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Quiz 12

  1. 1. Quiz-12- THE MEGA QUIZ
  2. 2. Before starting Reliance, which textile company did Dhuraibai Ambani start?
  3. 3. Which Indian city is called ‘Mayanagari’.
  4. 4. Which is the largest copper producing country in the world?
  5. 5. Which Indian politician has written a quiz book on animals and another on origin of Hindu names?
  6. 6. If a friend offers you akoori (scrambled eggs on toast) which community would he belong to?
  7. 7. Which state has the largest number of Lok Sabha seats?
  8. 8. Imagine you are travelling to New Delhi by road. With respect to which landmark are distances to capital measured (i.e., if the milestone read 0 kilometers from New Delhi, where would you be?)
  9. 9. What mode of transport was discontinued in Chennai in 1953?
  10. 10. Who is the only Chief Minister to have spent more then 4 terms in office?
  11. 11. If an army officer has 3 stars on his car plate, what is his rank?
  12. 12. In which state of India would you celebrate a festival 3 times a year? (or) What is the festival’s name?
  13. 13. Which well known car brand (also seen on Indian roads) has it’s headquarters in Turin, Italy?
  14. 14. Name the mode of transport that San Francisco and Kolkata have in common?
  15. 15. Who was issued India’s first pilot’s license in 1929 and flew the first commercial flight in 1931 from Karachi to Mumbai?
  16. 16. Which comic book hero’s name is (real) Peter Parker
  17. 17. On what rather special day is Superman’s birthday?
  18. 18. What is a lacy edged fluffy pancake (rice) cooked in cast iron kadai and an excellent accompiant to stew, fish and meat curry?
  19. 19. Edam is a type of ________ (Related to food)
  20. 20. Which is the most widely cultivated fruit?
  21. 21. Americans call this dish as edible oatmeal. What do we call it?
  22. 22. In a Bengali Household when are ananda narus eaten?
  23. 23. Which country is considered the birth place of pizza?
  24. 24. If Mumbai is known for halwa and Tirupathi for it’s laddu then what is Kolkata known for?
  25. 25. Which popular snack of buns and meat is named after a city in Germany?
  26. 26. On a visit to London he forgot his brief case in an underground railway carriage. It contained an English translation of his work. He contacted the railway authorities and got it back in the Lost property Office the next day. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature the next year. Who are we referring to?
  27. 27. Which film star has the maximum books written about him?
  28. 28. Which film had the largest extras? (Hint: It was made in 1982)
  29. 29. When he played the role of a tramp what did Charlie Chaplin carry?
  30. 30. If not in your geometry book where would you find radius and ulna?
  31. 31. Give one word for a code inserted into a computer program to spread and corrupt the stored information.
  32. 32. Which Indian cricketer once said ‘ I always wanted to be a bus driver, I wonder what got me into cricket.’
  33. 33. At 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games why were coconut shells imported by Spain from India?
  34. 34. Chindirapet in north Chennai is referred as country’s capital in which sport?
  35. 35. If Lord Shiva’s abode is Kailash who stays at Vaikunta?
  36. 36. Who invented Sanskrit and Devanagari script according to Hindu mythology?
  37. 37. In Puri of what wood is the image of Jagannath made?
  38. 38. Which European country is enclosed within the capital of another country?
  39. 39. At which famous landmark would you find Lake Ontario and Lake Eric?
  40. 40. To which city would your uncle be flying if his baggage had the label ‘CCU’?
  41. 41. If you were travelling past the Bastasia Loop which hill station would you be going towards?
  42. 42. In which country would you shop with Escudos?
  43. 43. King Khalid International Airport serves which city?
  44. 44. What is common between Arjuna, Miramar, Calangute and Baga?
  45. 45. Which is the southern most capital city in the world?
  46. 46. (a) I was originally named Mortimer but my creator thought it was serious and gave me my present name. (b) My first movie was Steamboat Willie was made in 1928.
  47. 47. (a) Born in Lumbini, my parents are Suddhodana and Maya. (b) My first sermon at Sarnath was about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path which formed the basis of the religion I formed.
  48. 48. Which Indian politician was the first to address the United Nations in Hindi?
  49. 49. Which was the old capital of Orissa?
  50. 50. Rajiv Bhatia is the original name of which Indian actor?
  51. 51. Name the song playing and movie.