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Basis forunityproject draft

  1. 1. A Social Venture Proposal to SupportOccupying the Future… with love…
  2. 2. • Inclusive• Collaborative• Consensus Driven• Transparent• Respectful of Diversity
  3. 3. Collaborating with NGO’s and First Nations Groups onmajor pipeline and tanker resistance initiativesOrganizing pipeline workshopWorking with BCTF on a series of actionsWorking with the BC Fed and the Vancouver Districtand Labour Council on May Day eventEngaging unions to discuss May Day, Day of ActionEngaged with OWS Global Square team that is buildingthe ‘facebook for Occupy’Engaged with StartSomeGood, crowdsourcing team todevelop ‘tribesourcing’ modelOrganizing crowdsourcing/’tribesourcing’ workshop
  4. 4. General Meets Sat at 1pm andAssembly Wed at 7pm at W2 Media Café, 111 W. Hastings (at Abbott)Spokes Council Meets Sun at 1pm and Wed at 7pm at W2 Media Café, 111 W. Hastings (at Abbott)
  5. 5. Food Not The money spent by the worldsBombs governments on weapons in one week is enough to feed all the people on earth for a year. Vancouver Food Not Bombs is the local chapter of an international network of autonomous collectives that challenge this gross misallocation of resourcesDirect Action We conduct various actions to raise awareness on issues relating to homelessness, environmental degradation and economic and political injustice!Media We manage the website, make sure all events and major meetings are livestreamed, and promote Occupy Vancouver via social media.
  6. 6. Floccupy A Floccupation happens when people follow some basic principles: We meet in public. When we meet, we prepare for the next time we meet. We work out a date, time and place for our next meeting. Each time we meet, we meet for a longer duration than our current meeting. It prepares us psychologically and tactically for occupying public space!Occupied Vancouver Sun We go to print every two weeks and are always looking for those to help withWorking Group creating content as well as joining our street teams to help with distribution!OV Environmental Justice Focusing its efforts on the raising awareness about and developing actions inWorking Group relation to the Keystone and Northern Gateway pipelinesOV Political Justice Working Focusing on exposing different ways in which money corrupts the politicalGroup process and exploring strategies to bring about changeOV Economic Justice Working Focusing on exposing the ways in which the centralization of financial powerGroup and income inequality leads to substantial social problems, environmental problems etcOV Labour Strategy Working Focusing its efforts on developing relationships with unions and rank and fileGroup so as to organize joint direct actions and eventsOccupy Love Is organizing flash mobs, skytrain jams, spontaneous dance events, decentralized dance parties and all kinds of fun activities!OV Music Festival Working Is organizing a large music festival in the summer that will include music,Group workshops, booths, food and lots of dancing and fun times!Occupy Wild Salmon Working For the love and protection of Wild Salmon. A Workgroup started out ofGroup OccupyVancouver. Hoping to share concepts about non-violent, creative direct action for change that will ensure the long term sustainability of a precious food sources and a keystone species of our ECO System.
  7. 7. Occupied Vancouver Sun NewspaperOV Voice: Co-Op RadioOV LivestreamYoutube videos, documentaries etc... We havehundreds of hours of recorded sound and video
  8. 8. Local LocalConsensus Consensus Local Consensus Local Consensus Local Local Local Consensus Consensus Consensus Global Consensus Local Local Local Consensus Consensus Consensus Collaboration Technology Layer: Global Square Project
  9. 9. To develop and implement innovative, collaborative models, processes and infrastructure that serves to unify the general public and the institutions that represent the general public
  10. 10. Systemic problems require collaboration acrossall public institutionsThe infrastructure and processes forcollaboration across institutions (organizationalboundaries) has not been developedThere is too much focus on what divides us andnot enough attention paid to our areas ofcommon ground.
  11. 11. General PublicAcademia First Collaboration Nations Infrastructure and Processes Physical Space Govern- Unions ment Social Business
  12. 12. Stakeholders StakeholdersOV Enviro-Justice OV Economic WG Justice WG Environ Econ- -mental omic Justice Justice Political Justice OV Political Justice WG Stakeholders
  13. 13. Networking Coordinating Cooperating Collaborating
  14. 14. Activities Goals TrustNetworking Exchanging Low Trust information for mutual benefitCoordination Exchanging Goals are Some Trust information complementary (not Modifying activities: in conflict) regular meetings etc.Cooperation Exchanging Goals are compatible Moderate Trust information Modifying activities Sharing resourcesCollaboration Exchanging Some goals are High Trust information equivalent Modifying activities Sharing resources Co-Creating (sharing risks and rewards)
  15. 15. Occupy has substantial experience running large group consensus models that include strongly diverging opinionsAlternative consensus and collaboration based models can be explored
  16. 16. ConsensusAlgorithmically based – PartyX, for example
  17. 17. Basis for Unity TeamFacilitatorsConflict ResolutionTechnology services consulting
  18. 18. Conversation Spaces• Skype• Facebook Group• MumbleInformation Spaces• Wiki• Google Documents
  19. 19. Process Consulting Collaboration and consensus buildingWeb Consulting Collaboration InfrastructureIssue Based Workshops
  20. 20. Receive Monthly Contributions from Stakeholders Stakeholder Amount Unions First Nations Academia Social Business Government General Public (TribeSourcing)
  21. 21. Ongoing Monthly CostRequirementExecutive Director $3000Volunteer/Outreach $2500Fundraising/TribeSourcing $2500Office Lease $2500Other $2000 $12,000