Supply Chain Strategies International


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Helping Companies to Use Manufacturing and Logistics to Gain Competitive Advantage

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Supply Chain Strategies International

  1. 1. Supply Chain Strategies International Helping Companies to Use Manufacturing and Logistics to Gain Competitive Advantage
  2. 2. ABOUT SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL • Privately owned business, established in 1995 • Offices in New Jersey and Southern California, USA • Focuses on providing high value-added strategic advice and assistance to small and mid-size pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including virtual businesses • Brings unique global network of contacts coupled with breadth of experience in all phases of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and logistics • Has extensive experience in cross-border licensing and acquisitions of products and companies • Assists in identifying sources for APIs and in finding appropriate contract manufacturers for products worldwide 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION, STUART A. ROSE, PH.D. • Ph.D. (Major: Chemistry, Minor: Computer Science) from Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan • 25 years experience with Lederle Laboratories and American Cyanamid (now Wyeth) with a variety of positions in Quality and Manufacturing, ending in 1995 as VP Manufacturing and Logistics for the International Pharmaceutical Division • Hands on experience in fermentation, API and pharmaceutical dosage form manufacturing, including parenterals 3
  4. 4. KEY CAPABILITIES • Cross-border business development (international licensing and acquisitions) • Expertise in inter-company transfer pricing and OECD guidelines • Global sourcing of chemical synthesis services for proprietary products • Sourcing of contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical dosage forms • Negotiation of Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Agreements • Profitability improvement using internally developed tools and techniques • Cross-cultural negotiations 4
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF WHAT SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL DOES • Assists companies in identifying contact manufacturers for APIs and pharmaceutical dosage forms • Manages technology transfer processes in product relocations • Represents clients in the negotiation of Supply Agreements • Assists companies to improve internal manufacturing performance • Provides advice, guidance and technical support for in- and out-licensing of products • Carries out manufacturing due diligence related to potential acquisitions • Advises international companies on inter-company transfer pricing • Understands our customers requirements, then translates them into milestone-based deliverables 5
  6. 6. SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL ADVANTAGE • Understanding of cross-border work ethics and cultural values • Working in the local time zone and globally • Global network of companies and people • “Been there. Done that” • Commitment for, and proven track record of, sustainable long-term relationships • Key Value: Strong belief in high ethics, integrity and building long-term sustainable business relationships across the globe for client success 6
  7. 7. CASE STUDY SNAPSHOTS • Acting on behalf of an Australian client, opened discussion via personal contact and led negotiations that culminated in a product licensing agreement with a U.S. company • Provided advice and arranged contacts for U.S. company that led to them registering their product in Russia • Represented a U.S. manufacturer of a unique hospital supply product in search of a licensing partner in Latin America • Worked with a U.S. entrepreneur to negotiate the acquisition of a series of products from a top-10 global pharmaceutical company, assisted in the raising of capital to complete the acquisition, then managed the process to identify contact manufacturers and negotiate supply agreements. Also organized the effort to maintain supply agreements with the big pharma API suppliers • Acquired a difficult to manufacture product from a large multi-national pharmaceutical company, set up manufacturing network using multiple contractors, then “flipped” the product to a company with appropriate commercial capabilities • With a group of investors, acquired The Penick Corporation, spent five years turning it around, then sold it to a foreign entity with proceeds approximating 14-times the original purchase price 7
  8. 8. WHERE SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL COMES IN Typical Manufacturing Operations MANUFACTURING KEY FUNCTIONS MANUFACTURING SUPPORT FUNCTIONS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE • Human Resources Individuals and functions have separate: • Sourcing (Purchasing) • Finance and Accounting • Bottom lines • Production • Sales and Marketing • Goals and objectives • Packaging • Engineering • Milestones • Warehousing/Logistics • Quality Control • Quality Assurance • Maintenance 8
  9. 9. WHERE SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL COMES IN Typical Manufacturing Hurdles ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGES • How do the company’s separate functions communicate with each other? • How do the company’s separate functions align their goals? • How can the company create healthy competition among functions? • How can corporate goals be translated so that they become meaningful to individuals and functional groups? 9
  10. 10. WHERE SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL COMES IN SCSI Value SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL ROLE Our exclusive tools and techniques address those things within an organization that break down barriers that inhibit the smooth flow of information and of goods and services. We: • Help create systems and procedures that improve an organization’s efficiency • Get functional groups within a company working together • Provide technical advice to improve manufacturing performance 10
  11. 11. WHERE SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL COMES IN SCSI Success SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL RESULTS Our consistent results show that what we do works. Our processes ensure the wheels of your organization are synchronized so the best interest of the company is served by the separate functions, resulting in: • Improvement in capacity without the need for capital • More cost effective operation without the need, or the expense, of headcount reductions • Typical margin improvements of 2-4% 11
  13. 13. SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL PROMISE • We maintain IP respect and customer confidentiality at all times. We do not use our client’s names in the promotion of our business nor do we publicly acknowledge a relationship with any individual client without the express written consent of the client, or unless it is at the client’s request • When we are working for a client, we approach the engagement as if we were a company affiliate. Considering ourselves an extension of the client company, we typically go beyond the bounds of a specific assignment by identifying opportunities that hadn’t been recognized or considered when we were retained. Our worldwide exposure and networks often lead to our learning of special situations that might be of interest to certain clients. When we see a potential fit, we make sure our clients learn of it as well. We don’t wait to be asked • We create efficient solutions that continue to pay off long-term and our many repeat clients are a testament to our effectiveness • We are committed to finding solutions for our clients, which can sometimes mean bowing out of an assignment that’s not right for us. In those cases, we will partner with our clients to identify the best resource • We provide our clients with options for payment of our services. When appropriate, we will do much of our work on a contingency or quot;success feequot; basis to offer assurance of our total commitment • We maintain two-way project communications, provide honest feedback and timely intervention to ensure deliverables 13
  14. 14. CONTACT Supply Chain Strategies International, LLC 3535 East Coast Highway, #334 Corona del Mar, CA USA 92625 T: 714-404-3145 F: 877-822-0426 2001 Route 46, Suite 310 Parsippany, NJ USA 07054 T: 973-402-4261 F: 877-822-0426 14