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Sos guide uk Document Transcript

  • 1. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 7 Vital Keys No One Should Miss When Renting Office Space in 2011
  • 2. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: The advice in this guide is priceless… It’s based on our 16 years of experience providing offices for companies like …and thousands of fantastic smaller companies. In fact, we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else (since 1993). If you’re too busy to read it all, don’t worry! Here’s an easy alternative: we will do all the work for you—100% free. We search the whole UK market, and we are passionate about how to get you the best office deals. At the moment, because of our size, we can get up to 40% off as well as one month free for some offices, and you won’t have to lift a finger. The quickest way to find out is to call us now free on FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 (or +44 (0)20 8909 5222 from outside the UK).
  • 3. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 1 Learn what FRI is and why it can be a nightmare if you don’t understand it. FRI – what a Full Repairing and Insuring Lease really means? Did you know when you take an FRI (full repairing and insuring) lease on office space you are taking on responsibility not just for your office space but also your fair share of the “FULL” upkeep and maintenance of the entire building? So on top of your rent bills to the You’ll also pay for roof replacement landlord, rates payments to the local (again despite being on the ground authority and the standard (“ordinary”) floor). service charge bills covering electricity, buildings insurance, cleaning (not of As if that’s not enough your liabilities your office space but just the cleaning do not end on the day that your leave of the building common parts i.e. the office either. If your lease expires hallways, staircases, WC’s), you will also or you assign the lease to another have to pay your share of“extraordinary” company (as long as you receive expenses that the landlord has incurred landlord’s consent to do so which when “REPAIRING” the building. cannot unreasonably be withheld), you will still be required to make Examples include when the façade of payments for these items, because the building is being cleaned/repaired, the calculations are made well after or repair or replacements to the lift the year end, and the year end may be (no discount because you are on the several months after you have vacated ground floor!) or redecorating the common parts of the building.
  • 4. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: These charges are paid for by the tenants in two ways… 1) By way of additional service charge This is the nightmare we referred to, payments. The service charge is an because it can quite literally drain estimated cost that the landlord makes your cash flow – after all you did sign at the start of the year. At the end of the lease which does entitle your the year, the landlord/managing agent landlord to be reimbursed for these totals up all the expenses, then adds extraordinary costs. on a management fee (usually 5% sometimes more) and then sends out So is there a better alternative? additional invoices to the tenants that covers the extraordinary expenditure ie Of course... those costs that are over and above the estimated. In full serviced office space, the operator does not look to recover extraordinary 2) The other way of covering these costs expenses from the tenants. The is by way of a sinking fund. Essentially serviced office operator simply pays it this is a bit like paying a regular amount themselves. This is obviously a major into a savings policy for a rainy day. That benefit to the tenants but it is not way at the end of the year, the funds in something that is widely known about the sinking fund are used to cover these or talked about. expenses (but if there is not enough in it then you will have to pay your fair share to top it up). We love serviced office space as an alternative because... One Easy Monthly Fee covers everything - no hidden costs No nasty financial (FRI) shocks from sudden repair bills etc... ever! Walk away when you decide to leave - no extra repair bills follow you FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 5. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 2 Which Business Centres can you trust & why are we even qualified to talk on this?. Well, we were established in 1993 and it’s fair to say that we’ve dealt with every serviced office operator you’re ever likely to come across – so we really do know their inside story. And that means you never need to place Without independent, impartial expert advice, yourself in a position of embarrassment in a finding the right serviced office to suit your needs board meeting having to explain why you can be very complex. That’s one of the reasons SOS made a decision to sign a lease on an office was established in the first place, way back in 1993. that then goes on to cause nothing but trouble to your bosses and accountants. At the time there was not one single commercial real estate consultancy that purely specialised in Better still you can win yourself some brownie the business centre/serviced office market. points instead by demonstrating your knowledge of your landlord or business centre We were the first – and we still are! – because they’ve all been vetted by us and you already know they have a proven track Back then however there was nowhere for tenants record of excellence. It’s why clients like BT, to go to get advice on which business centre was Nokia Siemens, Intel, Apple, Farmers Insurance best for them and like anything else in life, they and Wells Fargo, trust us too, because they come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees can’t afford to get it wrong. of amenities and features, so choosing was a complicated decision.
  • 6. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: Others have since tried to duplicate our model, Class A Facilities, Class B, modern, traditional, but you cannot duplicate experience and over contemporary, cheap and cheerful, highly the past 16 years we have visited hundreds prestigious, you name it, we list it. So don’t of business centres all over the country and plough through a random selection, we will worldwide – this depth of knowledge is what select a customised short list for you. This gives enables us to give you firsthand experience and you the peace of mind that when you commit feedback. We are, if you like, the “Trip Advisor” you have done so with the benefit of knowing of our industry. that you have checked every possible office available at the price and terms you want in the And the good news is since 1993 we have built current market. Best, of all we’ll have done the exceptional relationships with all the various hard work for you. different groups of business centre operators, not just some of them, but ALL of them. In total Does business centre availability fluctuate? Yes, there are more than 1500 in the UK alone, 3000 but not so much in the way you might expect. in USA and several thousand more throughout You can compare the business centre market the world. This means...with SOS you can be with the hotel industry. If you search for a hotel assured you are totally informed and educated in London or New York, the actual list will often about ALL the alternatives, especially before contain similar listings from one month to the you sign on that dotted line. next. However what does change on a daily basis (just like in hotels) is the availability within each business centre. And this is why it is so important to talk to us about any particular properties you are interested in. We have real-time knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s availability and that can mean you can get deals on offices that are not even listed yet... or at rates far cheaper than others even know about.
  • 7. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: We know about tomorrow’s availability because Not only do we know buildings well, but we the business centre owners keep us in the also know the sales managers within them. “availability” loop and we are constantly talking Our warm relations with the sales managers to them about our clients requirements. It’s are good for you because we know where all worth noting that if your exact configuration the deals are and which properties have special needs are not currently available, some offers. Now you may think that in this economic operators will create your bespoke office for climate there are deals available everywhere. you - speak to one of our consultants for more information about this. Well…. there are deals, and there are DEALS. So why is our long relationship with the We know where to find them because the Business Centres and Landlords good for you? sales managers offering them are constantly reminding us. And we are proud to say that It’s simple... many of these deals are exclusively available to clients of SOS, and this is great news for you. We love helping people find serviced office space because... We’ve been doing it longer than anyone else - since 1993 We have the best relationships with the business centres - we negotiate for you Because of our relationships we get the best deals - like up to 40% off just now FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 8. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 3 Never EVER DO THIS - Do you know why you should never calculate your office space requirements in square feet or square metres? Getting this wrong is surprisingly easy and can be quite costly in certain cases. Why? So to accommodate 4 people, you can Because in a serviced office, you only pay for comfortably get into 350/400 square feet, what you use, all the other areas you have to about 35/40 square metres, (to be precise 1 pay rent for in a conventional office, such as square foot = .0929 square metres). corridors, IT rooms, breakout/Internet areas, etc are in essence FREE - but only if you rent a fully So now compare your “rent only” (i.e. exclusive serviced office . of all other outgoings and set up costs) budget of £30,000 per annum with, let’s say, That’s right, all these extras are included in for example £600 per desk per month (current your rental so why bother paying rent all year average central London ball park pricing) round for a meeting room that for example you fully inclusive of rent, rates, service charge may only use once a week? It’s far more cost (maintenance costs), and SETUPCOSTS (e.g. effective to pay-as-you-go instead – because furniture, IT, Telecoms carpets, partitioning, with a serviced office space you can simply photocopiers, fax machines etc etc) i.e. £28,800 book a meeting room when you really need it pa – surprised? I thought so! and not have to pay for it at other times. £30,000 pa excluding rates and service charge If only we had a pound for every time a client (conventional space) who called us saying “I am looking for 1000 £28,800 pa including rates, service charge and square feet”? When we ask how many people SET-UP COSTS (serviced offices). or desks (workstations) they are looking for, they will often reply 3 or 4. Let’s pause for a moment – side by side, which seems a better deal to you? We’re thinking (wow, that’s a lot of space for 3 people. And we ask what the budget is and they Now let’s examine the comment “plus some say something like £30 per square foot. That’s expansion space because we may be recruiting £30,000 per annum budgeted for rent only. Now, soon”. It’s amazing how many times I have let’s just think about this for a moment. Do you walked into conventional leased offices and know how many desks you can comfortably fit seen so much space sitting empty within the into 1000 square feet? The answer is around 12, suite itself... completely wasted, and yet being but let’s say 10 to be generous. paid for by the tenant.
  • 9. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: Conventional Office Space Vs Serviced Office Space Save up to 60% on your office costs today! Option 1 Option 2 Conventional Office Space Serviced Office Space * Find location * Find location * Sort contract * Sign contract * Fixed contract!!! * Move in * Organise office fitters * Everything included * Buy office furniture o Furniture * Arrange IT installation o Equipment * Find receptionist!!!! o IT * Pay estate agents o Telecoms * Pay surveyors & lawyers o Reception * Pay all monthly bills!! o Maintenance * Service charges * No extras, no hassle * Taxes * Fully flexible Terms from only * Office maintenance * Repairs * Utilities 1 Month * Cleaner * Building insurance Total saving with Business Centers upto 60% v’s conventional lease! To find out how Search Office Space can cut your office costs please visit or call 0800 327 7347
  • 10. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: The landlord is making a tidy profit of course This is very difficult to get right as you can see but the tenant is left scratching their head but with serviced office the exact opposite is the wondering why they signed for such a large case... suite of office space in the first place. In conclusion the serviced office alternative just With a traditional office lease it’s really not gets better and the savings just keep rolling in i.e. the tenant’s fault because none of us have a in a business centre, you can expand, downsize or crystal ball, we can’t tell the future, therefore even relocate at short notice. So there’s no need when a tenant is about to sign a new 5 or 10 to pay rent on space that sits empty, simply grow year lease, they must make the choice right into space (subject to availability, which in the then as to whether extra space will be needed. current market, it usually is) within the building you are in, as and when you need it. We love pricing serviced office space for our clients because... You only pay for the space you really need - not fortunes on wasted space You get extra space like IT rooms, breakout and Internet areas FREE Easy to upsize and downsize according to your business growth Preserve your capital - stop wasting rent on larger space than you need FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 11. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 4 How to reserve an office, even if you’re not ready to move in yet. Most Office Managers are trapped into believing they can’t reserve the office they want for the future… don’t be one of them. Easily reserve your offices in advance – using this But when you find an office you really like, that simple ploy. This point is wonderfully simple to do. suits you perfectly, don’t assume that the office Yes, it’s true; you can sign an agreement now with a is going to wait for you; it won’t - because good delayed move in date. offices at a fair price go fast. It’s similar to when you buy a house or a flat, where you might exchange contracts now, but with a Remember the old property adage…Location, delayed completion. The most common reason to Location, Location? delay completion is because it suits the buyer for a variety of reasons. However the most common It’s important to you because in a recession or a reason, in the office space market, is that doing so boom, the best locations always survive. When allows you to avoid double rent. the business cycle is in boom time and it’s a bull market, demand is so great that tenants start So to clarify, you may be paying rent on an office considering other locations; locations previously now, waiting for the lease to expire or waiting while known as “fringe” are suddenly more in demand. you try to find a tenant to take over your existing They achieve “up and coming” status a bit like lease, which is also known as taking an assignment “emerging” markets. of your lease – and of course you don’t want to pay for your new office while still stuck with the old. This is because the more established prime Or perhaps you don’t have an existing lease, maybe locations are“full up”i.e. no space left or it’s because you are a new start up business, nearly in a position rents have climbed too high (at the height of the to take your first office (how exciting) but not quite market recently in 2007/early 2008, top office ready. rents on the best space in Mayfair, Central London reached £120 per square foot, yes £120!!) and as a Perhaps you are sorting out your business bank result tenants look elsewhere. However when the account, or recruiting staff (remember you could cycle changes and the bear market kicks in, these consider the existing on-site support staff of the up and coming locations are the first and worst business centre on pay-as- you-go basis), whatever hit. Rents fall quickly and suddenly these locations it is, these things take time. achieve “fringe” status again.
  • 12. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: Granted, there is more supply than demand right now, but even in a recession the best space in the best locations is still in demand. In June 2009, there have been two examples (one in London’s Fitzrovia, another in Manhattan’s Chelsea) where our clients (despite our recommendations) have been left very disappointed by losing out on space in a business centre, where another tenant appeared late on the scene and secured the space. This happened because they delayed a decision just too long. So, the moral of this story is that if you see an office that you like, and it’s available at the right price, secure it quickly because as you can see from the examples above. But don’t worry, just because you “secure” the office does not mean that you have to pay rent on it from day one, because you don’t. Here’s how you do it... Most business centre operators will reserve The other question most people ask is how the office for you and allow a period of grace, long will the landlord wait, how long a period whilst you do what you need to do. This is of grace will they give you. Well there is no very common, especially considering current hard and fast rule on this, as you might expect, market conditions; however as the market picks this varies with each operator, depending on up, then landlords will be less willing to be as their circumstances. accommodating. So what does the business centre operator need From our experience we find this is generally from you in order to 100% reserve the office? between 1 to 6 months but can even be longer depending on circumstances. So don’t lose Firstly you need to sign the agreement, and your perfect office just because you think you also pay a deposit, usually one month’s rent. can’t move in immediately. Call us today and However we are aware of at least two operators we will help you reserve the office you want of serviced office centres in London that do not before someone else beats you to it... even if require a deposit at all - not to reserve the office you’re not quite ready to move in. and not even when you move in. Call us now and we will be happy to negotiate this for you. We love to reserve serviced office space in advance for clients because... It’s easy for us to do for you - because of our 16 years track record Clients are not stuck paying two rents while they wait to move We save clients money by locking in low rates for them - before they go up FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 13. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 5 What does “dilapidations payments” really mean? And why misunderstanding this clause, could cause you to face huge unexpected reinstatement bills of thousands of pounds or even more. To begin with, when you sign a conventional lease, Firstly this makes the space look larger, cleaner as well as committing to the full repair obligations and fresher i.e. easier to lease out and secondly it which we have already detailed, you also commit is unlikely that a new tenant will want the same to the dilapidations liability. configuration as the previous occupier. This means that, at the end of your lease, by law you must return the space to the landlord in In order to keep a record of the condition of the exactly the way that you found it. Many tenants office and layout, the tenant and landlord agree make the mistake of thinking that if the space is what is known as a “schedule of condition”, which left in good condition, then that will suffice but will usually contain photographic evidence of the nothing could be further from the truth. condition of the space at the start of the lease. Unfortunately this is not the case. The space may Reinstating office space that is in perfectly have to be redecorated/refurbished, and also re- good condition and ripping out high quality carpeted plus (worst of all) …..reinstated back into partitioning and carpets may seem unreasonable, open plan configuration - this means you may but it’s the law. Yes, many think English leases have to take out all existing cabling, partitioning, should be simplified and shortened, but as which will most likely still be in excellent condition things stand, this is the reality. And considering and cost the tenant an awful lot of money. This how protective the freeholders (owners of the can obviously be very expensive at the very time property) are of their prized assets, it is very when the tenant needs every penny they can get unlikely to change in the near future. to move on into their next office. To sum up then, you can easily see why The reason landlords insist on this is because when dilapidations, together with full repairing lease they lease out empty space they like to show it in obligations means that conventional leases open plan format, clear of all partitions. legally bind the tenant to incur many future costs.
  • 14. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: From our experience it’s very rare indeed that Some operators do make a charge but it is on these are budgeted for, appreciated or fully the basis of a pre-determined fixed cost per understood by many tenants. It is also extremely workstation – call us to clarify who does and unusual for tenants to include these costs in cost who doesn’t. For those that do, it is possible comparisons, when weighing up the pros and for us to successfully negotiate the removal cons of conventional leases over serviced offices. of this clause. This is part of the reason why the total occupancy You will also save more time and money costs of conventional office space versus serviced because serviced office agreements are very office space, are rarely fully understood. And too short and simple to understand. They do often, tenants find out the hard way that actually not contain reams and reams of small print serviced offices are far better value than first with hard to understand legal jargon but are realised. written in plain English and on one piece of paper. With a simple, one page serviced Thankfully you don’t have to worry about these agreement your legal costs would be a extra expenses and issues with dilapidations or fraction in comparison with an old fashioned crushing repair obligations when you sign an lease. agreement in a serviced office. We hate ‘Dilapidation Law’ but love serviced office space because... You avoid paying huge dilapidation payments! You can stop renting your offices without worry of huge reinstatement bills You know your financial commitment before signing the agreement FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 15. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 6 The common mistakes people make when pricing or comparing fully serviced office space with traditional office space. Discover what the key differences are and why serviced space is far less expensive as a result. Mistake No1: Not realising that your quote for conventional office space ONLY pays for RENT. You will have to pay extra for all other outgoings and costs such as rates, service charges, cleaning, telephones, IT, security etc What’s the solution to Mistake No1? Well, serviced office rents INCLUDE all of the following - rent, rates, service charge, cleaning, use of telephones and high speed internet access plus much, much more. Mistake No2: Not considering how costly future financial obligations associated with traditional leasing in connection with dilapidations, together with full repairing and insuring lease obligations will be. In our experience these are rarely taken into consideration at the outset. What’s the solution to Mistake No2? Well considering that serviced office space removes all problems associated with the second most common mistake above, you may like to compare which gives you more value, security and peace of mind. With the serviced office model, it is much easier to predict your financial commitment moving forward and can plan accordingly. Mistake No3: Not budgeting correctly for the capital expenditure on set-up costs required to get the offices into a fully operational condition What’s the solution to Mistake No3? Think about renting fully serviced space as an alternative to having to spend your companies hard earned money on setting up an office in the conventional sense - because with serviced office space you can move in pretty much immediately and the offices are 100% ready to use with use with state of the art facilities and no extra expense other than one simple fee for your rent. Everything else is included.
  • 16. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: So as you can see when you compare like You can do just that with serviced office space for like and total occupancy costs are taken but most definitely not possible in traditional into consideration, serviced offices are a very leasehold offices. cost effective solution and alternative to conventional space. There is more though... When you sign a conventional lease you are committed to the space that you initially For example in the current financial climate acquire. If you expand or contract, you either priorities for many tenants are flexibility (ie have to “make do” (far from ideal for your easy-in- easy-out terms, plus the ability to business plans) or assign your lease or wait until easily up-size and down-size and preservation it expires. of capital, so that you can spend your cash on growing your business. When you assign your lease, depending on It makes more sense to pay one flat fee that current market conditions prevailing at the includes everything without having to worry time, your lease may be an asset or a liability. about extra cash outlays and unexpected Right now in the current market, chances are, bills that come as standard with conventional your lease is a liability. It will probably take you renting. a long time to assign the lease plus there is more potentially bad news as you’ll see in the Let’s look at flexibility for a second... next paragraph. When you take space on a conventional lease If you signed a new lease or had a rent review you really need to take extra space on the day (upward only I’m afraid) at the top of the market, you sign your lease, just in case you may grow then the passing rent (rent payable to landlord) into it in the future. You will be paying for it that you are paying will definitely not be the even if you don’t use it for months, or even current market rent. Sadly it will be lower. So, years ahead. even if you are lucky enough to find a tenant, they will, understandably, insist on a “reverse There is an alternative…wouldn’t it be great to premium” being paid to them. only pay rent on the space you need now, as Not understanding reverse premiums is another opposed to paying rent on office space that you mistake that’s commonly made – here’s how it don’t actually need at the outset? works...
  • 17. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: This is basically a sum of money paid to the new In serviced offices, this issue is not applicable tenant to reflect the fact that they are inheriting because you can either give notice (30 days, an overpriced rent. So for example, for 1000 3 or 6 months depending on your license square feet, the rent passing is £50 per square agreement) or wait till the license expires; foot (psf ), as agreed in say September 2007, but usually licenses are signed for no more than a the current market value for the same space is year. £35psf. However - in the current climate, if you can fix So that’s £15psf x 1000sf x 3 years (length of time for longer at these crazy low rents, then we until the lease expires) = £45,000 (the figure would recommend you consider this. You can will be a little less because this amount will be definitely secure some incredible long term amortised as this payment is upfront and in one bargains by doing this. hit). £45,000 is a lot of money in anyone’s books. If however the opposite is the case i.e. the Please call us now on FREEPHONE market rent is currently higher than the passing 0800 327 7347 rent, then the opposite applies i.e. your lease is an asset and you will receive a premium as opposed to having to pay out a reverse premium. But in the current climate this is an (or +44 (0)20 8909 5222 from outside the UK). unlikely scenario.
  • 18. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: So we have covered flexibility, now let’s consider How is this possible? “preservation of capital”. It is because the serviced office operators You have a choice, either take conventional space have gone to great expense to invest in that needs investment in furniture, partitioning, providing office space that you can see one IT and telecoms infrastructure, plus telephone day and move into the next. systems, photocopiers, fax machines, printers and Everything is there for you. Furniture, carpets, the list goes on (some space is even presented partitioning, telephones, internet access, all raw i.e. without carpets). To say this is expensive you need to do is bring your own computers. is an understatement; it’s a great way to eat up valuable capital. And if you are concerned about the quality of the furniture, the phones and the Or you can take serviced office space, which bandwidth capabilities,capabilities don’t be! requires no capital investment because the space Most serviced office facilities have invested is delivered in a fully fitted out condition, i.e. plug- in state of the art technology to ensure and-play, turnkey office space – meaning space tenants can have as much peace of mind in that you can literally “turn the key” to, open the this department as they would if they had door, hang up your hat in and start working. done it all themselves. We love our serviced office space clients getting these perks... One simple monthly fee - includes EVERYTHING, rent, rates, internet etc. Easy in Easy out - choose today, move in tomorrow No capital needed - your pre-built, furnished space is ready FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 19. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: 7 How to lock in some of the most dramatic rental price drops we’ve ever seen in over 16 years of our experience in this business. Because of the credit crunch these are unprecedented times which you can take huge advantage of now by fixing at incredibly low rates, if you move quickly. The deals we are being offered at the They can see how much money they moment from our landlords and business can save by securing these special centers are frankly fabulous – quite honestly offers available right now because of we’ve not seen these kind of price drops in the economy and they are taking full over 16 years of business and we’ve seen a advantage, but so can you. lot in that time. So what kind of (extra) special deals are Please do take advantage of them “whilst we talking about here? stocks last” but you’ll have to move quickly Firstly you can get anything up to 40% because the deals on offer right now, may reduction in your monthly rent from not be available tomorrow. For example some business centers. we have some clients who very recently have lost out on space because they were How does that sound? Imagine up – to gazumped. That’s right they were pipped 40% off! at the post by another company signing an agreement and giving a deposit before they If that sounds appealing please call now made up their mind to act.This is happening on Toll Phone 888 989 0007 and let us despite the current market because other find you the right office and the best tenants are realising that the offers available deals. now are at unprecedented levels. If that sounds appealing please call now on FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 and let us find you the right office and the best deals.
  • 20. FREEPHONE: 0800 327 7347Email: sales@searchofficespace.comWeb: There’s even more though... If you then sign a one year deal, you will also You can usually fix at these low rates for 12 stand a good chance of receiving at least months, and sometimes even two years or one month rent free. Some centres are even longer. But do hurry because this sort of offering space with NO DEPOSIT NEEDED. amazing deal can’t last very long. Crazy as it may seem others are even Because of our years of experience, we offering local, national, international and know that soon market supply and demand even mobile calls included AT NO CHARGE will adjust occupancy levels once more in your monthly license rental fee. Imagine and these types of deals will just be a fond that – FREE CALLS for your business! memory. You do need to act now. Call us now on FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 and secure your discounts today. We will be happy to serve you. We love helping our serviced office space clients get the best prices we’ve seen in 16 years... Fix low rates now for up to 1 year (even 2) - at rates of up to 40% DISCOUNT Plus get one month free - depending on the centre (ask us please) Currently some centres are even - paying all your phone calls, local, Int, Mobile FREE! FREEPHONE 0800 327 7347 for live assistance
  • 21. Terms & ConditionsThis guide contains opinions and views but is a not a legal representation of fact. SOS WorldwideLtd trading as SOS > Search Office Space, give notice that the information contained herein andon the SOS website are intended as a general outline and are for guidance only and do not form,or form any part of, any offer or contract. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracythis cannot be guaranteed and SOS Worldwide are therefore not responsible for the validityof the details. Intending potential tenants/licensees should not rely on them as statements orrepresentations of facts and prior to entering into any agreement, we recommend that intendingpotential tenants/licensees satisfy themselves by inspection and making their own inquiries.
  • 22. I sincerely hope that you have found this guide useful.This guide was written by Richard Smith the Founder and CEO of SOS > Search Office Space,the first ever commercial property consultants to publish a comprehensiveonline database of all serviced offices in the UK and worldwide. SOS provide a free andimpartial service to tenants seeking an alternative to traditional leasehold office space.If you have any questions, I can be contacted on 0800 327 7347 or