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An Analysis of FlipKart's digital marketing strategy and its impact

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  • Very useful Presentation
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  • I am a diehard fan of flipkart. All ye guys at Flipkart, keep up the good work. The speed with which you deliver is not matched by any service provider in India. I have tried Homeshop18 and Infibeam. Though homeshop18 is cheaper for some books, they take a long time to deliver.
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  • I have never done online shopping so far, guess the time has come.. great presentation.. I will certainly try to experience the service of Flipkart soon..
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  • Thanks Pavan for ur excellent n detailed feedback :)
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  • Nice Job on the inforgraphics guys...First time I am hearing Indiaplaza though :P

    Few things i do with flipkart:
    - read reviews of users who have certified buyers flag along with their post
    - checking out the items with the new flag blinking by them
    - i always rate the products that i buy and post genuine comments which help others
    - yes, i have added gaming accessories to my wishlist when they are out of stock
    - have also noticed that the good products are out of stock, so wait till they are back
    - i avoid going for unknown brands, they just have good product picture and nothing else
    - i go through tech specs throughly, referring to other sites for info about product

    Things i like abt flipkart:
    - good payment options
    - site is very well maintained and not heavy in terms of graphics, smooth for browsing
    - international brands in art, pens, clothes, books(imported edition option) section
    - some offers are too good to miss
    - on time delivery and good communication
    - has most extensive range of products, well categorised

    * some art material didnt come as well as i expected, i avoid shopping delicate stuff online like perfumes etc
    * i avoid shoes, rings where the sizes are tricky
    * i avoid too expensive stuff like high end electronics
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  • Accessibility and sale of products from books to electronics to toys to all peoplePromote online shopping through services likeCash on DeliveryQuick delivery 4-5 business days30 day replacement policyEMI optionsFree shippingAffordability and availability of all productsDiversity in the product category and range
  • Promotes greater control over the content and over the channel. FlipKart has adopted this strategy predominantly over the other two.
  • Reference - http://www.howsociable.comThis tool was chosen to see how Flipkart was viewed as a company on the whole. The scale is 1 – 10 which could be use to see even how popular online shopping portals are with respect to the others on a weekly basis. Since shopping online is becoming a fairly common practice, a week analysis is a good way to understand how popular that site was for users interested in purchasing products.
  • What is "strength"?Strength is the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media. A very simple calculation is used: phrase mentions within the last 24 hours divided by total possible mentions.What is "sentiment"?Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.What is "passion"?Passion is a measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. For example, if you have a small group of very passionate advocates who talk about your products or brand all the time you will have a higher Passion score. Conversely if every mention is written by a different author you will have a lower score. Most frequently used keywords and number of times mentioned. Number of mentions by sentiment.What is "reach"?Reach is a measure of the range of influence. It is the number of unique authors referencing your brand divided by the total number of mentions.
  • Based on the customer demand for eBooks FlipKart launched  FlipkartLyte an app like iTunes and Amazon Kindle to read eBooks and read MP3 songs
  • Storify.com helps making sense of what people post on social media. Its users curate the most important voices and turn them into stories
  • Flip kart - Digital Marketing Presentation

    1. 1. Assignment 2 Ajith PillaiGroup: Dushyant Sagar Sachdeva Nagda Mustafa Supriya Banswarwala Narasimham Sombeer
    2. 2. BUSINESS GOALS COMPANY STRATEGYAccessibility of allProducts – Physical andDigitalPromote online shopping(COD, EMI financing, 30day Replacement Policy)Affordability andAvailabilityDiversity in the ProductCategory and Range
    3. 3. THE CUSTOMERS Some Product Categories Mobiles,Books computers peripherals, Watches, wallets bags, books, movies, music clothing and footwear in their selection home and kitchen appliances, Annual Revenue in Billion Rupees 60 50 50 40 30 20 20 5 10 0.04 0.2 0.75 0This is true not only for Flip Kart but for all online shopping portals in India
    4. 4. FEEDER INPUT FOR ONLINE EXPECTATIONS OF THESHOPPING CUSTOMERS “Free home delivery” User friendly web interface Respect the delivery time “Online shopping” Good Quality Packaging “Discount shopping” Authentic and more variety products – especially in electronics Replacement Schemes in case of defects A variety of payment options. Safe and secure online payments. A robust customer service – in terms of information and products available
    5. 5. COMPETITORS FlipKart Indiaplaza Tradus• Indiaplaza was one of the pioneers in • Tradus operates a business modelthe online shopping space in India IndiaPlaza Ecommerce Tradus similar to eBay. It is India’s fastest• Indiaplaza offers nearly 8 million growing marketplace, where buyersproducts online including and sellers come together to conduct • books, CD- ROMs, cameras, mobile transactions phones, apparel, jewellery, flower •Offers wholesale prices but charges s, chocolates, watches, and food Homesho for product delivery items, and has nearly 1.5 million p18 • Wide Variety of products across 50 customers worldwide different categories HomeShop18 • HomeShop18 is the online and on-air retail and distribution venture of Network 18 Group • Contains about 17 categories - • Accessories, Baby, Books, Cameras and Camcorders, Clothing, Computer, Elect ronics, Footwear, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen, Household Appliances, Jewellery, Mobiles, Office & Stationery, Toys, Watches.
    6. 6. DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY Service Brand Information Positioning Social Media Presence FOCUS Web Interface Mobile Support – Addressing BB, Android Customer Service Engagemen Queries and t Issues
    7. 7. CHANNEL STRATEGY1.Owned 2.PAID Twitter Flipkart Affiliate Program • Announcement of new product offers, discounts etc. • Conversations with customers – • Exclusive channel called Flipkart support with prompt response Banner adds placed on time • Tweet about their technology through Tech at Flipkart engaging sites like facebook, google followers about the latest in technology and services to redirect users to the Facebook company site • Q&A updates (Promotes brand • Product updates • Exclusive Customer Tab for support recognition and recall) • Cover Photo in FB reflects any event or celebration like a festival, onset of a season etc 3.EARNED Blogs Flipkart does not have • Official blog gives updates about the company their own youtube channel. • Information about industry events, changes in technology etc • Exclusive technology blog for all the tech followers However, all advertising campaigns on youtube are very popular Google Plus e.g. Flipkart: „No Kidding • Regular interaction with its 14,000 followers • Product updates, Offers, and deals No Worries‟ campaign received 66,178 views
    8. 8. Online Social Mentions of FlipKart In last one Month : Total – 780 0 16 Micro Blogs and Media 124 together receive the maximum share of feedback and we have referred to the same for our analysis 300 Sites referred are Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Mouthshut.com and desidime.com 326 14 Blogs Micro Blogs News Media Sharing
    9. 9. ONE WEEK ANALYSIS Facebook Youtube = = 3.5 1.4 Twitter = Linkdn = 5.2 2.5 FlipKart = 4.8 Facebook Youtube = Facebook Youtube = =0 1.8 = 2.4 1.6 Twitter = Linkdn = Twitter = Linkdn = 0 1.7 3.8 1.7 Tradus Homeshop = 3.8 18 = 3.6 Facebook Youtube = = 1.6 0 Twitter = Linkdn = 2.1 1.5 IndiaPlaza = 1.9
    11. 11. SOCIAL ACTIVITY Flipkart has an edge over its competitors in terms of its online popularity Unlike its competitors it has a fair amount of consistency in social mentions over the past few months Google Page Rank = 6/10 Alexa Page Rank =13 th in India and 214 in the world
    13. 13. SOCIAL MENTIONS flipkart indiaplaza homeshop18 tradus*Socialmention.com
    14. 14. QUERIES ADDRESSED BY FLIPKART 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 2011 0.4 2012 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Timely delivery Query redressal Quality of product delivered Price Ease of surfing Information of product Based on 500 comments from Mouthshut.com, Facebook.com, twitter.com were analyzed The company addressed issues related to the untimely delivery of the shipments and also to thequery redress mode. Flipkart also experienced rise in revenues from year 2011 to 2012 by 600%
    15. 15. POSITIVES Fast, safe and free delivery Few Statements:- - “Super quick, super safe” -“When the complete series of books wasn’t available, they Replacement Room for Own logistic sent it in parts” policy customization services - “As a student, EMI services helped me buy Acer laptop on my own” Secured payment mode
    16. 16. NEGATIVES Difficulty in surfing - “ for the first 3 minutes, I could not find the product category -“Prices at Homeshop18 are Query cheaper” Delivery Price time address mode - “Executives didn’t even receive my phone for 4 days but kept disconnecting when the delivery wasn’t made for Product 7 days” information on the website
    17. 17. DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY EVALUATION Launch of Flipkart Flyte  An application like iTunes that enables customers to listen to music and read eBooks (based on crowd sourcing)  Initially, eBooks were free  now a paid service  Cost of the eBooks and music is cheaper than on iTunes and Amazon Kindle ‘Flipkart It’  Online shopping is associated with the company  Superior brand recognition n Technical Conference  Conference about eCommerce business, scalability in technology, online marketing, security etc. (based on the feedback received on their blogs)  Establishes and promotes Flipkart as a industry leader in India Increase in Product Categories  Launch of eBooks, Footwear, electronics due to crowd sourcing and industry growth
    18. 18. STORY TELLING MATRIX •The Y Axis represents the B Storify.in Twitter density of information if suppose its just a game nothing to do online flipkart B Blogging business then its density is Facebook low , however it’s twitter where they are sending high customized messages then density is high. TV ADS / Youtube Google+ •The X Axis represents the Print Media High Density level of interaction, for Low density example in TV ads interaction is low but in Gamification gamification its highest Linear Interactive
    20. 20. PHASE 1: BUILDING A CUSTOMER BASE PHASE 2: CREATE A BRAND RECALL Aim : The 3 generations campaign was Aim : To have name FlipKart in the mind of the launched to promote –online shopping and customers when they think of online reinforcing the benefit of trust and reliability. shopping, following Xerox for photocopy and Google Output: Very Successful for search. The tagline goes as FLIPKART IT!! Key Success Factors: Output: Partially Successful, under process, but 1. Projection of children as mature and increased customer base. sometimes even sophisticated adults. 2. The underlying idea is that the youth today is Key Success Factors: mature enough to make the right choices – the 1. Took customer feedback before launching right choice, in this case being shopping from the ads. The videos were uploaded on the Flipkart.com flipkart server and tweets and direct mailers 3. Simplicity of ordering from Flipkart. Kids were send to view the upcoming flipkart ordering mobile phones for their grandparents ads. (as shown in one of the ads) shows that 2. Got 10000 feedbacks on almost run time ordering from FlipKart indeed is a play. (within few hours). 3. Selected only 3 of 9 ads created and last 4. Curiosity factor aroused by these kids minute tweak on campaign plan based on parading as adults and once you start feedback. watching, it’s the subtle humour that does the 4. Created emotional connect by 2 successful trick. characters Mr. Forgettable (who saved his wedding) and Mr. Impatient.
    21. 21. STORYTELLING - OTHER CHANNELS Twitter Blogging Facebook Aim: To engage with Aim: To do a content based Aim: To do a content customers and run a marketing by giving updates based marketing by parallel customer service. on brand, industry and engaging the customers in technology fun activities such as Output: Very Successful gamification, contests and with 38228 followers Output: Successful Q&A interaction. KSF: KSF: Output: Very Successful 1. Very quick in resolving 1. Generating new content more then 1.2 million fans customer posted on and hence becoming twitter. search engine friendly KSF: 2. A TV Commercial was 2. Customers come on their 1. Launch of free games launched showing they blogging site not only to 2. Contest and prizes are available on twitter buy products but read oriented Facebook for customer service. their useful articles page.
    22. 22. LIVE STORIES ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS Twitter Blogging Twitter “Awesome Delivery from “Amazing to hear! these“We are very sorry about flipkart”. - Customer days when I‟ve gotthe incident with our “flipkart is the best onl9 something new and whencustomers iPod shop.” - Customer they asked from where didpurchase, were taking up Its so fast and easy to you bought this and when Ithis issue extremely search” - Customer say online, they say onlyseriously” - Flipkart “Calling all trance music one word “from Flipkart na.”“We have spoken to our fans - planning on going for So, indeed by delivering topcustomer and will make the Armin Van Buuren notch service, you peoplesure a replacement is sent concert in Mumbai on had made. Flipkart, a brandover right away.” - Flipkart March 16th”, Weve got that‟s recognized by all.” -“I ordered a shirt for me exclusive tee shirts, make Customerbut it looks defective. What sure to grab one if youre “Nice to see such bookfair.shall I do now?”- his fan” - Flipkart Exclusive collection of suchCustomer “minimum order price from books are also available at“Your android version is 300 to 500..else 50 shippng shopaajkal.com” –very poor. Please improve .. Competitor comment onon the UI” - Customer u r doubling your blog prices..whats wrong with
    23. 23. FLIPKART SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN - THAT SPREAD VIRALLY The biggest issue of slow growth rate of Cash On Delivery and The media mention Indian Ecommerce 30 day replacement of flipkart especially Industry is was distrust: guarantee given Youtube is approx 1. Fear of getting + 40% even though defective or Aggressive TV they don’t have pirated product. campaigns  also official Youtube 2. Fear to do online went viral on Social channel transactions. Media. helped to increase it customer base.
    25. 25. USABILITY Natural, intuitive interfaces on web and mobile Recommendation engine Flipkart website has a separate Less cluttered, simple and easy to mobile interface called Flipkart Lite use High performance and minimal FlipKart Flyte - eBooks and MP3 on defects mobile  Proprietary Flyte platform for MP3 ( similar to Apple iTunes) and eBook (similar to Amazon Kindle) sales  Familiarize users with the app throughSocial customer engagement free eBooks in initial phase Easy to provide reviews/feedback  Pay for Flyte MP3 through Wallet on multiple platforms like mobile payment service  eBooks are in proprietary .fkb format website, facebook page or twitter whereas MP3s are not handle Constantly looks to use feedback from innovative consumer behavior analysis to improve their UX
    26. 26. SERVICE 24*7 customer service through twitter accounts, email and phone; Callbacks Convenience  Free home delivery on minimum order of Rs. 500 or deliver charges of Rs. 50 for orders less than Rs. 500. Earlier delivery was free for minimum order of Rs. 300, this caused a backlash on social networks Shift from value-seekers to habitual online shoppers
    27. 27. EMOTIONAL/SOCIAL CONNECT Flipkart facebook pages engages customers  Promotions, Deals, Freebies  Sharing cool info or asking questions  Gamification/ Contests  FlipkartGaming page just for gaming dvds e.g. Six Degrees of Connection - Who/What connects the four images above?
    28. 28. EMOTIONAL/SOCIAL CONNECT Connect to users on festive Collating twitter and other social occasions or important days network customer experiences on  Cover photos on facebook page Storify.com, link is published on their  Easter eggs on flipkart facebook page website http://storify.com/Flipkart/lwfd
    29. 29. QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Very responsive on social channels on most occasions Frequency of backlashes, not taking adequate counter action
    30. 30. QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Lack of consistency in service, many complaints without responses, especially controversial ones and some serviced quickly Lack of standardization in interaction - Customers are not mentioning order number and still badmouthing Flipkart. These are difficult to follow-up and resolve without further info. Ignored by Flipkart on many occasions. No dedicated social marketing staff due to delay or inconsistency in responding to Facebook requests on many occasions
    31. 31. REFERENCES www.flipkart.com www.howsociable.com www.klout.com
    32. 32. THANK YOU!
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