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Using Twitter to Recruit
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Using Twitter to Recruit


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Are there any HR or recruiting people here? Who I am…
  • Bring people to you. Best recruiting method is to have a solid employment brand.APCO as an example – Washingtonian’s best places to work list… Disclaimer! Gotta have the goods to back it up though. if you’re not a great place to work, twitter won’t save you.
  • Getting and staying on the list can be tough.
  • We’ll get into specifics of things you can actually tweet about in a bit… but another reason to use Twitter for hiring – and it overlaps a little bit with the first reason…Puts a face on the organization. I haven’t seen candidates using Twitter to ask the status of their resume or post-interview. Mostly just letting me know they applied and that they are excited. Impact of being accessible is what really matters.
  • authentic. show personality.
  • but once you find would-be candidates… what do you do? finding them and following them isn’t enough…story about how I met my last boyfriend because of twitter – and if you can meet a BF, you can turn a tweeter into a candidate for a job.
  • Transcript

    • 1. cool twitter conference. using to hire @jessica_lee senior employment manager APCO Worldwide editor Fistful of Talent
    • 2. three ways to use twitter for hiring: 1) employment branding. 2) candidate engagement/ relationship building. 3) find + source candidates. jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 3. employment branding’s ultimate goal? being a great place to work. jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 4. but why twitter? because it’s cheap and easy. it’s the great equalizer. jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 5. candidate engagement/ relationship building – addressing the resume black hole… jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 6. jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 7. post job openings jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 8. retweets = viral postings jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 9. within a two hour period of this tweet, 300 clicks, 35 resumes, 5 email inquiries jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 10. find tweeters based on their tweets, bio content or location jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 11. jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 12. boolean, FTW or not and jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 13. #whatido #jobseeker #jobangels #_________ jessica_lee Jessica Lee
    • 14. jessica_lee Jessica Lee