Web Scheduler for ANSOS One-Staff


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Communicate to your entire employee community over the Web using ANSOS, the web scheduler which grants both employees and manager the access they need to view and manage schedules.

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Web Scheduler for ANSOS One-Staff

  1. 1. Web Scheduler for ANSOS One-StaffBenefits Inspire Real-Time Communication – Conflict checking indicates In a world powered by rapid access potential scheduling overlaps,– Increases rate of filled shifts alerting both employees and by improving access to to information, there’s nothing more frustrating than blocked lines managers via automatic e-mail open shift opportunities notification of communication. By harnessing– Supports overtime reduction the power of the Internet, McKesson’s Web Scheduler – Employees may add notes to by allowing open shifts to be any work or vacation request, posted first to part-time staff application breaks through the procedural red tape — providing enabling direct communication real-time communication to your with manager– Improves employee and manager satisfaction through entire employee community over the Web. As a Web-based front end – Personalized calendars indicate convenience of at-home status of all requests in monthly schedule management to McKesson’s ANSOS One-Staff® product, Web Scheduler grants or daily format– Gives manager flexibility both employees and managers to approve or deny the access they need to view and manage schedules. Refine Schedule Management all requests and manage daily paid time off Web Scheduler is designed to facilitate effective and efficient– Maintains authority of Authorize Schedule Access scheduling. As Web Scheduler is the “master schedule” by After the schedule has been made synchronized with ANSOS One-Staff, conveying all changes to the and approved by the scheduler, all managers can view the variance base ANSOS One-Staff system remaining open shifts are exported between required shifts and filled to Web Scheduler for employees to shifts in real-time, before scheduling– Supports creation of equitable view. Personalized calendars use shift release. Managers may review schedule by granting all visual icons to show currently requests from home, using filters to employees the same access scheduled shifts and indicate help prioritize the request queue to scheduling information available open shifts. As employees and address immediate needs first. from ANSOS One-Staff may only access those shifts for All requests may be approved or which they are eligible to work, denied, and managers may sort there is no confusion regarding and view historical requests for qualifications. Staff may submit individual employees or groups. requests to pick up an available Managers may also view pay shift, work a future scheduling categories – such as premium, period or take time off. If desired, standard or bonus – for each Web Scheduler will also support employee requesting work shifts. complete self-scheduling, allowing Changes made in Web Scheduler employees to select shifts without are immediately reflected in the manager intervention. ANSOS base ANSOS One-Staff system. One-Staff streamlines scheduling with the following features: – Facility determines each employee’s access to individual, unit and/or cost center schedules
  2. 2. Features Promote Equitable Scheduling – Tiered employee staging Managers may also time-stage open promotes fair scheduling– Publication of open shifts practices according to to qualified staff gives shifts by employee tiers, allowing the first tier to sign up for available pre-established criteria employees desired access, flexibility and control over shifts before the second and third tiers. These gradations of access – Timeline management limits their schedules employees’ access to view help to ensure equitable self- scheduling for all employees. future posted schedules or– Tiered release of open shifts initiate work requests supports equitable Staff can be assigned to tiers based self-scheduling upon any useful staging category, such as seniority or advanced – Shift publication management credentials. Managers establish the and visible pay categories– Easy-to-use Web interface helps managers offer incentive eliminates trips to the guidelines for each unit, setting future and past limitations for both pay for difficult-to-fill shifts facility to submit scheduling requests or pick up the viewing schedules and making final schedule requests. ANSOS One-Staff promotes equitable and efficient scheduling– Synchronization with the with the following features: ANSOS One-Staff base application allows variable – Request approval process core and self-scheduling automatically adds approved options for every unit work shifts to the schedule– Highly customizable security options provide flexibility and accountability For More Information For more information about McKesson’s Web Scheduler solution, contact your account executive or call 1.800.442.6767 and press “2”.McKesson Provider Technologies5995 Windward ParkwayAlpharetta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2007 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. ANSOS One-Staffhttp://www.mckesson.com is a registered trademark of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or company names1.800.981.8601 mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. RMG510-08/07