Real Life Body Fat Loss Motivational Tips


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Real Life Body Fat Loss Motivational Tips

  1. 1. We all struggle to lose belly fat and maintain our fitness routines. Below are 11 real life ideas andmotivational tips to help you succeed in your body fat loss goals.Look Great for Your Big EventWeddings, Reunions, Vacations… you name it! Looking thin for an important event (and loving thepictures afterwards) can often be enough motivation to keep up your workouts.Choose a Workout You EnjoyIf you find you are often "not in the mood" to do your workout, start thinking about what does soundinteresting to you instead. If you need new ideas, try checking out the new workout classes your gymhas to offer, or look for outdoor clubs in your area that you can join.ConsistencyFor some people it’s easier to skip working out once they skip a day. You must be consistent andworkout every day of the week, even if your workout only means going for a brisk walk.Use Your Imagination & Envision Your SuccessVisualization is key to success and putting a vision board on the wall in front of the treadmill can helpyou get through your run. Envision yourself in a sexy bathing suit and keep going!Feel Great & Alleviate Your StressStress is just a part of life. You cant avoid it. But you can reduce it by actively taking time to exercise.Every workout is a little gift to yourself. Embrace the strength and confidence you feel after yourworkout. Be motivated by the fact that you’re taking care of yourself. It helps you be more comfortablein your own skin—and that is both motivational and priceless.Transform Your CommuteMulti-task if you can and start making your commute your workout. If possible, start commuting on abike! If you take the bus, try getting off a few stops early and walking the rest of the way to work. It alladds up to success!Consider Exercise Your EscapeExercise is all about you and treating yourself right. Make it your special get-away each day and youwill cherish the time you spend working out. And if you have kids you know that your workouts notonly help you stay fit, but also allow for "you time” to recharge and de-stress!Workout Like You’re a Movie StarPretend you are going to be in a movie and train like you will have millions of people looking at you ona Big Screen!Do Morning WorkoutsTry to workout first thing in the morning. That way if something comes up later in the day, you wontfeel stressed about missing your workout.Train for a Specific GoalIf you need help staying motivated, sign up for an event. Having a specific goal in mind will help youstay dedicated and on track with your workout plan.Make your Investment CountWhether its a gym membership or a fitness DVD program, make your money count and USE it!
  2. 2. Whatever your personal motivation, consistent exercise you love will help you make your workouts asuccess and shed unwanted body fat!