 sign off from business Set up document) Updated Business Test Scenarios Final Oracle To-Be Process Flow BR010 (Solution Design Doc) MD050 for all RICEW components Work estimation (Oracle AIM - MD020) Begin MD070 preparation Begin development of RICEW components 33
  34. 34. Project Deliverable – Execution and Control Phase Solution Related Deliverables Project Management Related DeliverablesCRP2/System Configured SIT Instance Validate entrance criteria for CRP II/SITIntegration Test Finalize technical specification (MD070) Start preparing training plan for R.I.C.E CRP II Test Results and document Load validate converted data findings and issues Updated version for Configuration Validate exit criteria for CRP II and get Documents for each functional project sign off from business track (BR100 Set up document) Updated Business Test Scenarios (if needed) Complete documentation for technical specification (MD070) Rework of RICEW components as needed 34
  35. 35. System Deployment PhasePrepare project readiness checklist and cutover plan before final UAT  Plan for an intranet website to publish hr to hr status of the cutover process so that the organization can view progress  Document contingency plan (for e.g. how to ship materials manually if the system crashes on go live day)Ensure mock cutover activities are performed to perfect the timing  Include month end financial closeAlways plan for a mock go live before go live – copy gold instance with full data and setups 35
  36. 36. System Deployment PhaseEnsure at least one day of testing in UAT is performed with all automated programs scheduled as in production along with other manual transactional activities  Many issues during first week of go live attributes to one program stepping on another when they were launched simultaneously  During test cycles programs are launched manually and hence the chances of 2 or more programs running simultaneously are pretty lowEnsure business users are 100% trained on the system and they drive the UAT testing Last but not the least, drink plenty of water during cutover and go live week  36
  37. 37. Project Deliverable – System Deployment Phase Project Management Related Solution Related Deliverables Deliverables Configured UAT Instance with convertedUAT Validate entrance criteria for UAT data and custom objects installed Complete findings for UAT Test Results Train Client super users (trainers) Document Complete final version for Configuration Finalize cutover plan Documents (Set-Up Document BR100) Lead the creation and execution of the Prepare and publish project readiness Cut-Over plan checklist Get cutover status intranet website ready (optional) Validate exit criteria for UAT and getEnd User Training Training Materials sign off from business Train the Trainer program execution Execute final end user training 37
  38. 38. Post Production/TransitionPrepare “PM.010 Transition Strategy” and/or “PM.030 Transition And Contingency Plan” (Oracle AIM)  Make it clear how client team will acquire knowledge and what documents will be provided as a part of knowledge transfer  Ensure tier 1 support is provided by project team during first 3-4 weeksPrepare lessons learned with input from client business and ITPrepare project completion reportEstablish a workflow for issue resolution (see samples in next 2 slides) 38
  39. 39. Issue resolution workflow – Sample 1 39
  40. 40. Issue resolution workflow – Sample 2 Having an issue tracking software (like Remedy) helps track these lead times 40
  41. 41. End goal is to avoid the below B C A 41When A = B, but B not=C, we have defect When A not = B we have change request
  42. 42. …and certainly this ! 42
  43. 43. Backup Slides
  44. 44. Project Plan If milestone is due within 3 days and the progress >= 80% then status = Yellow If milestone is due within 3 days and the progress < 80% then status = Red For tasks If today (date) is past the start date of the task and progress is reported < (days since start/duration) then Yellow to indicate a task with insufficient progress. 44
  45. 45. Instance Plan Zero slack. Any delay will push the timeline. Only alternate plan is to run UAT in CRP3 instance Mock Go Live – Final test before cutover 45
  46. 46. Instance Plan 46
  47. 47. Status Dashboard 47
  48. 48. Sample Benefit MapComplete DesiredProject or Result of the part of a program project Outcome 48
  49. 49. Risk Log 49
  50. 50. RACI Chart 50
  51. 51. Requirement Prioritization 51
  52. 52. Deliverable Status Log Advance notice to indicate when a Keeps track of # document will be of days taken for sent for review review and approval 52
  53. 53. Key Decision Log 53
  54. 54. Test Script Within a Track (Summary) 54
  55. 55. Test Script Within a Track (Detail) 55
  56. 56. Cross Track Test Script 56
  57. 57. Project Readiness Scorecard Green when High Priority Issue=0 and medium issue < 5 Yellow when High > 0 but < 3 and medium >5 and < 10 Red when High >3 57
  58. 58. Cutover Plan (Hr by Hr) 58
  59. 59. Contingency Plan Template 59
  60. 60. Thank you for inputs:- Ramesh Doraiswamy ( 60