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Sap Online Training
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Sap Online Training


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SAP online training services by Keylabs covers all SAP Technical Modules and SAP Functional Modules. Instructor led SAP online training is offered for students from USA and other nations.

SAP online training services by Keylabs covers all SAP Technical Modules and SAP Functional Modules. Instructor led SAP online training is offered for students from USA and other nations.

Published in: Education

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  • 2. What is SAP SAPstands for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. – A ERP dynamo SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world. TheSAP R/3 system is a business software package designed to integrate all areas of a business.
  • 3. Language Support SAP supports multi-national character sets and languages on the same system, at the same time. Default languages are English and German.
  • 4. Overview of SAP Tables kjdnc kjd jdu uyqew ygsdvx eyu8 lkjmnzc jueukcn h83m ljdnbu jd833 83vbBusiness Transactions jdu eyu8 h83 83vb jdu eyu8 kjdnc uyqew lkjmnzc ljdnbu jdu kjd ygsdvx jueukcn jd833 jdu eyu8 h83m 83vb h83m eyu8 kjdnc kjd jdu 83vb h83 uyqew ygsdvx eyu8 jdu 83vb lkjmnzc jueukcn h83m eyu8 jdu ljdnbu jd833 83vb Master Data eyu8 kjdnc kjd jdu h83m uyqew ygsdvx eyu8 83vb lkjmnzc jueukcn h83m jdu ljdnbu jd833 83vb SAP Transactions eyu8 kjdnc uyqew lkjmnzc ljdnbu kjdnc uyqew kjd ygsdvx jueukcn jd833 kjd ygsdvx jdu eyu8 h83m 83vb jdu eyu8 Reports Documents Examples: • Purchase Order • InvoiceExamples:• Sales Orders• List of Customers
  • 5. SAP Overview SAP R/3 is an Enterprise Resource Planning application, or ERP. An ERP is an integrated information system that usually serves many departments within a company. You may hear SAP R/3 called simply SAP or R/3
  • 6. SAP R/3 Application Integrated Comprehensive solutions functionality SD FI Sales & Financial Distribution Accounting Open MM CO Materials Controlling systems Mgmt. PP AA Production Asset Designed Planning R/3 Accounting for all types of businessClient / serverarchitecture QM Client / Server PS Project Quality Mgmt. ABAP System PM Plant WF Maintenance Workflow HR IS Enterprise data Human Industry Multinational model Resources Solutions Euro Y2K 6
  • 7. Why - SAP R/3 has been successful  Real time processing with an integrated suite of client/server applications.  Comprehensive  Open  Business Process orientation  Fully Integrated business process  Modular Structure  International – yet consistent  Providing maximum flexibility & Scalability  Strong backbone for future technologies.  OSS 24 hr support available.7
  • 8. SAP Terminology TRANSACTION A transaction is a task that you perform in SAP Any time you view a report, or create or display a document you are running a transaction.
  • 9. TRANSACTION CODE Most transactions within SAP areassociated with a four-character codecalled a transaction code. This transaction code can be used in thecommand field to jump directly to atransaction without having to follow thenavigation path.
  • 10. SAP – system landscapeServerClient
  • 11. Sample SAP System Landscape Development Testing Production Database Servers Application Servers Presentation Servers
  • 12. SAP vs MS Office Database and Application Server Nothing is saved on your PC. Only things saved on our server in Missouri are saved, and they are saved for good.
  • 13. Contact InformationFor more InformationVisit : us : info@keylabstraining.comPh : Hyd : +91 -95506-45679, USA : 1-(908)-366-7933