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Networking Comm Tools
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Networking Comm Tools


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Networking Communication Tools

Networking Communication Tools

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Workshop On Networking and Communication Tools Rajesh Goyal Surender Singh Sr. Programmer Sr. Programmer The Technological Institute of Textile & SciencesThe Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences
  • 2. Networking In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data (Voice,Image). Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer software.
  • 3. Networking
  • 4. Hardware
  • 5. Area Networks LAN MAN WAN
  • 6. Network Design
  • 7. Network Topologies
  • 8. OSI Model Open System Interconnection Reference Model
  • 9. Networking Protocols A protocol is a set of rules which is used by computers to communicate with each other across a network * Detection of the underlying physical connection (wired or wireless), or the existence of the other endpoint or node * Handshaking * Negotiation of various connection characteristics * How to start and end a message * Procedures on formatting a message * What to do with corrupted or improperly formatted messages (error correction) * How to detect unexpected loss of the connection, and what to do next * Termination of the session and/or connection.
  • 10. Networking Protocols * IP (Internet Protocol) * UDP (User Datagram Protocol) * TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) * DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) * HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) * FTP (File Transfer Protocol) * Telnet (Telnet Remote Protocol) * SSH (Secure Shell Remote Protocol) * POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) * SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) * IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) * SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) * PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) * RFB (Remote Framebuffer Protocol)
  • 11. Network and Peripherals
  • 12. Network Tools (Command Line) IPConfig / ifconfig - IP Address of NIC GetMAC – MAC address for NIC Ping – Test Communication Lookup - Converts into a computer host name and Vice versa Traceroute - Traces the route through the Internet Whois - Checks domain name and searches for the registration records Port Scan – Scan the Opend Ports of a particular PC
  • 13. Networking Tools IP Scanner LAN Monitor mRemote RDP Protocol (MSTSC) VNC Protocol (TightVNC) Teamviewer Crossloop Italc
  • 14. Device Information
  • 15. Ping
  • 16. Netstat
  • 17. Traceroute
  • 18. Port Scan
  • 19. Lookup
  • 20. Whois
  • 21. IP Scanner
  • 22. Few Online Utilities
  • 23. References